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AudioControl Introduces CP1 Cover Plates for High-Performance ACM Micro Car Audio Amplifiers

New cover plates enable installers to sell any ACM multi-amp modular and configurable system with a super-premium single-chassis presentation.

SEATTLE, Wash. – July 26th, 2018 – AudioControl, ( makers of innovative high-performance audio solutions for the residential, commercial and automotive markets has introduced the CP1 series of powder-coated steel cover plates for their ACM Micro family of compact high-performance car audio amplifiers. The CP1 cover plates physically connect two ACM amplifiers together, enabling installers to create a seamless and attractive single-chassis appearance from a modular multi-amp system.

AudioControl’s patent pending modular, configurable system concept enables installers to bring together a number of amplifiers in various configurations, allowing a greater number of audio channels to be created and neatly housed beneath a CP1 cover plate.

The CP1 cover plates are available in three models; theCP1-2.600 (combines two 1.300), the CP1-3.600 (combines the 1.300 and 2.300) and the CP1-5.600 (combines the 1.300 and 4.300). Now installers can sell multiple ACM amplifiers featuring the channel configuration that best suits each customer and offer an elegant, seamless cosmetic finish.

“Now that all of our ACM models are shipping, these sleek cover plates really give our dealers the ability to adapt a highly flexible modular approach to system design, combining different models seamlessly to best suit each customer,” said Chris Bennett, National Sales Manager – Mobile at AudioControl. “It is our goal to offer the right mix of products for 12-volt dealers, and the ACM amps with the CP1 cover plates give them a range of high-performance amplifiers at a price point and form factor for every customer.

The AudioControl ACM Micro Amplifiers Available Now

The AudioControl ACM amplifiers are loaded with features and deliver superb sound quality for any system design, yet amazingly are only 1 ½ -inches in height and compact overall footprint measuring 8-inches by 3-inches. ACM Series amps can be mounted with controls oriented up or down, and reversible cover plates allow flexible mounting options when paired with AudioControl DM series DSP processors or when using multiple ACM Series amplifiers in confined spaces.

All ACM models have been engineered to deliver critical features such as separate speaker and preamp level inputs, giving installers the option to use any aftermarket head unit or their customer’s factory installed system without the need for additional adapters. Each ACM amplifier is 2-Ohm stable and features a 12dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley Crossover and AudioControl’s GTO signal sensing circuitry for the utmost in system flexibility and ease of installation.

The ACM-1.300 also includes AudioControl’s patented AccuBASS®circuitry. Based on this outstanding feature array and superior performance, the AudioControl ACM Micro lineup delivers audio entertainment euphoria even in the most confined automotive setting. ACM amplifiers range in MSRP price from $279.99 (ACM-1.300), $349.99 (ACM-2.300) and $349.99 (ACM-4.300).

The AudioControl CP1 cover plates are available now with a US MSRP of $24.99 each.

Please visit AudioControl at KnowledgeFest Dallas, August 17-19, Booth #215.

AudioControl is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative high-performance audio solutions for the residential, commercial and automotive markets since 1977. Based in Seattle, Wash., AudioControl offers premium quality home theater and whole-house entertainment products, distributed audio amplifiers for commercial applications and a legacy of outstanding car audio processors, amplifiers and OEM interface solutions sold and installed worldwide by qualified professionals. For more information or contact AudioControl at +1 425-775-8461 or e-mailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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