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Omega Research & Development Technologies, Inc. New Enhancements to the AL-100DP Factory Keyless Entry Upgrade System

Douglasville, Georgia – March 29th, 2018 –Omega's product development team announces Enhancements to the AL-100DP. Enhanced units are already in distribution.

The AL-100DP is an OEM Keyless Entry Upgrade System that adds additional layers of security to your factory keyless entry, allowing you to convert it into a fully featured alarm system, while still using the factory remote controls. These layers include cabin entry protection, shock sensor (AU-84TN), programmable anti car-jacking, etc. These units also work with other Omega add-on sensors such as proximity sensor (AU-94TM), glass break detection sensor (AU-85TN), and tilt/towing sensor (AU-46TD). The AL-100DP is also equipped with a dataport to make interfacing with most vehicles even simpler.


  • Improved Integration for Low Voltage Doorlock Systems like you find on Newer GM vehicles.
  • Enhanced Remote Start Monitoring System – This feature prevents false sensor triggering when the AL-100DP is used with a remote start system (Factory or Aftermarket).
  • Programmable Arm & Disarm Pulse-width Inputs to improve compatibility with OEM systems that have “short pulse” doorlock systems.
  • Enhanced Parking Light Arm and Disarm Override with auto learn upon power up. This feature gives the installer additional installation options when interfacing with the factory keyless to arm and disarm the AL-100DP.
  • Analog Lock/Unlock Outputs Control to work with additional locking systems. E.g. tailgate locks, tool box locks, or additional doors (like in cargo vans) or compartments not controlled by the OEM keyless.

For more information contact:

Javier Leiva, North American Sales Director

Omega Research and Development Technologies, Inc.

800-554-4053 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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