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Petra and Fire Service Plus Deliver the Ultimate Fire Quencher

April 04, 2017 -- EDMOND, Okla. — Petra Industries is partnering with Fire Service Plus to distribute FireAde®—a powerful, personal fire suppression system in an easy-to-use aerosol can. FireAde® won the Gold Award for Best in Class when introduced at the 2015 National Hardware Show.

Traditional fire extinguishers use a dry powder that leaves a messy residue, leading to costly cleanup. FireAde® is environmentally friendly, noncorrosive and cleans up with water. Its targeted spray quickly knocks down fires from 10 feet away as well as instantly cools objects. And because FireAde® is a one-piece can, it can be used multiple times. Designed to put out Class A/B fires, it can also be used on Class C fires after the power source has been turned off.

"We are pleased to distribute this potentially life-saving product," said Tate Morgan, Petra President. "FireAde® with its user-friendly, point-and-spray design is a must-have for every home, car, boat, camper and tool box."


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