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Navdy Releases Updates to Display and Other Features

3-14-2017 -- After months of design and testing, Navdy has announced its first major update to the Navdy Display. This release was designed to deliver a faster and safer interface, add frequently requested features, and improve overall performance.
The following items were addressed in the update, written by the company on its official BLOG:
Menu Refined

The entire Navdy experience is faster and easier to use. The menu is completely redesigned; you now jump straight into the menu when you tap the Dial. You’ll see options clearly laid out vertically. You can go back from the top of menu items, and scroll upwards quickly to close the list. At the top of the main menu, you can access Trip Options to end your trip or toggle turn-by-turn audio instructions on and off.

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Use your voice with place search

There are now two new ways to start trips that we think you’ll love.  Start a trip by simply speaking your destination to Navdy using the new Place search feature.  You can say things like “navigate to 1234 Market Street,” “take me home,” or “parking nearby.” Place Search ensures you’ll never have to touch your phone while driving to input a new destination.

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Your places and nearby places

We’ve reorganized the Places menu, making it super-quick to access your Favorites and Suggestions, while also being able to see your recent destinations. We’ve also added the ability to browse nearby places. Nearby Places makes it easy to find gas, coffee, food or other common destinations while you're on the go.  You’ll see a list of results and a map to help you find the best place.

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Improved trip initiation

We now help you get on your way faster with an improved trip initiation process.  You’ll see your first maneuver faster, and you can now see a list of alternate routes using the route picker.

Browse music with Navdy

It’s never been easier to find the tunes you love. You can now browse all of your playlists, artists, albums and podcasts right from the Display. We’ve even added a shuffle feature to keep things fresh.

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Read the rest of the blog HERE.

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