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August 26, 2021 -- The DS18 Hooligan X15 has already been proven to provide top-end performance and bass for six years now, on the streets and in the lanes. Hooligans have been a choice of music lovers and competitors alike.

We have taken the Traditional Hooligan and revamped it in our newest revision, the Hooligan X15 High Excursion subwoofer. This model features long throw pole, larger spider, and high excursion surround to lower the FS of the speaker making it louder at subsonic frequencies. This massive sub will be great for high powered music or SPL. A FS of 26 will ensure deep lows down to 20hz and great punchy bass up around 40hz depending on your box tuning. This subwoofer is rated at 4000w RMS and 6000w max so your vehicle will require electrical upgrades and large wire.

This sub will be friendly to 4th orders, 6th orders, ported boxes, and large sealed boxes and can be used in most applications that has room for the box. With a 59mm one way XMAX, this sub is sure to pump out extreme decibels with the proper power and box setup. We recommend a tuning of 25-35hz for ported boxes depending on your goals.

If you are looking for extreme bass and massive power look no further than the Hooligan High Excursion line. This Hooligan variant will be sure to start you on your way to high volume hairtricks and massive lows.

Here are the highlights:

  • High powered 4-Inch Black Aluminum voice coil handling 4000w RMS and 6000w max power for heavy hitting competition bass.
  • We have added a large high excursion surround to help with the high pole to pole flex this subwoofer has giving it has a 59mm one way xmax!
  • We have also added a larger spider that helps lower the FS (Resonant Frequency) so this sub plays lower much louder than previous versions.
  • 4 inch black aluminum voice coil handling a massive 4000w RMS and 6000w peak will be sure to get this subwoofer moving with hurricane wind forces.

The DS18 Tooled Black basket is one of the slickest and best looking baskets on the market. Not only extremely strong but looks great so you can use plexiglass or mount inverted on your box to see the show quality frame and motor topped off by a carbon fiber dust cap.

Huge 500oz magnet will help the voice coil receive and handle the massive power this sub requires with high efficiency and durability.

EDMOND, Okla. — Petra Industries, the consumer technology authority and wholesale electronics distributor, is pleased to announce the addition of DS18 speakers and amplifiers to their lineup of premium automotive audio products.

By using the slogan "We Like It Loud®," DS18 sets itself apart from old-school brands. Unafraid to push the envelope, it was created and developed by a team of young, determined professionals who understands the needs of today's car audio industry. As a result, it is one of the freshest lines in the industry.

The DS18 goal is to deliver what they feel previous companies have failed to do—a sophisticated, trendy product line that continually upgrades itself. One reason the company is continually innovating is that they consider customers part of their team. DS18 takes customer feedback as a command to constantly improve products. The end results are the most-relevant, coolest-looking designs and technologies on the market.

"DS18 brings a whole new attitude to car audio," said Tate Morgan, President, Petra Industries. "Think of them as the new, cool kid on the block ready to shake things up. Their staff is passionate about sound. They eat, sleep, and breathe audio. And they design the most outstanding products technology can offer while remaining sensitive to pricing. Installers and retailers in the automotive audio space should take a hard look at DS18. The brand will appeal to the most experienced audio enthusiast as well as the everyday motorist."

To learn more about Petra's DS18 lineup of automotive audio components including amplifiers, coaxial speakers, subwoofers, midranges, and tweeters, visit

Petra is the industry’s consumer technology authority—distributing products for more than 800 brands. They bring tens of thousands of top name-brand products to tens of thousands of retail/e-tail partners. Founded in 1985 with a focus on and passion for accessories, today, Petra serves markets with products from categories like smart home tech, gaming, outdoor tech, and more. The most sought-after hardware and add-ons in consumer technology are stocked at Petra’s 525,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art distribution center and are distributed all over the country. Petra is a member of CTA and CEDIA. For more information on Petra, visit or call 1-800-443-6975. The Right Distributor Changes Everything.™

August 15, 2019 -- DS18 is very happy to be a part of 2019 Knowledgefest in Dallas, Texas where Rob Ferro, Aaron Zook, and Jason Martin represented the brand. Massive support showed up in attendance where current and future dealers came to see all the new and evolving products that are being debuted at the show.

Among these products are the Frx4k4, which is a 1000x4 1-ohm stable full range amp that is bridgeable at 2 ohms and produced over 1600 watts burst power on our lab amplifier dyno and 1250w x4 in uncertified mode.

DS18 has also released two midrange speakers designed to shine in the motorcycle community named the Pro-SM6.2 and Pro-SM8.2. These midrange blasters are shallow mount and 2 ohms so you can get the max power per channel out of your amplifier without having to bridge. Don’t let the name fool you, these are not only for motorcycles. They can be used in many applications inside and outside the vehicle of your choosing.

The next new release is the long awaited JL-Soundbar! Now Jeep JL owners have the same option as the JK and JKU from DS18! Fully loaded, it comes with 4 waterproof 8-inch speakers with built in tweeters in the grill. To complement these 8-inch monsters, we added 4 1.75-inch super tweeters to get that blasting sound all Jeepers want. Coming in 3 colors and having many RGB options, the color combinations are endless.

Saving the best for last, DS18 has proudly teamed up with Zumba to bring an array of studio PA speakers to fill the needs of fitness buffs to DJ sets with these powerful portable powered speakers. They come in 3 different sizes that all provide room rumbling bass, clear and loud midrange, and pleasing highs to complete the full range of frequencies for your endless amount of applications. All Bluetooth, mic enabled, USB ready, and linkable these will bring real life to your music with authority.  

We are ecstatic and grateful to all our supporters and thank you all for making DS18 one of the busiest booths on the floor! We will see you again in 2020! We like it loud!

November 8, 2019 -- SEMA 2019 was once again an amazing experience for all the DS18 team and everyone who attended this very exciting yearly event. Sasha Susterman (CEO) was attendance with our strong DS18 Team that consisted of some of our most experienced staff to help the large crowd with info about all our new tech. The large booth was a spectacle to behold with Rob Ferro’s Big Bad Wolf Jeep taking center stage filled with a plethora of all our newest and best-selling products. Large 4k TVs spanned throughout the booth showing videos, music, and DS18 gatherings to bring perspective to all the passers by that wanted to see why DS18’s motto is We Like It Loud!

Many vehicles throughout SEMA in various booths all had DS18 sound to show off and bring even more glamour to their build. Hery’s Intruder Jeep, which has more than 30 large speakers was a sight to see while the crowds gathered outside to hear what exactly this monster can do for a large audience. Diego’s Red Mustang was a sight to see and was one of the most photo friendly tuner cars on the lot with its aggressive stance, DS18 Red paint, and full custom DS18 sound system.

We would like to thank all our dealers and fans for dropping by and hanging out while we updated them on all the awesome things just released and much more to come throughout the year.

Photo by Rob Ubilla: Sasha Susterman (CEO) Rob Ferro (Mr.Ds18) Diego Navarro (Lead Engineer) Hery Santiago (DS18 Representative) Kenny Alcala (Tech and Fabricator) Luis Delgado (The Tech and Internet Specialist)

June 18, 2019 -- DS18 Traveled across the country 1200 miles to the country’s largest basshead event, Slamoloy. The DS18 Team was well represented with a vast amount of vehicles sporting DS18. From large manufacturers to the everyday hobbyist, DS18 tents were widely spread throughout the landscape.

Chris Allen, Leader of Team DS18, was the front runner in the amazing DS18 sponsored Groundpound. Groundpound turns heads wherever it goes with its massive 150 speaker sound system. Six hooligan x15s are powered by Six DS18 SPLX amplifiers at 18 volts tthat bring this beast to a window shattering 166.3 db!

To complement all this bass, we installed stunt walls in the side windows that lift up, rear hatch that props open, and rear facing wall full of DS18 pro audio speakers that can be heard for miles. DS18 was very happy to see all the love and support from the customers we consider family. We can’t wait for Slamology 2020.

August 1, 2019 -- Naturally one of the biggest states in The USA will also have one of the largest shows in The South, Texas Heatwave. DS18 was there in full force as one of the leading and largest vendors of the event holding over 100 ft of space and 4 tents showcasing manufacturer and customer demo vehicles for the public to come see! These demo vehicles were brought so they can feel some serious DS18 BASS through their bodies! Show goers and car enthusiasts alike traveled from all over the world so they wouldn’t miss one of the longest running events in the South. Texas Heatwave has been running for over 30 years so we at DS18 felt privileged to be part of such an awesome event!

DS18 has a multitude of vehicles that spectators could enter to feel what high powered and high intensity bass feels like. These demo vehicles break 160db easily with up to 30k watts of power and literally vibrate everything near them, violently. These vehicles were designed to show exactly what DS18 equipment can do in professionally installed SPL setups. Team DS18 showed up in strong force with many southern team members coming out to show all their support and DS18 equipped custom rides by giving demos all day long, showing off equipment, and competing in the lanes.

The show was filled with amazing custom rides from huge monster trucks to fully tricked out minibikes. DS18 products were scattered throughout the show in these outstanding vehicles and we at DS18 are extremely happy to be part of everyone’s build no matter how big or small. Heatwave with DS18 was amazing and we thank all our supporters for the tremendous DS18 turnout. We truly count you all as part of our DS18 extended family! See you next year!

April 24, 2019 -- DS18 Audio in Miami, Fla. is one of the leading audio manufacturers in the USA. We produce a plethora of custom vehicles yearly from some of the most skilled fabricators in the world. The DS18 Mustang is an amazing addition to our massive lineup of trucks, cars, UTVs, and boats. We chose this amazing monster of a mustang because it is indictive of true American muscle and we wanted to fill it with the most amazing audio and electronic products we offer. The Race Red paint is complemented by a huge Spirit of the Wolf DS18 vinyl decal. This car is a true classis and is why we are sending it to SEMA 2019 for the world to enjoy. This American beauty has more than 100 hours labor in it and has been officially dubbed as “The Red Mus” from us here at DS18 and is owned by our star fabricator Diego Navarro.


We put 4 Elite 10” Subwoofers in a custom vinyl wrapped box to match the black and red colors of the mustang and make this road beast rock out like a true concert on demand. We chose these amazing subs for their 750w RMS handling and their beautiful carbon fiber cones and red DS18 logo to bring out the true beauty in this amazing build.


We chose the Gen X6000.1 CLASS D MONOBLOCK AMPLIFIERS to power the 4 elite 10” subwoofers because of their beautiful DS18 glowing L.E.D. logos that brighten up the night for all to see. Two of our most efficient class AB Gen X3700.4 RANGE CLASS AB 4 CHANNEL AMPLIFIERS are what everyone needs for crystal, loud midrange, and high range vocals. Tuned for the highest quality sound, the amazing output of these sturdy amps will be unmatched. A 2.2 Ah Lithium is neatly hidden away to give the maximum amperage these power houses take, and it is in such a convenient size that it can fit in one hand and power 4000w rms!

Loud Speakers:

2 EXL-MM84NB NEODYMIUM FULL RANGE LOUDSPEAKERS in the trunk wall and 2 TW-320 1.5" PRO ALUMINUM SUPER BULLET TWEETERS are built into the rear trunk lid to complement the midrange ear piercing high range frequencies and can be heard nearly ¼ of a mile away! These are our highest end mid-range neo available. The Neo magnets are the strongest in the audio industry today and create a much stronger action force in the motor gap on lower power for a sound like you are at a concert without having to use huge amplifiers.

SQ Speakers:

Our DELUXE3C 6.5" 3-WAY SQ COMPONENT SYSTEM and DELUXE2C 6.5" 2-WAY SQ COMPONENT SYSTEM are carefully fabricated in new locations that produce the highest quality sound from our bestselling SQ component models. Separate amplifiers were carefully picked for these high-end sound quality component speakers because they are our most coveted and sensitive model. When these amazing components are heard the will leave a lasting impression that will have you counting your savings for a pair of your own to enjoy daily. These are our top sound quality components sets that will absolutely bring your ears to ecstasy and leave you wanting to stay and enjoy the crystal-clear sound for hours and hours to come.


Opening the rear, you will be stunned by a 10” LCD Tablet mounted on the trunk lid that controls all the multimedia for the trunk stunt wall, so all your music and video needs are available by touch throughout the vehicle.

Suspension, Wheels, Body effects, and Interior Mods:

The adjustable air suspension is controlled from the cockpit or wirelessly with ease to lower and raise the vehicle for the lowest of stance and the smoothest of rides. A set of 20 Inch staggered wheels gives this machine gives this American machine a low no nonsense street posture. Rear Louvers and DRL Halo lights bring out the true classic traditional muscle of this mustang in a beautiful fashion that riminess the classic form of the ford tradition. The highest end of Radar Detectors is hidden for a fast and safe journey down the Miami highways. The DS18 Blackbox front facing dash cam records every bit of action in HD so no action is missed during huge car shows or to protect you and your liabilities on the highway. 

The Red Mus is a MUST-SEE ford mustang that cruises the mean streets of Miami and has been chosen by us here at DS18 to be our showcase vehicle at 2019 SEMA in Las Vegas. Prepare yourself for this Red RAGING WOLF by DS18; you will never look at mustangs the same way again!

October 17, 2019 -- Team DS18 shows up in force wherever they travel, and Slamfest 2019 in Tampa, Fla. was an amazing time for all the DS18 family to get together and see everyone’s hard work at hand and compete. Dozens of slammed rides, SPL vehicles, and show cars alike all sported DS18 equipment with pride for all the crowd to see and hear.

We are happy to announce that many trophies and plaques were awarded to the TEAM including the first plaque handed out for the amazing work done on Jay “Joka” Jones’s famous Infinity Tahoe that was just completed and also the famous DS18 demo GMC Envoy that sports a total of speakers 32 mids, 22 tweeters, 14 tweeters, and four huge subs powered by 40,000 watts that will make your hair stand up. These vehicles feature massive thumping bass and very large high-powered stunt walls that can be heard for miles around.

The DS18 tents had constant traffic and the crowds danced as DJ Diego played all the most popular trending songs on the loudest sound systems at the show. We are extremely happy to have been apart of another Slamfest where we took home three top 20 awards along with many SPL awards from the competition team. We hope to make next year even bigger and louder!

August 3, 2018 -- DS18 will display at KnowledgeFest in Dallas, August 17-19 at the Dallas Convention Center. Visit them at booth #014.

DS18 will be introducing its new lithium batteries, which are assembled in the U.S., including a 4,500-amp high-output power cell battery and a 9,000-amp version.

For more information, visit the company's website:

July 8, 2019 -- This amazing compact digital processor from DS18 was made to help you custom tune your stereo system with ease and precision.

This top of the line processor has built in LCD display that makes operation effortless. Crossover points are set up fast and easy with just a few clicks of a button. Built in gains can be set for each channel along with output settings! The processor has 6 outs for your convenience which 4 are digital and 2 are analog.

Real time visuals on the LCD display guide you through the menu and audio setup so your audio system gets the most performance that it can possibly take!

This amazing DS18 Processor can be found at for 269.99 where We Like It Loud!

6-12-2017 -- DS18 is entering the Marine, ATV & UTV market with its all element series called HYDRO. DS18 realized that the power-sport category was growing and they couldn’t resist the opportunity. HYDRO is an all-inclusive speaker line that has all the necessary components to make builds loud and unique. It is IP65 Marine Grade Compliant and boasts 100% UV Protection.

The HYDRO line is comprised of 2-Way Coaxial Speakers in 6.5” and 8” configuration with titanium dome PEI surround tweeters, as well as the option for a 10” Subwoofer. Along with these speakers DS18 has included top of the line towers that can come pre-loaded with their HYDRO speakers, or empty to give the customer the option to fill their stylish pods with any speakers they want. All speakers and towers include built in RGB lights and come in three colors; Black Carbon Fiber Finish (metal mesh grill), Glossy Red (sporty black grill), or Glossy White (sporty white grill).

This Series makes builds different in every way. DS18 thought ahead of the curve and went all in with Hydro, taking it beyond our wildest imagination. Hydro can be used in many applications from boats, jet-skis, side by sides, motorcycles, and even in Jeeps. This is where they got the idea of building the DS18 Jeep, “Mr DS18” as they call it. This Jeep has all hydro speakers in it with a custom made Rear Roll bar to mount 4 Hydro CFTP8 – 8” Tower Speakers facing the rear, and in the middle of the Jeep they mounted 2 Hydro CF8 – 2-way 8” Coax Speakers facing downwards in the factory location, but a custom job was necessary to fit the 8” in the factory sound bar. DS18 also added 2 Hydro NXL6 – 2-way 6” Speakers in the front to replace the factory dash speakers. Remember all the Hydro Series Speakers have built in RGB led lights, so it is essential to have the grill on for protection.




February 2, 2020 -- We are happy to announce our newest addition to the DS18 extended family, Specialty Marketing. Our newest distributor in the Mid Atlantic region also covering Metro New York and the New Jersey area. They have warehouses in Mechanicsville, Va. and in Fairfield, NJ so products will have very little travel time depending on the origin of the orders.

Specialty has been in business since 1950 and has a tremendous array of experience in all aftermarket electrical accessories, home and mobile audio. You will feel comfortable knowing that they only hire a sales staff that are industry veterans with over 260 years of experience providing a high level of customer service, system design and technical assistance at your figure tips or simply visit their website for product information or to place orders 24/7.

New product, J-Loud, hits the streets

Miami Gardens, Fla. -- August 1, 2019 -- Have you ever wanted to be a rolling concert or bring the life out in every beach party you show up to? Before DS18, it would cost you many months of saving your paychecks just for the enclosure to be made for such an audio venture. We here at DS18 continue to evolve and innovate our jeep line with the new DS18 J-LOUD. This rear mounted soundbar is facing outward on the rear panels of the Jeep JK, JKU, and JL models so you can have a prefab stunt wall with easy installation.

The beautiful plastic mold injected housing is for four 8-inch speakers, four massive 1 3/8” screw in drivers, and 4 very large 3.72” super tweeters for full concert sound. This combination was tested rigorously to ensure long-term durability and sound quality on the trail, in the elements, or park and pound situations. Since the J-Loud is sold as a single unit, the options of speakers you can use is endless!

Whether you have a mall crawler, off roader, or rock crawler there is a setup for you. Waterproof speakers or very loud pro audio can easily be fit into the easy mount plates. When all your speakers are hooked up, you can also use our LED-BTC to control the DS18 plaque light that is included in the package. With our versatile J-LOUD setup, endless possibilities of amazing audio setups are at your fingertips.

Visit us at

February 25, 2020 -- DS18 has brought another major distributor to their large network of dealers. Go fast solutions has been in the business over 15 years and knows what it takes to please their customers. They sell an abundance of racing parts, safety products, and audio. Dave Prinz (CEO) has worked in the car audio field on and off since the 90s. He was initially employed at The Sound Company, once a CT-based car audio chain and then moved to a computer distribution company where he gained experience as a distributor. After that, he worked for MRI’s car audio division as a merchandizing manager where he eventually bought it after MRI was sold to SnapAV.

GoFast said it hopes to help car audio dealers branch into racing and performance parts and he hopes to encourage new shops to enter the car audio market, which it believes is underserved in the region. Any new dealers near the North East and Western PA will fall under their territory for product. Any new dealers and customers can contact them for info on product, merchandise, or new dealer information to be able to join the extended DS18 family.

March 31, 2020 -- As we all adjust to life working around the wide spread COVID-19 virus, DS18 joins in against the fight to help aid those in need with backing and knowledge from our close DS18 family and co-workers in China who have been adjusting to this Pandemic much longer then we have.

With China successfully battling and winning the fight and using firsthand knowledge of what needs to win the battle, we will be sending over personal protection equipment such as huge shipment of medical masks and gloves in care of DS18 Team member Marcia Mileidys Maceo to The Baptist Hospital in Kendall, Florida. DS18 hopes to help with the education and safe practices needed to minimalize casualties until the global efforts find a way to destroy this disease so life can return to normal.

Continuing to practice safe social distance, using PPE (gloves, mask, sanitizer) equipment, and knowledge of safely not spreading the disease is the key component to slowing down this very fast acting and deadly virus. If we all come together as a world population there is nothing we cannot overcome.

July 24, 2019 -- The DS18 LTI40AH battery is an amazing investment. Now, with the technology of today you don’t need a lot of excess heavy lead acid or AGM batteries to power all your aftermarket accessories! Lithium technologies has advanced in such a way we can use these powerful small batteries in our vehicle applications daily. From cars, to boats, even ATVs and side by sides can benefit from lithium technology.

Why use lithium? For every ONE of our LTI40AH batteries, you are getting more power than five 100ah lead acid or AGM batteries while saving tons of weight and space! Now with these high-powered, compact, and long living DS18 lithium batteries you can enjoy your music hours with the vehicle off and not have to worry about no start or slow start conditions because of the amazing sheer power each of our batteries has to offer.

The LTI40AH retails for $999.99 and for more info on DS18s LTI40AH visit

February 12, 2020 -- DS18 has again opened another major distributor, this one is in Dallas, Texas and they will be controlling Dallas, Ft. Worth and the surrounding areas for the fastest fulfillment for all 12-volt market, marine and motorsports audio, and auto security.

Brothers Maher and Maged Awad began their car audio electronics distribution in 1979. Over the past 30 years A&W has transitioned into one of the largest 12-volt distribution centers in the nation. With a highly qualified staff, A&W provides their Dealers with the best customer service and the latest product technology and support. A&W doesn’t just see you as a customer, they see everyone we deal with as a business partner. Every decision they make and deal with, they must keep in mind every customer’s needs and to make sure what they are doing is in your best interest.

Be sure to check them out at

March 11, 2021 -- DS18 has officially partnered with Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™, a leading window tinting and automotive accessory franchise! DS18 CEO, Sasha Susterman, has secured a new venture for the internationally recognized franchise, as authorized sellers and installers of ALL DS18 products. DS18 will now have the exciting opportunity to show Tint World® customers their shared passions in great customer service and love for all things LOUD!

DS18, the official Jeep Sound Systems vendor, also specializes in a variety of other audio sects which include a vast and complete line of Mobile, Marine and Pro Audio. This new partnership with Tint World® extends full access to all DS18 products, services and support.

With over 80 retail locations worldwide, Tint World® makes it even more accessible for audio loving customers to get their DS18 gear at a moment’s notice.

Miami, Fla. -- DS18 is the originator of a great many original Jeep products around the world. We have Jeepers from the USA, to Saudi Arabia, and even as far as China. We have a deep passion for all things jeep and our fans asked us for a box that can be out of the way and leave them storage space but also retain a lot of cone area for that hard-hitting bass feeling. We have released another option for these Jeepers and that is the JSUB L+R.

These two boxes fit on the sides of the jeep in the rear cargo space that fit snug against the vehicle interior wall. They come with pre-run speaker wires and RGB-LED terminals to make wiring easy. They do not come with any RGBs, but our LRING 12 is a great option for a 12-inch subwoofer LED ring. These boxes come in a hardened plastic polymer that can withstand the roughest of treatment and water resistant with one cubic foot of internal air space. The box is also filled with a sound deadening foam to help with bass resonance and acts as a sound deadener for even better sound and kills rattles. There are also DS18 inlays so you can have the logo shown for all to see and can also be bought in singles left side or right side.

The technology provided by this enclosure when both paired together increase the bass more than three-fold because of the bass waves that are emitted from the sides of the Jeep and meet in the middle for a more complete, punchy, and louder bass volume. Be sure to check out that amazing dual box combo only on MSRP $699.95 a pair.

December 9, 2019 -- Miami, Fla. -- Our marine and power sports crowd always demand the loudest bass and clearest sound quality because open cabin environments don’t have the walls that normal enthusiasts take for granted in their audio builds. Without these “walls” the cabin losses dynamic range and tuning drastically. We have solved this with the long-awaited waterproof IP65 rated and massive NXL10TP 10-inch tower pods. These pods come with integrated RGBs and tweeter that are aesthetically tucked away in the grill to bring the full range of frequencies to your surroundings. We have made these powerhouses in 4 different colors to match all your color coordinating needs with Black, White, Red, and Carbon Fiber. The DS18 emblem glows brightly with your choice of color combinations that hooks up easily to our separately sold LED-BTC. The star of the show is the 10-inch waterproof full range speaker that has been meticulously tested and designed to bring you that low bass you’ve never heard before from a tower pod and also play all the midrange and mid bass you could ever ask for. The 6-inch passive resistor helps this monster attain lower levels of bass that usually only subwoofers can produce. These tower pods are a high heavyweight contender that require 300w RMS and can take up to 900w peak wattage with without breaking a sweat. With that much power, you can be heard all the way across the lake or trail with loudly for all to hear. There is even more bass response from these amazing pods because we have included a high flex passive radiator that not only makes bass sound great but is very cool to look at! The 45hz-22khz frequency response will make your ears tingle as most pods do not have this wide a frequency range so you can be sure you are the top of the party with the loudest music! Be sure to check out these speakers soon on!

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