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1sixty8 media Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary of Empowering Retailers Online

Company spearheaded adoption of Internet search and advertising strategy by industry retailers

LEHIGHTON, PA. — March 23, 2022 (MEDIAWIRE) – More than a decade ago, 1sixty8 media was just an idea in the head of ambitious, try-anything-once retail storeowner Mitch Schaffer. His store’s website,, was constantly being updated with the latest template, pop-up, form or graphic: anything to better engage customers. While many retailers thought of the Internet as the enemy, Schaffer sought to leverage its influence to enhance his brick-and-mortar business.

With his store’s site serving as guinea pig, Schaffer dedicated himself to understanding how content and keywords impacted search results, the power of online advertising, and the mysterious algorithms that made the difference between popularity and obscurity. In 2012, Schaffer formed what he learned and experienced into a customizable but scalable business. 1sixty8 media empowered retailers to gain customers and grow their profitability from the same Internet they’d viewed as a competitor.

This year, 1sixty8 media is celebrating a decade of serving the mobile enhancement industry. To date, more than 200 retail locations throughout North America have gained new business from the enhanced online exposure the service offers. Since its inception, 1sixty8 media has added to its offerings to become a powerful marketing and advertising tool for proactive retailers.

“I was an early adopter of content marketing,” said Schaffer. “I was able to get my store found in my local market by writing educational content and publishing it to my website. Other shops took notice of this and asked for my help. This eventually became 1sixty8 media.”

The first offering of 1sixty8 media consisted of writing original, search-friendly content for retailers’ websites. As a way to optimize services, Schaffer expanded to selling hosted websites with continually updated, high-quality content, and providing design services. In 2016, 1sixty8 media added its own consumer-facing website,, as a way to educate consumers on the world of mobile enhancement and push business toward the company’s subscribing retailers. And in 2018, the company became the exclusive reseller of the ProDemand vehicle installation software to the mobile enhancement industry.

1sixty8 media carried forth community outreach that originated with the Mobile Edge retail store. The Coats for Kids program, which collects coats at the store for needy locals, was offered through the 1sixty8 media retail network to allow other retailers to create positive impact in their areas. And when the country was ravaged by COVID-19, pointed consumers, hospitals and frontline workers toward retail stores that had repurposed their shops to produce Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

As the pandemic has waned, 1sixty8 media has seen progress in every service offering. Retailers that experienced significant growth over the last two years have benefitted from a dynamic and visible presence online, and a wealth of invaluable data through ProDemand within the store. Schaffer continues to monitor cutting-edge technologies to integrate into 1sixty8 media’s services to empower retail customers.

“Over the next 10 years, I’m confident we will still be working closely with retailers to help them stay relevant online,” added Schaffer. “We will continue to evolve our services and technology, and I’m sure we will be doing things we haven’t thought of yet.”

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