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Kingpin University Announces Habanero Distribution, New Classes

Virtual and in-person classes start March 24

LAS VEGAS, March 7, 2022 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University showed two new kits featuring Habanero Cordless Heating Tools at the recent KnowledgeFest event in Las Vegas, a result of the new distribution agreement with the Mount Pleasant, Wisc.-based tool manufacturer. In addition, Kingpin University announced three new training classes that culminate in a multi-session group build of the company’s iconic “Rat Rod” show vehicle.

Kingpin University is marketing the Habanero Plastic Repair Kit in addition to its own custom kit. The Plastic Repair Kit (MSRP $129.99) features the USB-charging Habanero tool body in a convenient hard case. It ships with a hot staple tip, plastic welding tip and plastic filler tip, as well as charging cable, wire brush, three types of plastic filler rods and two types of staples.

The Ultimate Soldering Kit (MSRP $199.99) created by Kingpin University includes the Habanero tool body and charging cable, fine soldering tip, heat-resistant tool lid and solder roll in a transportable storage base to allow easy access in the vehicle or on a workbench.

“Habanero soldering kits are quickly becoming a favorite of installers and fabricators because of their versatility and portability,” said Jason Kranitz, lead instructor at Kingpin University. “The ability to quickly change tips to accomplish various fastening and repair jobs saves businesses time and money. We are thrilled to offer Habanero products to our students and fellow industry professionals.”

Kingpin University also added three upcoming classes to its website at Fundamentals of Car Audio Online is a two-hour virtual course that will take attendees through all of the features of a professional-grade oscilloscope and show them how to use the tool to deliver maximum power and performance from an audio system. The second “Step One” virtual course for Laser / CNC work shows attendees how to use CAD software to create precise, intricate drawings that can be cut on a CNC machine.

The third course is the first of an in-session series in which attendees will design and build different sections of Kingpin University’s award-winning show car. The work will be featured at the upcoming Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas.

For more information on Kingpin University, available training courses, Habanero tools or Kingpin Fab Products, please visit

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