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Firstech to Launch New Recurring Rewards Program for Dealers

August 18th, 2016 – (SEATTLE, WASHINGTON): Firstech, makers of Compustar and DroneMobile connected car solutions, has announced that in September 2016, the company will be launching “myFirstech Rewards”, a dealer-incentive program aimed at rewarding supporting retailers for the sale of Firstech products. Upon launch, the focus of myFirstech Rewards will be on DroneMobile, Firstech’s smartphone solution for remote start, security, and tracking systems. Participating retailers will each receive a myFirstech Rewards Visa prepaid card that will be loaded with funds for every month that a DroneMobile system they sell stays active.

Monthly payouts per device will vary depending on a DroneMobile customer’s plan type. Firstech offers four plan levels to DroneMobile customers: Basic, Premium, Business, and Business Plus. While many manufacturers have released solutions for remote starting a car from a smartphone, myFirstech Rewards is the first initiative in the industry to reward dealers for activating these systems in the first place.

“Firstech’s goal is to offer our dealers significant value from a variety of angles,” managing director Jason Kaminski explains, “several other industries follow a similar recurring revenue model, and we at Firstech are thrilled to be the first company to introduce it to our dealers for remote start products.”

Firstech retailers will be able to sign up for myFirstech Rewards starting on August 19, 2016. Firstech will begin distributing Visa prepaid cards in September, after which dealers will be able to start collecting rewards for the sale and activation of DroneMobile systems. To begin registration for myFirstech rewards, Firstech requires all entrants to watch a short video and take a short quiz at

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