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New In-Car Heads-Up Display Seeks Help on Indigogo

A functional heads-up display (HUD) may be close to being a reality in the aftermarket. IRIS: Your Car and Network Combined, is a new HUD that attaches to the overhead visor in any vehicle and syncs to the user's mobile device via Bluetooth. The device is transparent and displays notifications such as upcoming directional suggestions like turns and road traffic, as well as text message and email notifications. The device also accepts phone calls.

Inspired by the same technology that fighter pilots use, IRIS is completely hands-free, relying on gesture controls for functionality while driving. The campaign has a goal of $50,000 and has [at this time] achieved $17,384 in just seven days.

The following is straight from the company's Facebook page:

"Iris is a new heads-up display (HUD) system that projects incoming phone calls, text messages, emails and more through a new laser technology that makes the messages appear to be floating out in front of your vehicle. Compatible with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, Iris connects via Bluetooth using the latest display technology and clever software powered by a free App on your phone. And because Dallas and Dino, the developers behind Iris, do not want this driving evolution to stop, they have made their App an Open Source Software so that it can continue to evolve for the people by the people with unlimited possibilities."

To visit the Indigogo campaign, visit:


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