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How A Small Business Can Automate Social Media And PR

Forbes -- Small businesses feel at a disadvantage when it comes to creating an effortless social media and PR plan that engages with a target audience and has an actual ROI. It’s a daunting task, and most small businesses end up throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Trust me, it ain’t pretty.

However, it can be done with some simple best practices and some strategic planning. Here are some ways small businesses can automate social media and public relations:

Step 1: Audience

Think about your target audience very carefully and who you want to target for the next three months. Be incredibly specific on the segment you want to target: CMOs at medium sized companies in the fashion industry. Or: Stay at home moms who home school.

Step 2: Listen

If you know your target segments you should be somewhat aware of what’s going in their life. Know what problems their facing, what goals they want to achieve, what a day in the life of your audience is. Listening to what they are going through and empathetically understanding their needs is a must.


Step 3: Brainstorm

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