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10-16-2017 -- 1sixty8 media, a content and online visibility company in the mobile electronics arena, has grown its company by adding new specialists in different areas to increase its ability to serve clients with greater precision and speed.

Eileen Violini has joined the team as a new lead developer, replacing Kim White, who will remain on board in a consulting capacity. Eileen brings more than 20 years of experience in design and project management, and has a long history of developing high-quality websites using the latest best practices and standards, and ensuring usability on any relevant platform. “She brings a desire to create new things, solve problems and create a user experience that is not only beautiful, but also useful and functional,” said Mitch Schaffer, president of 1sixty8. Violini’s passion for her work spills over into her personal time: She leads the Philadelphia Girl Develop It chapter, encouraging and educating young women on IT skills and strategy.

Jann Nyffeler is a new editor and proofreader at 1sixty8 media, adding another valuable resource to 1sixty8’s content and publishing team. Her experience has spanned working for newspapers in North Carolina, Texas, Kansas and New York, and as a classical and jazz radio host, so the ability to communicate ideas and information has been a key component of her career. She is currently working on obtaining her master’s degree in journalism at Syracuse University. “My family has seen generations of tinkerers and problem solvers, with my dad and his brothers modifying our family vehicles to become farm implements to help us accomplish tasks, and I’ve always had a passion for cars, so 1sixty8 seems like a perfect fit,” said Nyffeler. She also enjoys running a vinyl record store with her husband.

“We are continuing to add valuable assets to our team to provide the best experience for our clients and their own customers. Our latest additions give us an even greater foundation for long-term, excellent performance for them,” said Schaffer.

1sixty8 media is a content marketing, website development and artistic design agency specializing in the mobile enhancement industry. The 1sixty8 media team includes many household names in the industry, and the company’s client list reads like a Who’s Who in 12 volt. Their mission is simple: Get their clients found online and convert online visitors into in-store purchasers. Find out more at

Company spearheaded adoption of Internet search and advertising strategy by industry retailers

LEHIGHTON, PA. — March 23, 2022 (MEDIAWIRE) – More than a decade ago, 1sixty8 media was just an idea in the head of ambitious, try-anything-once retail storeowner Mitch Schaffer. His store’s website,, was constantly being updated with the latest template, pop-up, form or graphic: anything to better engage customers. While many retailers thought of the Internet as the enemy, Schaffer sought to leverage its influence to enhance his brick-and-mortar business.

With his store’s site serving as guinea pig, Schaffer dedicated himself to understanding how content and keywords impacted search results, the power of online advertising, and the mysterious algorithms that made the difference between popularity and obscurity. In 2012, Schaffer formed what he learned and experienced into a customizable but scalable business. 1sixty8 media empowered retailers to gain customers and grow their profitability from the same Internet they’d viewed as a competitor.

This year, 1sixty8 media is celebrating a decade of serving the mobile enhancement industry. To date, more than 200 retail locations throughout North America have gained new business from the enhanced online exposure the service offers. Since its inception, 1sixty8 media has added to its offerings to become a powerful marketing and advertising tool for proactive retailers.

“I was an early adopter of content marketing,” said Schaffer. “I was able to get my store found in my local market by writing educational content and publishing it to my website. Other shops took notice of this and asked for my help. This eventually became 1sixty8 media.”

The first offering of 1sixty8 media consisted of writing original, search-friendly content for retailers’ websites. As a way to optimize services, Schaffer expanded to selling hosted websites with continually updated, high-quality content, and providing design services. In 2016, 1sixty8 media added its own consumer-facing website,, as a way to educate consumers on the world of mobile enhancement and push business toward the company’s subscribing retailers. And in 2018, the company became the exclusive reseller of the ProDemand vehicle installation software to the mobile enhancement industry.

1sixty8 media carried forth community outreach that originated with the Mobile Edge retail store. The Coats for Kids program, which collects coats at the store for needy locals, was offered through the 1sixty8 media retail network to allow other retailers to create positive impact in their areas. And when the country was ravaged by COVID-19, pointed consumers, hospitals and frontline workers toward retail stores that had repurposed their shops to produce Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

As the pandemic has waned, 1sixty8 media has seen progress in every service offering. Retailers that experienced significant growth over the last two years have benefitted from a dynamic and visible presence online, and a wealth of invaluable data through ProDemand within the store. Schaffer continues to monitor cutting-edge technologies to integrate into 1sixty8 media’s services to empower retail customers.

“Over the next 10 years, I’m confident we will still be working closely with retailers to help them stay relevant online,” added Schaffer. “We will continue to evolve our services and technology, and I’m sure we will be doing things we haven’t thought of yet.”

To learn more about 1sixty8 media, please visit

1-4-2018 -- 1sixty8 media has expanded its business solutions portfolio by partnering with Mitchell 1, a leading provider of automotive repair software, to help mobile enhancement retailers increase efficiency and profits.

Mitchell 1’s ProDemand is an automotive repair information database covering nearly every domestic and import car and light truck on the road, gives installation facilities and technicians instant access to comprehensive vehicle information in a single application.

“As 1sixty media grows, it was important to me to provide services that can improve the operations and efficiency of a mobile enhancement retailer and also help raise the professional perception of those same facilities,” said 1sixty8 media founder Mitch Schaffer. “The ProDemand service from Mitchell 1 accomplishes these two goals. Being able to offer this industry-leading resource will be a huge benefit to these retailers.”

The Mitchell 1 ProDemand auto repair information software offers the following features to assist mobile enhancement retailers:

Web-based: Online access from any computer and a mobile-optimized design allows access at the vehicle. Disassembly Information: Panel and component removal and disassembly information speeds up vehicle disassembly time, eliminates broken panels and other surprises, and allows the technician to reassemble the vehicle to OEM specifications.

Component Locations: Quickly locates access to OEM amplifiers, computers and other modules needed to integrate with and makes related disassembly and removal instructions a click away. 

Wiring Diagrams: Full-color, scalable diagrams let you zoom into specific areas, print them for use in the vehicle or view them on mobile devices. The diagrams for every vehicle are drawn using the same layout so you can read them quickly across all makes and models.

Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs): Always up-to-date vehicle-specific TSBs are listed to help with troubleshooting issues, or simply provide an informational heads-up to your customers about their vehicles.

Plate-to-VIN and VIN Lookup: Increase the accuracy of the information provided by entering the VIN to look up the exact car being serviced. Plate-to-VIN allows a technician to quickly enter the license plate number to populate the VIN automatically, speeding lookup times for busy shops.

Unrivaled Support: Live training, videos and user guides are available to help get you up to speed quickly, and online support offers help with your software – using it on your device or answering questions on vehicle content.

ProDemand provides a robust, all-encompassing solution that applies to a wide variety of vehicles and types of installations. Having access to information covering the entire vehicle allows installation facilities to quote a job properly, troubleshoot vehicle systems more quickly, and complete the installation with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Retailers or technicians interested in learning more about the service or about special introductory pricing may visit or contact Mitch Schaffer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

1sixty8 media is a content marketing, website development and business solutions provider specializing in the mobile enhancement industry. The 1sixty8 media team includes many household names in the industry, and the company’s client list reads like a Who’s Who in 12-volt. Their mission is simple: Get their clients found online, convert online visitors into in-store purchasers and provide the tools to help retailers run their businesses effectively. Find out more at

As the premier provider of digital marketing and business services to the mobile enhancement industry, 1sixty8 media is positioned to experience high growth in the next 24 months.

Recent infrastructure improvements will provide bandwidth and scalability needed for expansion.

July 21st, 2021 -- Lehighton, PA – 1sixty8 media Inc. today announced its intent to develop and grow a network of representatives in the United States. As the premier provider of digital marketing and business services to the mobile enhancement industry, 1sixty8 media is responsible for creating and managing websites that provide a high ROI for their clients. They are also the exclusive reseller of the Mitchell1 ProDemand software to the mobile enhancement industry. Qualified retailers are able to subscribe to ProDemand at a discounted rate through 1sixty8 media.

When asked what prompted this decision, Mitch Schaffer, president of 1sixty8 media, said, “The first step was to cultivate the team, and I could not be more proud of the team I’ve assembled. The next step was to develop products and services that make money for our clients. Finally, we needed to fine-tune our processes for ease and efficiency and build the infrastructure needed for scalability. With all of that in place, we are ready to level up our client base and believe that engaging a rep force is the perfect way to do it.” Schaffer went on to say that 1sixty8 media recently added two dedicated servers to handle the increased demand.

“We are looking to leverage the existing relationships that 12V reps have to provide hot leads for our team to engage with and close,” Schaffer continued. “We are not looking for active sales.”

Schaffer said that in addition to an attractive initial commission, 1sixty8 media will pay out a quarterly residual on ongoing revenues generated from referred clients.

“This is a win for everyone,” Schaffer said. “For 10 minutes of work, the rep can earn a commission and ongoing residuals, we gain a client, and the retailer acquires a website or other services that provide a high ROI.”

Reps would be required to take part in a 30-minute Zoom meeting with 1sixty8 media to learn about the company and its services. They would be expected to take five to 10 minutes on each sales call to talk about these services. If a retailer shows interest, a simple email introducing the retailer to 1sixty8 media is all that is required.

“This is a great opportunity for a representative to make a good commission up front and an ongoing residual income for very little work,” Schaffer said..

Interested reps should reach out to Mitchell Schaffer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 570-656-6900 to learn more.

1sixty8 media, inc., provides high-converting digital marketing and business services to the mobile enhancement industry. Made up of a team of industry veterans, we speak the language of our clients. Our streamlined processes make it very simple and fast for our clients to have a turnkey website solution that is maintained and updated regularly. In addition to our core website, graphic design and content services, we are the exclusive reseller of the Mitchell1 ProDemand software to the mobile enhancement industry. We also offer Evalu8, a proprietary software to help small businesses cultivate their online reviews. 1sixty8 media is the publisher of, an online magazine that seeks to educate interested consumers about existing and emerging technologies available for today’s vehicles and point them to qualified retailers to purchase the product and get it installed.

Lehighton, Pa. -- November 17, 2020 -- 1sixty8 media, the team behind the consumer-facing website, is proud to announce that they will begin offering their advertising clients hands-on product reviews under the title Test Drive Reviews.

Mitch Schaffer, President of 1sixty media, said, “We’ve reached a point where it’s time to take the information available to consumers to the next level. Thankfully, we have Dave MacKinnon in charge of content for His extensive experience in developing, testing and reviewing mobile audio products is nearly unmatched in the industry. I’m very excited to be able to offer Test Drive Reviews to our clients and their potential customers.”

Dave MacKinnon, Head Writer for 1sixty8 media and Editor-in-Chief of the website, said, “Testing products in my lab is what got me started as a writer in the mobile enhancement industry just under 20 years ago. I’m excited to get my hands on the latest and hopefully greatest offerings from the industry and share my experiences with our readers. Educating consumers on the features and performance capabilities of the products available to them will help them make a better purchasing decision. While unboxings and videos about features are interesting, they don’t get to the core of what makes one product’s performance different from another. Our Test Drive Reviews will change that.”

Schaffer added, “As the owner of a mobile enhancement store since 1994, support for brick-and-mortar retailers is a fundamental part of how operates. It's at our core. The vast majority of the 300+ articles currently on the site explain solutions or technologies, then directs readers to find a car audio shop in their area that can provide them with top quality service. My hope is that the new Test Drive Reviews drive business to qualified retailers looking for quality gear."

The team already has products on the test bench, and the first review should be available on the website ( and Facebook page ( by the end of November 2020.

Manufacturers and distributors can find out more about the marketing opportunities available from the website by contacting Mitch Schaffer at 570-656-6900 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Lehighton, PA - May 5, 2017 - Dave MacKinnon has been promoted to editor in chief and manager of at 1sixty8 media, according to Mitch Schaffer, founder and Head Troublemaker of the company.

McKinnon has been a household name in the mobile enhancement industry for nearly three decades. For many years, he was the senior technical editor of Performance Auto and Sound magazine, where he was responsible for more than 450 published product reviews. An audiophile at heart, McKinnon realized this passion when he served as an IASCA judge for many years.

Most recently, McKinnon has been working at Clarion Canada Inc. as product manager. He was responsible for the development of several dozen unique products exclusive to the Canadian market, as well as technical support, creative writing and all aspects of product training.

MacKinnon has been freelancing with 1sixty8 media for nearly two years, and this promotion brings him into a senior management role within the company. His responsibilities at 1sixty8 media will include managing all written content for the company and its clients. He also will run the division, which includes 1sixty8 media’s Resource Library and CoOp3.0 products. He will work directly with vendors to create high-quality product spotlights that will receive placement on relevant industry websites.

“It has been a pleasure to work with and learn from the team at 1sixty8 media over the past few years,” said MacKinnon. “Their commitment to the industry and their clients is impressive. I am honored to have been asked to join the team on a full-time basis. I look forward to more interaction with our clients and industry vendors. It has been truly humbling to see how our work positively affects the success of our clients.”

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