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CAMaster to provide special pricing for students, participate in CNC training courses
LAS VEGAS, June 22, 2021 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University (KPU) announced a working agreement with CAMaster, renowned maker of CNC routers based in Cartersville, Ga. Under the agreement, CAMaster will provide reduced pricing for its CNC routers to attendees of Kingpin University training courses. In addition, CAMaster’s company trainers will participate in drafting curriculum for KPU courses to educate fabricators on advanced CNC router use and capability.

CAMaster develops and manufactures industry-specific CNC routers with a blend of high performance and value pricing. The company produces five series of CNC routers comprising eight models ranging from heavy industrial to desktop application. Instruction at Kingpin University will involve the Panther Series and versions 2 and 3 of the Stinger Series, as these are best suited for mobile electronics retailers.

“In all of the research we’ve done on CNC manufacturers, we found that CAMaster had the best overall combination of product reliability, choice, price for value and support,” said Jason Kranitz, founder and lead instructor at Kingpin University. “We were especially impressed with the company’s after-sale interaction and opportunities for continued learning. Our goal is to bring our students the deepest level of knowledge about the products they use to grow their careers, and anytime you have a manufacturer willing to join you in that quest, it’s a good thing.”

CAMaster has a vibrant forum at in which professionals ask and answer questions on CNC router use and tips in a community format. The company also provides support via its social media pages. Industry professionals who purchase CAMaster CNC routers through the KPU partnership will receive priority support and opportunities for additional training as part of the agreement.

“We are pleased to forge a partnership with Kingpin University,” said Cody Smith, director of sales at CAMaster. “While we produce what we feel are the most premium CNC routers on the market, we equally value the community around the craft. Jason and Kingpin share our commitment to growth through education and sharing experiences, and we are excited to partner with them.”

Kingpin University is set to hold its next CNC course in the fall at its headquarters in Henderson, Nevada. To sign up for courses or get more information in Kingpin University courses and products, please visit

Four classes cover sales, fabrication and store management

WILSONVILLE, ORE., May 8, 2017 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University (KPU), trainer of mobile electronics sales professionals and installation technicians, announced its training schedule for the remainder of 2017. The four courses span July through October and will cover differing aspects of the mobile electronics business. All courses will take place at the company’s Wilsonville, Ore., training facility.

"Every year teaches us more," said lead instructor Jason Kranitz. "New vehicles bring more installation hurdles. New products give us more ways to deliver a better driving experience. And new techniques that we learn as a result make us better at what we do. The four classes we've lined up for the remainder of 2017 all feature changes and additions that reflect our industry's new challenges and growth opportunities."

The Nucleus installation training course is the company's core program and is open to sales as well as installation professionals, covering a wide array of practices, tools and techniques. The curriculum starts with tips to properly quote jobs and close the sale profitably, and moves into production methods that enhance installations, improve expertise and save time. It will be held July 14-16.

For fabricators, the Advanced Trunk training class provides some instruction on bidding jobs, but primarily focuses on design and construction methods for trunk builds, including metal work, OEM style matching, panel design and grille production. It will be conducted September 23-26. The following weekend, September 28-30, Kingpin University will host its Art of Tuning class, which shows installation professionals how to plan and design car audio systems to achieve optimum playback. It also covers use of testing equipment as well as proper setup of processors of all types.

Just before the fourth-quarter rush, Kingpin University will conduct a class for store owners, designed to implement a profitable management structure that stops them from getting bogged down in minutiae and keeps them available to handle any need or issue. It also provides tested tips on specific situations such as compliance and staffing. The class will be held October 13-14.

The tuition fee for each class includes accommodations and select meals. For more information, contact Kingpin University at (503) 582-1315 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit

Upcoming session to demonstrate everyday uses to improve workflow and increase sales

LAS VEGAS – June 17, 2019 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University (KPU) announced that its next class will be the first to fully acquaint mobile electronics installers and fabricators with practical and everyday uses for laser cutting machines. The “Laser Focus” three-day session is scheduled for September 7-9 at the brand’s new retail and training facility, located at 5880 S. Valley View Blvd. in Las Vegas.

The Laser Focus course will familiarize attendees with the laser-cutting and engraving machinery, including power requirements, maintenance and safety. A segment on software will teach configuration and setup to properly plan and input jobs to achieve the desired result. In addition, attendees will get ideas from experienced instructors on adding premium enhancements to traditional installs and learn tips and techniques to improve efficiency. Finally, the class will teach retailers how to bid for—and profit from—laser-enhanced work.

“I think just the word ‘laser’ causes an intimidation factor in our industry,” said Kingpin University President Jason Kranitz. “It’s a big machine with technology we really only talk about in science fiction and specialized fabrication. The goal of the class is for shops to see a laser cutting machine as a tool they can use every day on a number of projects to add creativity and value to their work.”

Kranitz will be joined by industry experts John Brettle, Chris McNulty, and Erick Markland, all of whom have been recognized and awarded by Mobile Electronics magazine for their installation and fabrication expertise. Instructors will guide attendees in creating take-home projects that demonstrate their laser use and fabrication skill to potential customers.

Laser Focus is the second class offered by Kingpin University since its move from Wilsonville, Ore., to Las Vegas. Held June 7-9, the inaugural session welcomed 35 attendees to the new facility to learn techniques for 3D routering, vinyl wrapping, metal mesh and using aluminum and stainless steel to create attractive accents for finished work.

"The main reason we made the move was to make training more accessible to more installers,” said Kranitz. “Las Vegas is a popular destination so there are more affordable flight and entertainment options. Our ultimate objective is to become an easy-to-access training hub where we can host classes and partner with manufacturers to train industry professionals in a working retail facility.”

Tuition for the Laser Focus course is $799.00, which includes lunch daily. The nearby Palace Station Hotel is available for out-of-town attendees at a special rate for the course. Installation professionals can reserve a seat for the course at For more information on Kingpin University’s training, products and services, please call (702) 850-2995 or visit

Virtual and in-person classes start March 24

LAS VEGAS, March 7, 2022 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University showed two new kits featuring Habanero Cordless Heating Tools at the recent KnowledgeFest event in Las Vegas, a result of the new distribution agreement with the Mount Pleasant, Wisc.-based tool manufacturer. In addition, Kingpin University announced three new training classes that culminate in a multi-session group build of the company’s iconic “Rat Rod” show vehicle.

Kingpin University is marketing the Habanero Plastic Repair Kit in addition to its own custom kit. The Plastic Repair Kit (MSRP $129.99) features the USB-charging Habanero tool body in a convenient hard case. It ships with a hot staple tip, plastic welding tip and plastic filler tip, as well as charging cable, wire brush, three types of plastic filler rods and two types of staples.

The Ultimate Soldering Kit (MSRP $199.99) created by Kingpin University includes the Habanero tool body and charging cable, fine soldering tip, heat-resistant tool lid and solder roll in a transportable storage base to allow easy access in the vehicle or on a workbench.

“Habanero soldering kits are quickly becoming a favorite of installers and fabricators because of their versatility and portability,” said Jason Kranitz, lead instructor at Kingpin University. “The ability to quickly change tips to accomplish various fastening and repair jobs saves businesses time and money. We are thrilled to offer Habanero products to our students and fellow industry professionals.”

Kingpin University also added three upcoming classes to its website at Fundamentals of Car Audio Online is a two-hour virtual course that will take attendees through all of the features of a professional-grade oscilloscope and show them how to use the tool to deliver maximum power and performance from an audio system. The second “Step One” virtual course for Laser / CNC work shows attendees how to use CAD software to create precise, intricate drawings that can be cut on a CNC machine.

The third course is the first of an in-session series in which attendees will design and build different sections of Kingpin University’s award-winning show car. The work will be featured at the upcoming Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas.

For more information on Kingpin University, available training courses, Habanero tools or Kingpin Fab Products, please visit

Additional firms to promote products and education in Canada and 23 U.S. states

LAS VEGAS – January 15, 2020 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University announced it has secured agreements with six sales and fulfillment affiliates to market its business, installation and fabrication training courses to mobile electronics retailers, as well as its product line of fabrication consumables and tooling. The new partnerships will enable the 13-year training and products supplier to better engage industry professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada with in-depth instruction and precision-built accessories.

Michael Bel Air, principal of Bel Air Associates, has two decades of industry knowledge as an independent sales representative and retail store owner. He and his company will represent the Kingpin University line in Southern California. In the Northwest, Pacific Rim Marketing will leverage almost 30 years of experience to offer classes and products throughout Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Echo Sales, based in Illinois, will promote Kingpin University in its home state as well as Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

The lower part of the country, encompassing Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas, will be handled by 37-year industry veteran Scott Ringo and his team at Southwest Sales and Marketing. On the East Coast, Lord Phil Chartier and The 12 Volt Specialist will service retailers throughout New England’s six states as well as New York. And north of the border, retailers in Canada will be able to purchase Kingpin University products from Importel, a nationwide distributor specializing in car audio. The company has empowered Canadian retailers for over a quarter century and represents more than 40 specialty lines.

“Our move from Wilsonville to Las Vegas was made to facilitate this expansion,” said Jason Kranitz, lead instructor at Kingpin University. “Being in a destination city means it’s easier to get here and more cost-effective to stay for classes. We are extremely excited to have such proactive rep firms and a well-respected distributor become our advocates to the mobile electronics community.”

Kingpin University will be on hand at the next KnowledgeFest tradeshow and education conference in Long Beach, Calif., February 7-9 at the Long Beach Convention Center. For more information on Kingpin University’s training, products and services, please call (702) 850-2995 or visit

Box building, car audio fundamentals to be featured topics at Las Vegas training facility

LAS VEGAS, September 8, 2021 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University, Nevada-based product supplier and trainer of mobile electronics professionals, announced two in-person training sessions taking place September 20-22 and November 17-19. The two sessions will instruct students on box building and the fundamentals of car audio, respectively, and will be held at the company’s combo retail and training facility in Henderson.

Starting September 20, Box Building 101 promises to teach enclosure design in a way that maximizes sound and style. The curriculum will instruct attendees on calculating box size and selecting build characteristics to optimize performance of different subwoofers. It will also cover shaping, securing and covering the enclosure, and charging appropriately for the work.

On November 17-19, the focus expands to the complete system with Fundamentals of Car Audio. The session was developed to equip new installers with a strong base of hands-on knowledge, and to provide a refresher for experienced technicians. The curriculum covers oscilloscope and RTA (Real-Time Analyzer) use, gain setting, system design, noise control, electronics, basic sales and fabrication, and more.

Each training session includes a take-home fabrication materials kit, achievement plaque and class project. Tuition for each session is $899, or $849 each if both sessions are reserved in the same transaction.

The training sessions will be conducted in accordance with current locally mandated health and safety guidelines. Masks are required while indoors. Precautions include increased cleaning, improved interior circulation and hand sanitizing stations.

“We are maintaining our momentum and satisfying the ongoing desire for learning, stemming from our May in-person classes and our workshops at KnowledgeFest Orlando,” said Jason Kranitz, owner and lead instructor at Kingpin University. “We look forward to seeing students in person and providing an opportunity for networking as well as training.”

To sign up for courses or get more information in Kingpin University courses and products, please visit

Thirty-minute segments focus on business survival, staying “in shape” on installation practices

LAS VEGAS – March 30, 2020 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University, training and installation training facility serving the mobile electronics industry, is presenting two weekly series of online classes designed to keep retail owners and staff sharp during the business downturn. Using Facebook Live, “Thirsty Thursdays” and “Fab Fridays” kick off at 4:00PM PST within the organization’s industry-only group, The 12V Empire.

The decision to start the online courses came after Kingpin University opted to move its in-house training courses to July in anticipation of being able to resume operations by that time. “Las Vegas was one of the first places in the country to mandate that businesses close to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus, though it was something we were planning to do in order to keep people safe,” said Jason Kranitz, lead instructor at Kingpin University. “As the practice spread, we realized it was an opportunity for storeowners, sales professionals, technicians and fabricators to make use of slow or off-work time to re-asses business and learn new skills.”

“Thirsty Thursdays” features conversations between Kranitz, co-instructor Chris McNulty and a host of industry professionals on how store owners and managers can use downtime to freshen their business and create more efficient procedures. If their stores are still open, storeowners will get tips on how best to market business to attract a hesitant and wary customer base.

On, “Fab Fridays” Kranitz and McNulty gives installation professionals quick tips on how to use small projects to increase per-install profits as well as save time with proven, high-efficiency shortcuts. The sessions will also include elements of the company’s larger training courses on using laser in the bay, street rod design and perfecting sales techniques.

“We really enjoy re-engaging with our family of professionals to help them continue to get better even while the economy has ground to a stop,” added Kranitz. “We hope the classes encourage people to stay active both mentally and physically so they can hit the ground running once things get better. We want everybody to come out of this swinging.”

To join the sessions, please request to join The 12V Empire Facebook Group at For more information on Kingpin University’s training, products and services, please call (702) 850-2995 or visit

Full Spectrum Laser to co-create education content, offer discounts to mobile electronics retailers

LAS VEGAS – February 3, 2021 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University, a teaching center and tool supplier for professional mobile electronics technicians and fabricators, announced a partnership with Full Spectrum Laser, a nationwide laser-cutting machine supplier based in Las Vegas. The collaboration will produce educational and training content designed to introduce new technicians to laser cutting machines and raise the skill levels of more experienced users. In addition, industry professionals who attend Kingpin University will receive reduced rates on Full Spectrum Laser equipment.

Kingpin University has conducted training sessions on laser cutting for the past two years. Once thought of as a niche use in high-end fabrication, laser cutting has found application in everyday installs, from creating mounting plates for media controllers and radar detectors to enclosure design and speaker mounting accessories.

“There is huge growth in tooling in our industry, and laser cutting is a significant part of it,” said Jason Kranitz, president and founder of Kingpin University. “We saw the change early and started laser training courses when no one thought it would gain traction. Today it’s one of the most-requested topics from our students. As a result, we sought the partnership with Full Spectrum Laser to bring more value to our trainings. Our students will get so much more out of classes by having a top-tier manufacturer on board with us.”

Formed in 2008, Full Spectrum Laser manufacturers several sizes of professional laser cutters to fit a variety of applications. The company’s website,, features several pages of technical and educational content as well as certification on its products. The company also supplies its own line of software and controllers under its Retina Engrave brand.

Kingpin University will welcome representatives from Full Spectrum Laser at its upcoming classes:

• March 6-7: CAD Drawing for Laser Cutting Applications (online only)
• Marcn 27-29: Laser-Cutting Applications and Projects (in-person at Kingpin University’s new Las Vegas facility)
• April 9-12: Street Rod Customization (in-person)

During the classes, students will gain a broad understanding of laser cutting technology, and in in-person sessions, see and use various models of Full Spectrum Laser cutters.

“We are extremely excited to be able to partner with Kingpin University and help educate the mobile electronics industry on the infinite possibilities that come with laser-cutting machines,” said Robert Capozzoli, director of sales and marketing for Full Spectrum Laser. “We look forward to planning training sessions in which we include Kingpin University in our live shows as well as participate in Kingpin University’s virtual and in-person training sessions.” For more information on Kingpin University’s training, products and services, please call (702) 850-2995 or visit

San Jose’s Audio Design to Host Intense 9-Hour Session of Fabrication and Installation Instruction

WILSONVILLE, ORE., July 26, 2017 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University (KPU) will travel to the heart of innovation to conduct a one-day "crash course" fabrication training. The session will be held August 27 starting at 9 a.m., and will be hosted by Audio Design at its retail location in San Jose, Calif. The one-day class is intended to attract professionals who want to learn skills and techniques that they can implement to improve their work, but who can’t leave their businesses for the typical three-day course.

San Jose is known as the Capital of Silicon Valley, as it features some of the most prolific tech companies in the world within and around its borders. As Audio Design caters to the resulting affluent client base, the company recently took over an adjacent space to effectively double its square footage. The state-of-the-art, larger installation facility is fully capable of serving as a training ground for high-end fabrication.

"We are going to cram a lot of knowledge and hands-on instruction into nine hours," said Jason Kranitz, lead instructor for KPU. "This session is for the tech who can't be gone from the shop for three to four days to do our traditional trainings. But don't think this is an overview class with no detail. We are concentrating the most useful and effective procedures and techniques into one day so that attendees can still go home and put the lessons to work improving work quality and profits."

Among several courses in the day-long session, attendees will improve sanding techniques to cut time while achieving smoother surfaces, and learn how to avoid “elephantitis”: the thin, distressed look of vinyl that occurs when the material is overheated and overstretched during wrapping. In addition, attendees will go through the steps of fabrication design, from paper drawings to building jigs through to the finished piece.

The class is intended for working installation professionals with a fair degree of fabrication experience. Tuition is $150 per person, and lunch will be sponsored by Hybrid Audio, which will have one of its award-winning vehicles onsite. Installation professionals can sign up at, or call Kingpin University at (503) 582-9135.

New month-to-month payment structure offers lower training cost, increased flexibility

DALLAS, – August 11, 2017 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University (KPU) announced at KnowledgeFest that is it introducing a new pay plan for its professional installation, retail management and fabrication training courses. The three-tiered membership structure allows store owners to send one or more staff to multiple training sessions and make manageable monthly payments.
The KPU Membership Plan lets stores purchase a certain number of credits, each of which allows a store employee to attend a course of his or her choice. Plans are available with packages of two, five or 12 credits. Additional incentives include 15 percent discounts on Kingpin University products, as well as discounts of up to 20 percent on professional fabrication template packages.
"We created the membership plans because we want to make professional training more accessible for store owners and their staff," said Jason Kranitz, lead instructor for KPU. "Previously, a store or staff member had to prepay a significant amount for tuition, which limited their resources. With the new credit-based plans, stores have the flexibility to schedule staff members to attend trainings throughout the year while making one predicable payment per month."
Credits are effective for 12 months from the date of purchase and cover course tuition and in-class materials. Travel, accommodations and meals are paid by the attendee. Costs for the membership plans are divided into 12 consecutive monthly payments: $79.99 per month for two credits, $149.99 per month for five credits, or $299.99 per month for 12 credits.
For more information, contact KPU at (503) 582-1315 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit . 

Qualifying retailers have access to high-quality installation and fabrication instruction

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – January 25, 2019 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University (KPU) announced it has entered into an agreement with Aurigin, Inc., master distributor of the Hybrid Audio Technologies and Zapco brands in the U.S., to become its official retail trainer for authorized dealers throughout 2019. As part of the agreement, KPU will provide hands-on installation and fabrication training in exclusive two-day sessions to technicians from Hybrid Audio and Zapco dealers that meet monthly qualifications. All training will take place at KPU's new facility near Las Vegas.

Kingpin University is a recognized trainer of mobile electronics owners and technicians. Classes include instruction on business management, time-saving installation tips and fabrication techniques. KPU recently moved from its 12-year location in Wilsonville, Ore., to Nevada to become more central and economical to students attending classes from around the country.

According to Aurigin, authorized retailers qualify for training by meeting certain product purchase quotas from its Hybrid Audio or Zapco lines. Aurigin will pay the class tuition for up to four attendees based on their program level. Travel and hotel accommodations are covered by each store.

"We're very excited to start this new program with Aurigin," said Jason Kranitz, CEO and lead instructor of Kingpin University. "Our industry has become more specialized, and that means technicians need to be better equipped, informed and educated. Hybrid Audio and Zapco retailers now have the choice to invest in staff knowledge that will increase revenue, improve retention and build a strong store culture.”

Hybrid Audio and Zapco retailers who are interested in the program should contact their authorized representative for details. For more information on Kingpin University’s training, products and services, please call (702) 850-2995 or visit

WILSONVILLE, ORE., September 24, 2018 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University announced that its next training will be a field trip away from the company’s Oregon facilities, taking place in the Sacramento, Calif., suburb of Rancho Cordova. Audio916, a new location owned by industry veteran Greg Perchal, will be the host site for the second annual Crash Course training on October 7, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ovation Manufacturer Representatives, headed by Clay Nelson and Matthew Delgado, is co-hosting the training.

Crash Course is an intensive 8-hour session that delivers proven sales and customer interaction techniques, time-saving fabrication procedures, tool use and machine instruction, as well as system design strategies. It appeals to regional car audio professionals who can’t find the time to attend multi-day training sessions, yet want the same high-quality instruction.

The curriculum is the result of years of real-world experience from the retail side of the Kingpin brand. Each topic is presented with key tips that improve efficiency and expertise, and enhance creativity for fresh design and fabrication ideas.

“Last year we had a group of hungry professionals who wanted to be better at what they do,” said Jason Kranitz, owner and lead trainer of Kingpin University. “This year we’ve streamlined the Crash Course curriculum to give attendees even more great ideas and techniques to take home and create an immediate impact on their businesses and careers. We are excited to hold this second session and look forward to expanding Crash Course to other areas of the country.”

The Crash Course training will take place at 3068 Sunrise Blvd., Suite C, in Rancho Cordova. Tuition is $229 per person. Lunch is sponsored by Aurigin, the parent company of Hybrid Audio Technologies and Zapco USA. On-site demo vehicles will demonstrate many of the techniques taught in the class.

Professional installers and fabricators can sign up for the training at, or call (503) 582-1315 for more information.

New brand encompasses consumables, templates and replaceable components

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- November 11, 2021 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University (KPU) launched a new brand to distinguish its fabrication materials from its professional installer training. Kingpin Fab Products comprises the company’s templates, router bits, hand tools, fabrication aids and consumables. The new line debuted at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in the Cerwin-Vega / Diamond Audio booth.

The newest additions to the Kingpin Fab Products line include the second-generation Clean Wire System, which helps technicians highlight connectivity alongside creative amplifier and component layouts. The Router Shield System protects hands and deflects debris when using a router and features three sizes to match any project. In addition, the Kingpin Fab Products filler line consists of two versions—Create and Levitate – to give fabricators versatility in sculpting strength and finish. Additional products will be announced in the coming months.

“We’d like to thank Diamond Audio / Cerwin-Vega for giving us space in their booth to showcase and announce our launch,” said Jason Kranitz, president of Kingpin University and its accompanying retail store Kingpin Car and Marine Audio. “With the growth of our product line, we felt the timing was right to give our products branding that is separate from our training services. It also gives us the ability to market the product line beyond the mobile electronics industry. SEMA, despite lower overall attendance, was a great show for us and was the perfect kick-off for the new line.”

Kingpin Fab Products will soon receive its own website at, where retailers will be able to place orders at wholesale pricing. For more informationon Kingpin University or Kingpin Fab Products, please visit

Robust show presence precedes 4 diverse, hands-on training sessions in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, September 11, 2022 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University celebrated a high-value show presence at the latest KnowledgeFest exhibition and conference for the mobile electronics industry, held August 26-28, 2022 in Dallas. In addition to showcasing new product and hosting a series of training sessions on technical expertise and business growth, the company announced its fourth-quarter schedule for in-person, hands-on training at its Las Vegas campus. 

Students attending the upcoming Next-Level Fabrication course on September 21 will have the unique experience of building a car destined for the show floor. Kingpin University’s award-winning Rat Rod, a 1928 Hudson Essex Super 6, will be featured in the Diamond Audio booth at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, November 1-4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. Students will assist with system design, panel architecture, enclosure fabrication and wiring. In addition, participating attendees will receive credit with their names on the builder board during the show. 

Sales professionals and store personnel who want to better understand the sales process will benefit from the DNA of a Sales Pro class session, October 15-16. The class studies the traits and habits of successful sellers in different industries and applies them to the customer-focused duties of the mobile electronics professional. Instruction includes customer outreach through phone, email and social media, proven listening and qualifying tactics, selling high-margin accessories, online-to-in-store transition and more. 

The Mastering the Motorcycle Market course is designed for stores that see the viability of specialty transportation as a profit center. The two-day session, October 29-30, spans the gamut of the category, from understanding the culture of the rider, specifics and limitations of motorcycle integration and popular enhancements, all the way to system design and fabrication. 

Automated fabrication is becoming a larger component of the car audio facility workday, and the Master Laser Class – Hands-On with Robots, November 11-13, is intended to teach shops to use laser-cutting technology to its fullest effect. The session covers the components of a laser cutter, use of drawing software to create the cutting patterns, materials selection, safety measures, system maintenance and upgrades, and most important, the timesaving and style-enhancing benefits of laser precision. 

“From talking with retailers and installers at KnowledgeFest, we’re seeing shops transition from the COVID / post-COVID boom to the normal market forces that impact retail seasonally,” said Jason Kranitz, principal instructor at Kingpin University. “Stores can maximize their time during the pre-holiday period with professional training specifically designed to add revenue-generating capability to every in-store professional. The four classes we’ve selected provide instruction on category opportunities, skills enhancement and improved efficiency. Like our KnowledgeFest experience, we are excited to share our insights with our peers and look forward to each teaching opportunity.”

For more information on class schedules, accommodations and pricing, please visit

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