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8-3-2017 -- Audison has announced it will be offering a complete OEM integration and DSP training the night before Knowledgefest on Friday night, August 11 from 6:00 – 9:30 PM.

          Instructors for the event include: 

  • Jason Digos – Owner of Innovative Sales – World renowned trainer and fabricator
  • Lorenzo Quattrini – Elettromedia, Italy - Worldwide Technical Trainer
  • Jason Kranitz – Kingpin University – 2008 Retailer of the year and 2013 Installer of the Year
  • Rob Miller – JML Audio – Manager and lead technician
  • Christopher McNulty – Driven Mobile Electronics – Owner and 2017 Top 12 Installer of the Year

Course Description: 

Attendees will learn the PROCESSES that are needed to be successful and profitable selling and installing DSP. Here are the Categories that will be covered:

  1. OEM Integration Basics
  2. Types of integration
  • Maestro AR/Prima, T Harness
  • Traditional Analog Signal

3. Common Integration Tools

4. How to retrieve and install BIT software

5. The PROCESS of OEM integration

6. How to use the Bit Tune Tools

7. Prima Setup Process

8. Bit One HD Setup Process

9. Full DA System Setup

10. New Product Introductions

11. Troubleshooting in the bay

The event will be held in the Arts District 7 room. Please go to this link to sign up as space is limited and will be reserved to the first 70 to sign up.

For more information, please contact Rob Wempe 602-432-1398

February 22, 2019 -- Audison is pleased to debut an exciting array of new products at Knowledgefest in Long Beach and Indianapolis.

Last year Audison introduced the very popular BMW Sound Pack. This year the all new F-150 Sound Pack is available for both the base model systems as well as the Sony systems. These Sound Packs will use the Prima AP5.9bit or the AP8.9bit for amplification. The replacement front speakers will be the all new APK690 or APK570, 6x9 and 5x7 component kits. The replacement rear speakers will employ the APX6.5 or the APX570. The subwoofer enclosures will either be the APBX8R or the APBX10AS, amplified enclosure depending on the vehicle and system. These Sound Packs will include the wire harnesses and speaker adaptors included in the kits. The all new Ford F150 system configurator will be added to the Audison website next week.

The range of Prima components expands with the introduction of the new 2” wide range component speaker AP2. This speaker has an ultra-wide frequency response ranging from 150 Hz to 20kHz.

Our dealers have asked for 5x7 and 6x9 component kits. We have delivered. The all new APK570 and APK690 are here. These kits will use dedicated crossovers with each kit and will include the AP1 tweeter. As always, our Prima speakers are very efficient with a sensitivity of 93 dB for the tweeter and 93.5 dB for the woofer. The woofers will also be sold separately.

Prima’s compact subwoofer family expands with the introduction of the new 10” APS10 S4S single 4-ohm VC. To compliment this new woofer the APBX10 S4S compact enclosure will also debut.

Last, but definitely not least is the new Thesis TH 6.5II SAX, 6.5” woofer. This speaker was born from a blank sheet with the aim of overcoming all the limits dictated by compromise-oriented design choices. This philosophy allowed us to obtain extreme performance and a design projected into the future, faithful to the inspiring principle of maximum transparency of the musical message.

Please stop by our booths 1006 in Long Beach and 338 in Indianapolis to see these products as well as many more new products from Elettromedia.

Audison will be conducting a product training in Long Beach on Sunday @ 4:45 PM in the Seaside 5A and in Indianapolis on Saturday March 16th in room 116.

For information on Elettromedia products, contact Elettromedia-USA at 949-251-1851.

Orlando, FL (June 12, 2022) - Audison announced the Forza family of amplifiers - the culmination of years of research and development into DSP use in vehicles. Using our All Channels Driven” design approach, and our Fully Bridgeable” philosophy, these amplifiers give Audison dealers more tools to exceed their customers expectations.
Forza is a family of 9 amplifiers - 5 bit” DSP amplifiers with system control capability - and four companion” amplifiers which can be managed by the DSP section of the bit amplifiers.
The first model is the bit 5-channel AF M5.11 bit - the most powerful 5-channel DSP amplifier Audison has ever made. 100 watts to four channels (4Ω) plus 600 watts to the subwoofers (2Ω), over 1200 watts of RMS power available All Channels Driven, and with the most flexible DSP section Audison has offered.
Dealers use DSPs for three things - OEM integration, system management, and acoustic tuning”, said Ken Ward, International Technical Marketing Manager for Elettromedia Sri, parent company of Audison. We have made significant improvements to each functional area, so that our dealer technicians can overcome challenges more quickly and efficiently than ever. We kept the same approximate form factor as our previous line of DSP amps, which were very popular sizes our dealers preferred.”
The amplifiers are configured with a new software application, Audison bit Drive. Weve done training sessions here at Knowlegefest, and our new bit Drive software has been a huge hit with dealers!”, said Ward.
The Forza bit line will consist of five bit models and four companion models:
AF M5.11 bit will ship initially.
The AF C8.9 bit and the M12.14 bit will ship later this year.
The four companion amps - the M6 D, the M4 D, the C4 D, and the M1 D - will also ship later this year.
The last two bit models - the C4.10 bit and the M8.14 bit - will round out the product line.
The bit Drive software is immediately familiar to Audison dealers, but has a modern design and advanced tools”, said Ward. This is the software which is going to control our future products - its designed to be future-proof.”
Audison Forza amplifiers boast more power than ever, with the audiophile sound of the latest-generation Audison D-Class technology. This is combined with native DSP working at 24 bit/96 kHz, extending the audio band up to 40 kHz and earning the coveted High Resolution certification.
Fully Bridgeable: Bridging amplifier channels to more than double the power is a time-honored technique which Audison includes in every Forza multichannel amplifier. Fully Bridgeable means that every channel pair can be bridged, without exclusion, letting Audison dealers design and build exactly the system youre looking for!
Dual Power Design is a new design element - Forza amplifiers have two independent power supplies: the audio amplifier power supply is loosely regulated, which allows superior dynamic performance at this price point The DSP power supply is stiffly regulated, which maintains DSP microprocessor operation even during lower-voltage transient states (i.e., start/stop operation).
High Res Certified - SPDIF digital wasnt designed to control volume levels, and many implementations compromise the potential dynamic range. Absolute Volume maximizes the SPDIF bit depth, delivering uncompromised dynamic range from compatible digital sources like Audison B-CON.
Audisons completely-new bit Drive PC software can analyze, route, and correct the signal in completely new ways – now you can measure, mix, and finally tune the sound with one powerful tool! The new Graphical User Interface simplifies every control and function, integrating acoustic measurement, and ensuring efficient tuning and great sound!
The Acoustic RTA is integrated into the equalizer graph, and is compatible with your 16-bit USB microphone or sound card. The Final EQ function allows final equalization without damaging the delicate left/right frequency relationships.
Forzas eight analog inputs, plus an optical Toslink digital input, support total connectivity even with the most complex OEM systems. If more analog inputs are required, the optional F4IN expansion card adds four additional analog input channels!
If a Coaxial SPDIF or a second Toslink SPDIF input is needed, the optional F2O expansion card can be used.
Up to 14 DSP outputs allows Forzas DSP section to manage a larger system easily.
Audisons classic de-EQ process is joined by de-Time and de-Phase capabilities, enabling sound restoration in nearly every OEM system., The electrical signal analysis ensures proper integration and correction for each input and output channel.
The built-in universal speaker simulation technology (USS) yields maximum compatibility with any OEM Source, without muting or instability.
Forza Line-up
AF M5.11 bit - 5CH AMPLIFIER WITH DSP 4x150W+1x600W
AF C8.14 bit - 8 CH AMPLIFIER WITH DSP 8x100W
AF M12.14 bit - 12CH AMPLIFIER WITH DSP 12x90W
AF C4.10 bit - 4CH AMPLIFIER WITH DSP 4x150W
AF M8.14 bit - 8 CH AMPLIFIER WITH DSP 8x140W
Availability 2023


More information will be available starting Monday on the company website,

Back By Popular Demand

August 7, 2018 -- Audison is very proud to announce they will be offering a complete OEM integration and DSP training, FROM BASIC TO MASTERS, the night before KnowledgeFest on Thursday night, August 15 from 4:00 – 8:00 PM.

We have assembled a team of instructors who are second to none:

  • Lorenzo Quattrini – Elettromedia, Italy - Worldwide Technical Trainer
  • Lance Doss – Elettromedia-USA – Director of Technical Services
  • Jason Kranitz – Kingpin University – 2008 Retailer of the year and 2013 Installer of the Year
  • Rob Miller – JML Audio – Manager and lead technician
  • Christopher McNulty – Driven Mobile Electronics – Owner and 2017 Top 12 Installer of the Year
  • Sean Davis – Owner of Tip Top Automotive
  • Duane Pilgrim – Elettromedia-USA – Director of Product Marketing
  • Rob Wempe – Elettromedia-USA – Vice President

Course Description

Attendees will learn the PROCESSES that are needed to be successful and profitable, selling and installing world class car audio products using DSP. Here are the categories that will be covered:

  1. How to sell DSP
  2. Which processor do I need?
  3. DSP Tips and Tricks
  4. Updating my Firmware and software
  5. Updating my computer
  6. What is a Bit Tune?
  7. How to sell tuning
  8. What is Full DA?
  9. How to sell Full DA
  10. Tips and tricks to Full DA
  11. Troubleshooting Tips and tricks

The event will be held in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center room C140.

Please click on this link to register. Space is limited and will be reserved to the first 100 to sign up.

See you in Dallas!

For more information, please contact Rob Wempe 602-432-1398

Burnaby, BC, Canada (April 24 2018) - Effective immediately, Trends Electronics International has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Audison products for Canada. “We are very happy to have Audison back in our lineup,” said Grant Daoust, CEO of Trends Electronics. “Audison’s products are clearly Best-in-Class which follows the Trends philosophy. We intend to change the culture of the car audio market by supporting OEM integration and higher sound quality, more than ever before.”

Trends will be training new and existing dealers across Canada under the direction of Ken Ward (EDUCAR Training), a leading expert on OEM integration and DSP tuning. Founded in 1987, Italian based Elettromedia is the parent company of Audison, Hertz, and Connection, all of which is distributed in Canada by Trends Electronics. With distribution in over 50 countries, Elettromedia has become a world leader in the car audio market for the manufacturing of car audio amplifiers, loudspeakers, audio processors and accessories for professional installations.

Founded in 1990, Trends Electronics International Inc. is a leading distributor in the consumer and commercial electronics industry. Trends has built a strong, dependable and dedicated team and the Company is proud to support best in class audio and video products from premium manufacturers across the globe, including, Europe, Asia and North America.

APBX 10 AS -- Active Sub Box
June 29, 2018 -- The Prima APBX 10 AS active subwoofer, with 10-inch driver, features a dedicated high performance amplification module which enhances all the passive box technologies, such as the2S² (2 Sides / 2 Sounds) design, the plug-and-play terminal block and ultra-compact size.
The amplification module, with power outputs of 400W RMS is developed withhe-li technology (high efficiency / low impedance), which thanks to the absence of the DC-DC voltage booster reaches the impressive 90 percent efficiency level, very close to the theoretical limit of the D-Class. Eliminating the voltage booster was made possible thanks to the development of the new dual coil drivers, which inherit all the technological background of the Prima subwoofers, but differ for the ultra low impedance (0.16 ohms for APBX 10 AS).
This feature ensures a perfect synergy with the he-li (High Efficiency Low Impedance) technology, maximizing the combination of amplifier, speakers and sealed box, to obtain low, powerful and crisp frequencies.
The controls section is complete and provides an optimal regulation of the low frequency emission in the car cabin. The Butterworth low pass filter at 12dB/Oct. with variable cut-off frequency (50-200 Hz) can be bypassed, when used with an AP bit processor with pre-out output dedicated to the sub. The adjustable bass-boost control (0 ÷ 6 dB) at 45 Hz allows the user to emphasize the response in the lower side of the spectrum.
The high-level speaker-in input on multi-pole connectoreases the integration with OEM audio systems while the low-level input on RCA is dedicated to the connection with after market sources. The subwoofer automatic turn on/off function ART (Automatic Remote Turn-On) can be configured to be controlled by the source’s remote signal, by the voltage variation on the high-level input or by the audio signal on both inputs. Phase control (0 – 180 °) completes the equipment. The SSP (Sub Smart Plug) terminal block is provided with a single plug-and-play connector to be able to disconnect the box easily and safely.
The APBX10AS comes in at a very thin 5.16” and will fit under the rear seat of a full size pickup like the Ford F150, etc.
For more information on the Audison Prima APBX 10 AS:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

January 15, 2020 -- The Audison design team, headquartered in the Potenza Picena (Italy), spent a long time planning and perfecting the new SR line. After numerous listening tests in a double-blind configuration on a significant sample of professionals and enthusiasts, the R&D team decided to adopt a new D-class technology called ADT (Audison D-Class Technology) for the entire SR amplifier line. This technology made it possible to reduce the size of the amplifiers while totally preserving the audio performance that characterize each Audison project.

The New SR Line consists of these four models:

  • SR 4.300   MAP $ 399.99   85w x 4 @ 4ohms
  • SR 4.500   MAP $ 499.99   130w x 4 @ 4ohms
  • SR 5.600   MAP $ 549.99   75w x 4 @ 4ohms, and 550w x 1 @ 1 ohm
  • SR 1.500   MAP $ 399.99   500w x 1 @ 4ohms, 800w x 1 @ 2ohms, 1000w x 1 @ 1 ohm
  • Optional VCR-S1 Remote Volume Control for both models.

Some New Features include:

Built in USS (Universal Speaker Simulator)

When using the high-level inputs, the SR amplifiers can also be appropriately connected to OEM sources featuring the “speaker load detection” function that monitor the presence of a low-impedance load to enable audio outputs.

Complete Controls on Top Panel

As per tradition, the SR amplifiers confirm their vocation for versatility by including on all models a complete filter section, suitable for any type of audio system configuration. The controls, protected by a satin-finish aluminum panel, are located on the amplifier upper panel, to be easily reached from above even after the product has been installed. When the system includes an Audison bit processor, the filter section can be totally excluded.

Limitless Connectivity

All models are equipped with high-level balanced inputs for connection to the OEM Head Unit speakers output and low RCA level for the after-market ones. When the high level input is used, the ART function (Automatic Remote Turn-On / Off) can be enabled to control the switching on of the amplifiers with the head unit switch-on button. In addition, there is a remote IN / OUT socket to allow the control of multiple cascaded amplifiers switch on when required.

The SR 1.500, SR 4.300 and 4.500 models recreate the PRE-OUT signal by using the Speaker-IN input to interface it with OEM sources only equipped with amplified outputs, allowing the system expansion.

Built in Crossovers

Lo-Pass and Hi-Pass 12 dB adjustable (50 Hz to 3200 Hz) filters, providing the ability to build a front + rear system, a multichannel – woofer + tweeter system or a powerful sub + front system.

On the SR 5.600 & SR 1.500 models

24 dB continuous adjustable (50 to 500 Hz) Lo-Pass subwoofer filter. SUBSONIC filter (24 dB - 25 Hz), removes very low subsonic frequencies from music signal to avoid damages to the subwoofer.

January 9, 2020 -- Just as the virtuous performer holds the absolute mastery of the instrument and the technique connected to it, the bit One HD Virtuoso features unique skills dedicated to the most ambitious OEM Integration projects and excels in the uncompromising Hi-End systems. This was made possible thanks to innovative functions born with the new software / firmware development and the upgrade of some key components in the audio signal path, which are crucial to reach new heights of listening pleasure.

The Audison bit One HD Virtuoso has the following Upgrades:

Higher quality hardware used:

-          SILMIC Series ELNA capacitors specific for audio use.

-          WIMA high performance Metalized Polypropylene film capacitors

-          High Performance Burr Brown OP Amps OPAx 134 SoundPlus series.

-          Cirrus-Logic CS 4365- 6 CH and CS4385 -8 CH 24 bit / 192 kHz DA converters with 114 dB S/N.

-          Selectable between SLOW or FAST digital filter responses to customize the listening experience.

-          USS built in. (Universal Speaker Simulator)

Software Upgrades:

-          Only one Firmware to support both FIR and IIR digital networks

-          Added Pass-through input configuration (Master)

-          Automatic Routing

-          Improved DE-EQ and introducing Phase analysis / auto and manually correctable All Pass filters.

-          New Large pop out EQ window, for better visibility and ease of use.

MAP price is $1699.99 and shipping NOW!

January 26, 2020 -- The new Prima APK 165P two-way loudspeaker system, capable of handling up to 240 W peak, is the ideal combination to fully exploit the power of the AP F8.9 bit or all other Prima amplifiers used in high power configurations.

The exclusive AIF technology (Any Install Faceplate) of the AP 1P Tweeter provides the installer with 3 different faceplates for total application versatility and a significant reduction in installation time. The woofer has been designed to perform at its best in OEM placements, combining excellent power handling and efficiency.

AP 6.5P Woofer

The AP 6.5P woofer features a very wide excursion to cope with the most important dynamic peaks without any compression. Its impressive magnetic assembly provides the energy needed for perfect control even during limit excursions. The CCAW (Copper-Clad Aluminium Wire) voice coil (32 x 14 mm, 1.25 x 0.55 in) optimally manages the greater applied power. The basket was completely redesigned with the aid of simulations to lower the resistance of air flows, while maintaining compact sizes to facilitate the installation.

APCX P 2T, APCX P 2W Crossovers

To minimize the overall dimensions and simplify the cables routing, thus facilitating the installer’s work, the APK 165P system uses separate ultra-compact crossovers for tweeters and woofers, made with carefully selected and sized components to manage high power avoiding saturation phenomena. The listening sessions for the crossover set-up made the choice fall on an asymmetric filtering, with a 6 dB/oct slope on the tweeter’s hi-pass and 12 dB/oct for the woofer’s lo-pass, for a natural reproduction of mid-high frequencies and well-defined low frequencies.

AP 1P Tweeter

AIF technology, to support OEM integration, provides the specialist with three different types of faceplates:

1. OEM, for an easy and correct factory placement
2. Mesh grille: to obtain the best compromise between protection and performance with a-pillar installations
3. Spoke grille: for maximum acoustic performance with a-pillar installations

The double Neodymium tablet used in the motor provides an excellent extension in high frequency and together with the one-inch CCAW voice coil ensures an outstanding dynamic response.

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