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Retaining Identity Within the Brand

The team at Al & Ed’s Autosound in Ontario, Calif. sets themselves apart by connecting in unique ways with clients. The shop has increased their focus on driver safety and powersports, while owner Dallas Setyadi envisions a future in which marine audio plays a larger part in his business.

Words by Rosa Sophia

In the mid-nineties, Dallas Setyadi came to the United States from Indonesia and discovered his love for car audio in California. After attending Riverside Community College and earning a degree in business, Setyadi entered the mobile electronics industry.

“I was totally new to car audio and I taught myself how to do installations,” he said, adding that car audio magazines inspired him to take things to the next level. “I would go to competitions, look at their work, buy magazines, and I would learn from all the pictures. That’s when I started teaching myself, and I began doing installs in my garage.” After working independently for two years, he set his sights on Al & Ed’s Autosound.

He worked at five other locations, then arrived at the Ontario, Calif. location, which he eventually bought in 2016 and currently owns.

Setyadi’s shop does a lot of custom fabrication, as well as lights, bumpers, lift kits and vehicle security. As an Al & Ed’s franchise location, name recognition and brand, products and advertising are all part of what the store receives as a member of the franchise.

Switching From Commission to Hourly Improves Staff Morale

The staff consists of Darren Sprayberry, who is the service manager and has been voted both in the Top 12 and the Top 100 Installers in the past; Adrian Preston, technician; Ludwing Monterroso, product specialist; and Franklin Pineda, product specialist. Setyadi himself is both a salesman and an installer.

Recently, the staff went from being commission-based to hourly pay. “Employees wanted it that way,” Setyadi said. “Some of them have been with us a long time and they are getting a little older, so they may not be as fast. Commission is great because you get more money, but it’s high paced, rapid and tough. With hourly, they can take more time with working on the... Read the rest of the story HERE.






What’s Happening December 2018

With an increased media presence, a bigger exhibit hall and education sessions added in Spanish or with translators, the second year of KnowledgeFest Long Beach is projected to be even more successful—with the goal of making it an international event.

Words by Rosa Sophia


The first KnowledgeFest Long Beach took place in 2018, attracting over 1,100 attendees, and the second is scheduled for February 23 to 25, 2019. It is anticipated to have roughly the same amount of manufacturer trainings—60 hours—along with 30 to 40 hours of educational sessions.

Chris Cook, president of the Mobile Electronics Association, stated that he anticipates a significant growth in retailer attendance along with more interaction in education sessions. “Our first year was great, and our second year should be even better,” he said. Because more exhibitors are expected, the conference will be taking place in a much larger hall.

“We sold out the space last year,” Cook said, adding that it made sense to choose a larger hall in the Long Beach Convention Center for the 2019 event. “The hall we’re moving into is about 65 percent larger than the hall we used last year,” he noted.

With the completion of the first event came lessons learned, which will be applied to the second Long Beach conference. Also expected is an increased... Read the rest of the story HERE.







JL Audio is known for its high-quality audio products manufactured entirely in the United States. At the huge Miramar, Fla. facility, the company utilizes state of the art tools and technology—including an on-site machine shop—to make everything in-house.

Words by Joey Knapp


Back in September I was in South Florida, and reached out to Stephen Turrisi (Director of Training and Technical Services for JL Audio) to see if I could go on a tour of their facility. Regular readers of Tech Today may remember that I had a chance to tour the Focal factory a few years ago, so I was eager to see what was happening at JL Audio.

I have known Steve for many years and it seems fitting for a man so obsessed with magnets to be working at one of the top audio manufacturers. I was thankful that he was... Read the rest of the story HERE.


The Support Team: Vision Quest

Establishing a name for itself with cameras for enthusiasts and security purposes, Waylens has its eye on enhancing drivers’ experiences while backing its growing dealer network.

Words by Jamie Sorcher

Born out of the highly respected MIT Media Lab and just a few years fresh from its Kickstarter campaign, Boston-based Waylens is well on its way to becoming a household name in the 12-volt world. Right now, the company has two automotive cameras in the market—Horizon and Secure360.

The company’s mission is to transform the way people enjoy their time behind the wheel. The first product, the Waylens Horizon, is perfect for the enthusiast. It lets drivers capture, edit and share interesting moments and automotive performance data from the road.

The Waylens Secure360 gives owners peace of mind. Lots of folks have basic remote start or security for their cars, but this takes things a step further, according to product manager Aaron Thomas.

“It’s like a mobile-drone option so you can remote start your car when you’re flying back from SEMA and can get it going at the airport before you even get there,” he said. “The big difference is that with existing products, you can’t actually see your car. You can control it, you can start it, but you can’t actually see it. You wouldn’t be able to get the evidence you might need for an insurance claim if something happened. That’s where our camera, the Secure360, steps in and that’s where the 4G connection gives you visual confirmation of... Read the rest of the story HERE.








Don’t Miss Out

KnowledgeFest is Your Place to Learn and Connect with the Mobile Electronics Community

"These education events are designed provide you with the latest information to help you advance the professionalism and profitability of your business."

If you missed attending CES 2018 then take heart in knowing that you have another chance to discover your favorite brands at KnowledgeFest West in Long Beach, California, KnowledgeFest East in Indianapolis, Indiana and KnowledgeFest Dallas in Dallas, Texas. KnowledgeFest is the only industry event dedicated to the mobile electronics specialist, the installing dealer. These events combine a trade show floor with educational workshops and manufacturer trainings for added value to you, the attendee.

The next event is just around the corner in Long Beach California, February 23-25, 2018. This city is a great destination for West Coast dealers, especially those in the Southern California market. The Long Beach Convention Center is a downtown venue with lots of nearby hotels and restaurants. And February is a great time for manufacturers to showcase their new products and provide the best information and education to sell and install them.

The KnowledgeFest experience is designed to provide you with the information you need to provide that experience. Here's how:


Learning from the best in our industry provides an unequalled educational experience that now occurs three times a year. Make plans to experience the next event in your area. These events combine educational workshops and manufacturer trainings with a trade show floor. No other event provides the quality and hours of training targeted to mobile specialists. These education events are designed provide you with the latest information to help you advance the professionalism and profitability of your business. Employees of MEA member companies attend all KnowledgeFest events free of charge.

The three-day event is packed with more than 40 hours of top-notch educational workshops, great networking opportunities, over 50 hours of manufacturer training sessions, and an exhibit floor on which new products and categories are available to discover. Educational workshops and manufacturer trainings will empower you to deliver exceptional customer experiences and grow your business.


Mobile Electronics Association publishes Mobile Electronics® magazine, the best read for business, sales and installation. Mobile Electronics magazine, our Hotwire e-newsletter and various websites keep you in the know and ready for action. MEA member companies and their employees receive free magazines, e-newsletter subscriptions and access to MEA digital media. Social media sites like the Mobile Electronics Facebook page also offer ways to connect with the industry.


Mobile Electronics Association is the only industry group dedicated to the 12-volt specialist. Our primary focus is help you build your business. The MEA community is comprised of retailers, manufacturers, sales reps, distributors and service providers. The Mobile Electronics Association is committed to growing the mobile electronics industry and ensuring a future for mobile specialists. You can support that through your membership. Become a part of our community. Be empowered. Let your voice be heard and ensure your interests are represented.

Learn by Profession

The education at KnowledgeFest is comprised of three tracks that focus on each area of expertise. For the installer, there is the Technician and Fabricator track. This track provides a balance of the top techniques for making physical modifications to the vehicle as well technical expertise for key topics like remote start and audio upgrades. The Sales and Marketing track will appeal to owners, managers, sales professionals and those responsible for marketing. You will learn tried-and-true processes taught by retailers who use these techniques effectively in their own businesses.

Also, for the entrepreneur there is the Owner and Manager track. This year the focus will be on essential practices that every CEO should live by. Topics will include: a day in the life of a CEO and learning the best way to calculate your true hourly rate. In addition to these business building topics, a special keynote address will help you define what success in your business and life should look like.

Peer Advice, Meet the Makers

KnowledgeFest provides the best networking opportunity in our industry! Talk one-on-one with people with whom you do business (or should be). Participate in your choice of 50-plus product training sessions to get real insight on product characteristics and selling strategies to make you the expert in your market.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a relative newcomer to mobile electronics, KnowledgeFest has something for you. Learn from the experiences of others in our industry who have dealt with both failure and success. Many social activities after hours add fun to the mix.

I challenge you to join us this February in Long Beach for our first KnowledgeFest on the West Coast.

On behalf of myself, and of the entire Mobile Electronics Association team, we thank you for being part of the only industry event dedicated to the Mobile Electronics Specialist, the installing dealer!

Read the story in Mobile Electronics magazine HERE.

Introspection Leads the Way

Those who took home awards agreed that giving back to the community, offering encouragement to others and learning to be self-aware are essential aspects to fostering growth in the industry.

Words by Rosa Sophia

As everyone gathered in the banquet hall for the industry awards announcements, many attendees who were up for awards shared in both excitement and nervousness. A number of the winners who were called up on stage later said they felt as if they’d fumbled—such was the feeling of overwhelm. Ethan Blau of Sound Wave Customs in Virginia Beach, Va. expressed a similar sentiment.

Later, after the awards had been given out and this year’s winners had time to absorb the reality of it, Blau commented on his hopes for the future. “We try to help and give back,” he said of him and his team. “I want to keep going that route and hopefully inspire others. Maybe push people past their limits and help them beyond their fears.”

This year, Sound Wave Customs was awarded Retailer of the Year for a single store. It hasn’t completely sunk in for Blau—not yet. “It’s still so new,” he added.

Making Connections at KnowledgeFest

At one of the most successful KnowledgeFest events to date, attendees shared how much they’d learned from workshops, manufacturer trainings and by talking to reps and networking on the show floor. By the time the awards event came around on Sunday evening, a lot of new connections had already been made.

Solomon Daniels, editor-in-chief of Mobile Electronics magazine, went up on stage and reminded everyone in attendance, “You have homework. That’s the attitude you have to take away from KnowledgeFest.”

After gathering a plethora of information at the show, Daniels stated... Read the rest of the story HERE.

Community Focused

While Car-Tunes Inc. continues an ongoing remodel and prepares for a January anniversary marking 35 years in business, owner Kimberly Trainer makes innovation and strategy a part of her daily routine with the goal of giving clients exactly what they are looking for.

Words by Rosa Sophia

Car-Tunes Inc. in Greenville, Miss. endeavors to give the people what they want. When a nearby music store closed down several years ago, locals came into Car-Tunes and asked if they sold guitar strings, said owner Kimberly Trainer. “It just fits in so well with what we do.” She added that the business now sells musical instruments and related equipment to churches, schools, hobbyists and more.

Space for these items was factored into the recent remodel, which is still ongoing. “Eighteen years ago, we were a car stereo shop,” Trainer said, “but now we also have equal amounts of marine equipment, motorcycle equipment and safety items. We also sell guitars, keyboards and drums. Everything we do has to do with music.” Even Trainer’s youngest daughter is a musician and first learned to play the piano using a keyboard in the store.

Thanks to the remodel, everything is very interactive, she added. Customers can plug their phones into the units on the soundboard and listen to their own music to experience available products. Relatively new to home theater, the shop also offers an area for sampling theater-grade surround sound, Trainer said, along with popcorn for the ultimate experience.

Car-Tunes has been open since 1984, and Trainer has owned the business since 2001. In January of 2019, the shop will have been open for 35 years. According to Trainer, it began as an investment and became a passion.

From Banking and Finance to Business Ownership

Eighteen years ago, Trainer was looking for an investment. She went into Car-Tunes one day and asked the owner whether he’d be interested in selling. “He said no. He had started the business,” Trainer said. “But he thought about it, and a few weeks later he called me back and... Read the rest of the story HERE.





Loud and Proud

With a strong SPL heritage, brick-and-mortar business model, unwavering respect for its dealers and solid Midwest values, DD Audio delivers not just the goods, but its good nature to all.

Words by Jamie Sorcher

Deep in the heart of America, based in Oklahoma City—a place nicknamed the Big Friendly—is where DD Audio has made its home. The company’s products, including marine, mobile, home, professional and industrial markets, as well as OEM, are American-designed and manufactured.

“We are very well known for our big subwoofers,” said sales and service manager Kevin Doyle, who has been with the company for nine years and is one of its 35 employees. “Our heritage is competition.”

Always Available to Assist Dealers, Above and Beyond today, DD Audio not only continues to carry that torch, but also maintains the incredibly strong rapport it has built with its dealer base. Part of that foundation comes from DD Audio’s sales team that is... Read the rest of the story HERE.






Home Grown

JC Audio operates from the very same building in which owner Jeff Cantrell first got started in the industry. Today, JC Audio is a robust business that is also giving back by hosting training sessions at its location.

Words by Rosa Sophia


Opening in November of 2001, it seemed that JC Audio was meant to be. Owner Jeff Cantrell knew almost from beginning what he wanted, though prior to his involvement in the industry, he had a few other short-lived jobs.

As a kid, Cantrell worked for his uncles’ asphalt business, laying asphalt and sealing parking lots. During the summers, he worked at a hardware store. “It was from my uncles that I learned the importance of having a skill, and that I’d always be able to support myself if that was the case,” he said.

For several months, he even learned and taught line dancing and built sets at a dance studio. At 16, he got into 12-volt and never looked back.

“I grew up in a family of entrepreneurial parents, brothers and uncles who taught me the value of hard work,” Cantrell said. “Mobile electronics is simply the vehicle to which I’ve applied these principles, in order to build a career.”

In high school, Cantrell studied electrical theory. He recalled his high school electronics teacher, Mr. Johnston, “who never settled for anything less than a perfect job.” Cantrell went on to receive an Associate’s Degree in Business Management in 1999. Now, Cantrell is an MECP Master Technician and stated that he even had the opportunity to contribute to part of the latest MECP Mobile Product Specialist study guide. With a focus on learning and sharing knowledge, Cantrell continues... Read the rest of the story HERE.


Enduring Through the Years
Cerwin-Vega Mobile has gone through many changes since the brand was first founded in 1954. With a small team dedicated to helping dealers and installers, the tech support and product development departments of Cerwin-Vega continue to persevere.
Words by Jamie Sorcher
When you’ve been in car audio since 1972, and worked for—and started—some of the most iconic brands in the business, it’s second nature to run a tech support team of one. Just ask Larry Frederick, who heads up new product development and tech support for Diamond Audio/Cerwin-Vega Mobile.
Founded back in 1954 by Gene Czerwinski, an aerospace engineer and a devoted music fan, the Cerwin-Vega brand has a unique heritage (honored with an Academy Award for special technical achievement in film for Sensurround, not to mention relationships with bands like The Rolling Stones and The Boom Town Rats). It remains a cornerstone in the home and pro audio universe, and gives Cerwin-Vega Mobile its solid reputation in the market today—even as 12-volt continues to drastically evolve.
The Simple Approach to Tech Support
Today, Cerwin-Vega Mobile has maintained a loyal following even as its ownership has changed over the years. When Cerwin-Vega was... Read the rest of the story HERE.

Retailers have remote start season and the holidays in common, but each business has its own unique way of tackling year-end opportunities.

Words by Rosa Sophia

Retailers everywhere are gearing up for remote start season and beginning to prepare for the holidays. In Vernon, Conn., ACT Audio and Mill St. Auto presented the Cruise’n on 83 event on the twenty-third of September. The sound-off drew a big crowd, trophies were awarded and ACT Audio raffled off items—including a Viper remote start.

This was the shop’s first time hosting such an event. “One of the reasons we do remote starters in raffles and giveaways is because, in the customers’ eyes, they hold so much value,” said James P. Smith, who manages ACT Audio with business partner Adam Thomas. Smith remarked that while a $200 gift card could be offered instead, the customer tends to feel the remote starter is worth more to them. Customers then pay for the work involved and any add-ons. The shop has no trouble selling remote starters. According to Smith, they sell between 700 and 800 per year, and they don’t need to advertise very much at all.

“We’re a very busy remote starter store,” Smith said, adding that the shop gets backed up with work very easily. “The year before last, we were six weeks backed up.” If the shop advertised remote starters, they’d have to start rejecting clients, Smith added.

ACT Audio attributes much of its recent success and improvements to KnowledgeFest. Two years ago, Smith attended for the first time. “I didn’t realize what was out there,” he said. “KnowledgeFest reignited my fire, so I went back and worked really hard to implement what I always wanted and make a grade-A store. We did the expansion and changed the... Read the rest of the story HERE.




Douglasville, Georgia – March 15th, 2018 – Omega Research & Development Technologies, Inc. is now shipping the BRACKET-FORD-SD-KIT

When installing a Train Horn & Air-Tank/Compressor unit, mounting these large components can be a challenge, so in 2017 Omega developed 2 universal brackets to help out.

Omega is now shipping a vehicle specific master bracket for FORD Super Duty trucks that holds BOTH the Train Horn, and the Air Compressor/Tank.

This BRACKET-FORD-SD-KIT allows the installer to mount all the parts including the Train Horn on the bracket, while it’s sitting on the bench, then bolt the fully assembled unit to the Truck. This is way easier. No running air hoses all over the place, the FORD-SD Bracket holds all the parts in a neat undercarriage shelf.

All omega brackets are made of 100% pure 3/8 think aluminum, so they are tough, but very lightweight, and are power coated Black to match the vehicle undercarriage. They are pre-drilled to receive the compatible parts, and include the necessary mounting hardware & fittings. An slot on the bracket bottom allows access to the Air-Tank's drain cock for easy maintenance. (Not sure why it’s called a Drain Cock)

The BRACKET-COMP-FORD-SD-KIT is designed to fit an AGGRESSOR AH-D300+ “TRAIN HORN” and an AC-1.5 or  AC-200PSIAir-Tank/Compressor unit. (Also compatible with Viair # 20003 & 20005)

The BRACKET-COMP-1-KIT is designed to carry a fully assembled AC-1.5, AC-2.0, or AC-200PSIAir-Tank/Compressor unit. (Also compatible with Viair # 20003 & 20005)

The BRACKET-COMP-2-KIT is designed to carry a "separated" AC-1.5.  (By "separated" we mean that you separate the compressor motor from the Air-Tank, so you can install with a much lower profile). This kit includes a braided air-hose extension, and necessary fittings. . (Also compatible with Viair # 20003)


Douglasville, Georgia – March 20th, 2018Omega is now shipping the OMEGALINK OL-RS-BA Integrated Digital Starter platform, and T-Harness library.

The OL-RS-BA can be flashed with 100+ Remote Start firmware’s (and growing), covering 7600+ vehicle Applications. Installation is simplified with built-in dual OL-MDB-ALL’s.

The OL-RS-BA is Plug & Play compatible with all Omega RF Kits for extended range, as well as with Linkr units for Telematics control

The OL-RS-BA includes a complete Alarm suite with independent Siren & Horn Honk outputs, a plug-in port for any Omega sensor, and will soon support TILT protection with its on-board 3D Accelerometer. A Low Current wire harness is included in the kit, with a High Current option available as an accessory (OL-ADS-HR-PWR).















• Application and vehicle specific based on flash-update selection

• Complete installation wiring information provided - Vehicle wire colors and location - Only required connections shown - Includes pre-configured inputs and outputs

• No more external wiring database required

• New format allows quick “pre-wire” and “bench prep”

• Improved and easy to read 1-page wiring schematic


• System inputs and outputs will be auto configured when flashed

• The system will be configured per application

• Second IGN/ACC/STT    

• Low power ignition harness

• (-) IGN/ACC/STT when required

• Parking lights lock/ unlock confirmation

T-HARNESSES: The expanding vehicle specific T-harness library includes solutions for GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Honda, Acura, Toyota, Scion, VW, Audi, etc.


The integrated Alarm / Starter will be the future of 12 Volt, so get on now.

Omega also would like to highlight the recently launched Linkr-LT1 Mobile Control platform, and line of AGGRESSOR “Train Horns” & air Compressor / Tank kits.

The Linkr-LT1 offers easy Set-Up and activation, and a year of included consumer service, its very easy.

Douglasville, Georgia – March 29th, 2018 –Omega's product development team announces Enhancements to the AL-100DP. Enhanced units are already in distribution.

The AL-100DP is an OEM Keyless Entry Upgrade System that adds additional layers of security to your factory keyless entry, allowing you to convert it into a fully featured alarm system, while still using the factory remote controls. These layers include cabin entry protection, shock sensor (AU-84TN), programmable anti car-jacking, etc. These units also work with other Omega add-on sensors such as proximity sensor (AU-94TM), glass break detection sensor (AU-85TN), and tilt/towing sensor (AU-46TD). The AL-100DP is also equipped with a dataport to make interfacing with most vehicles even simpler.


  • Improved Integration for Low Voltage Doorlock Systems like you find on Newer GM vehicles.
  • Enhanced Remote Start Monitoring System – This feature prevents false sensor triggering when the AL-100DP is used with a remote start system (Factory or Aftermarket).
  • Programmable Arm & Disarm Pulse-width Inputs to improve compatibility with OEM systems that have “short pulse” doorlock systems.
  • Enhanced Parking Light Arm and Disarm Override with auto learn upon power up. This feature gives the installer additional installation options when interfacing with the factory keyless to arm and disarm the AL-100DP.
  • Analog Lock/Unlock Outputs Control to work with additional locking systems. E.g. tailgate locks, tool box locks, or additional doors (like in cargo vans) or compartments not controlled by the OEM keyless.

For more information contact:

Javier Leiva, North American Sales Director

Omega Research and Development Technologies, Inc.

800-554-4053 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Douglasville, Georgia – March 13th, 2018Omega's tech support team will be introducing the OMEGALINK OL-RS-BA Integrated Digital Starter platform, and T-Harness library at the Indy KnowledgeFest Dealer training sessions this weekend!

The OL-RS-BA can be flashed with 100+ Remote Start firmware’s (and growing), covering 7600+ vehicle Applications. Installation is simplified with the built-in dual OL-MDB-ALL’s & Plug & Play compatibility with all Omega RF Kits, for extended range, and with Linkr units, for Telematics control

The Ol-RS-BA includes a complete Alarm suite with independent Siren & Horn Honk outputs, a plug-in port for any Omega sensor, and will soon support TILT protection with its on-board 3D Accelerometer. A Low Current wire harness is included in the kit, with a High Current option available as an accessory (OL-ADS-HR-PWR).

The expanding vehicle specific T-harness library includes solutions for GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Honda, Acura, Toyota, Scion, VW, Audi, etc.

The integrated Alarm / Starter will be the future of 12 Volt, so get on now.

Omega will also be discussing the recently launched Linkr-LT1 Mobile Control platform, and line of AGGRESSOR “Train Horns” & air Compressor / Tank kits.

The Linkr-LT1 offers easy Set-Up and activation, and a year of included consumer service, its very easy.

Douglasville, Georgia – March 8th, 2018 –.Omega's tech support team will be presenting the AGGRESSOR Train Horn & Accessory line, as well as it’s 70-Series & Linkr product lines at the Indy KnowledgeFest Dealer training session!

Omega products are packed with very high-end features, but priced at a tremendous value. The AGGRESSOR Train Horn Line boasts Taiwan made, Marine Rated, Chrome plated BRASS horns, that won’t corrode like the lower quality Tin horns, and are brutal to the ear drum (They can handle up to 200 PSI). The AGGRESSOR line includes many items you may not have realized that Omega carries ,such as Air Compressor & Tank combo units, LED Strobe Light kits, Mounting Brackets, and more.

For Remote Starts, The 70-Series is Omega’s most advanced Remote-Start line ever. Omega focused on assisting the installer with a vehicle learn routine that can self-correct mis-wired ignition switch connections, and on the user safety by adding a BUILT-IN 3D accelerometer as a failsafe when manual transmission starting, as well as Cold-Temperature /Low Voltage start across the entire line.

All 70-Series "3D" units are 2-way Ready, so to upsell a sale, just learn in a compatible 2-way controller. Also, every single remote starter has a built in Alarm Suite, offering more upsell potential with little or no additional install. With Omega, every Starter is a COMBO!

Omega will also be discussing the recently launched Linkr-LT1 Mobile Control platform: With easy Set-Up and activation, and a year of included consumer service, its very easy.


The Choice to Evolve

When David Cruz decided to enter the 12-volt industry, he had to start from the bottom. Now Installer of the Year, he carries an attitude of perseverance and—most of all—a determination to continue evolving.

Words by Rosa Sophia

Read the rest of the story HERE.


Coming to America

Based in Brazil, SounDigital is establishing its footprint in the U.S. with a crackerjack engineering team, self-manufactured product, and plans to double its dealers within a year.

Words by Jamie Sorcher

It takes only a few moments on the phone to determine Diogo Ianaconi is a mobile guy—not just because of his role as the CEO of SounDigital USA (the company makes competition-grade amps for cars, boats and bikes), but more so because he is actually on the go so much of the time.

“We opened up for business in Miami back in 2016 with a warehouse that handles distribution to the U.S. as well as the Caribbean and Mexico,” Ianaconi said. “I’m definitely traveling a lot right now, but the idea is for me to move to the U.S., hopefully by the end of the year.” For now, he spends time in both the States and Brazil. In between are side trips to Russia and other far-flung locations to see distributors.

SounDigital, in existence for 12 years and based in Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state in Brazil, employs over 200 people. The company’s products can be purchased in over 45 countries, but it is the U.S. market where SounDigital is focusing its efforts now.

“We had a presence in the U.S. years ago, but it was only in... Read the rest of the story HERE.

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