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September Issue Feature: Digital Biz Series - The Power of SEO

9-18-2017, Mobile Electronics -- With millions of other websites and online pages competing for attention, the best that a business can do is think of a search engine as a partner. Rather than trying to conquer the search engine so the website appears on the first page of the listings, consider how best to attract attention and draw in viewers. This is done through search engine optimization, or SEO. For those who are unfamiliar with search engine optimization, the term is simplified by comparing SEO to billboard advertising, according to Michael Irving, co-founder of Intech Together, an IT support and web development company.

“It’s your digital billboard, but not just that, it’s the stuff around the billboard,” Irving said. “Imagine you’re deciding to get a billboard. You’re not going to get one that’s 300 miles away; you’ll get one closer. If your clientele are people who do cars, they modify high-end vehicles, the best place is right next to the high-end dealership. Find and see what is available, what side of the street [is best].”

Irving added that SEO is comprised of the details surrounding “the billboard” itself; for example, placement, keywords and key phrases. What are the right words to use? What will draw in the viewer?

“How are people searching it? What words do I put into my search to find it?” Irving said. “Those words, phrases, key phrases, zip codes, these are areas used in order to drive traffic. That’s what SEO is.”

How SEO Works

Soundscape Car Audio of Carrollton, Texas relies totally on SEO to drive traffic. Traditional advertising is no longer as effective. “We don't do any print, TV or radio ads, so referrals, Internet and social media are our primary sources of clientele,” said Dan Ungaro, owner of Soundscape. Search engine optimization is therefore an essential tool.

Adam Miller, managing director of Web Badger, noted that SEO is all about how a search engine views a website. “Do the Googles, Bings, Yahoos, view a website favorably? If yes, it translates into more calls, and more customers,” he explained.

Irving added that SEO simply involves text boxes of information and characters. “People refer to web crawlers,” Irving said. “They are looking for those text boxes to identify what your website is. Are you going to say 12-volt industry [as a key phrase]? A client isn’t going to be looking for that. As a client, I’m going to be looking for backup cameras in Dallas, for example. [Using] zip codes. Another part of SEO is your description, the two or three sentences that pop up under the site link. They read that, scanning through the results.” All of these factors go into making your site more visible to search engines, and to potential clients. Using proper keywords and targeting them locally is a good strategy in search engine optimization. 

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