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Pushy Sales People

So, I happened to be speaking with a person the other day who indicated a desire to be able to sell the experience, sell the store, sell her knowledge and skills and only after that, sell products to the consumer. BUT (paraphrasing her), “What if the consumer says NO? I don't want to be a pushy sales person, I hate those kinda sales people”. Everyone hates ‘em. Because they are bad at their job. Two things occurred to me which I think are VERY IMPORTANT...

ONE: A sales person is perceived as pushy when he keeps trying to close a sale WITHOUT PROPERLY OVERCOMING OBJECTIONS. Trying to push something the consumer does not want.

TWO: QUALIFYING the consumer properly, prior to presentation and then trying to close the sale dramatically reduces objections.

Corollary... Sales people who are good at QUALIFYING consumers are not so often perceived as pushy. Rather, the consumers see them as an EXPERT on the subject matter.

This is why understanding how a sales transaction is constructed and then understanding how to MANAGE THE SELLING TRANSACTION is so IMPORTANT.

Dig this... The reasons to QUALIFY a consumer (second of six specific steps in a selling transaction: Greet, QUALIFY, Present, Trial Close, Overcome Objections, Close), are many:

1      What does the consumer want?

2      What does the consumer need in order to satisfy wants?

3      What does the consumer THINK he needs to satisfy his wants?

4      Where did the consumer learn what he thinks he needs?

5      Do the consumer needs and consumer budget (willingness to spend) match up?

6      When is the consumer contemplating making the purchase?

7      Does the consumer have the authority to make and execute a purchase decision?

8      Method of payment?

For sure, each of the points above deserve several hours of discussion between the person teaching a sales training class and the attendees. I assure you, the more often the sales person knows the answer to ALL of these QUALIFICATION POINTS prior to making a presentation the more often consumers will perceive him or her as a knowledgeable expert and not so much a pushy sales person when trying to close the sale.

If you are responsible for selling products and services to your consumers, AND this concept of QUALIFYING a consumer and MANAGING the SELLING TRANSACTION seems foreign or uncomfortable to you, THAT IS A PROBLEM. It needs fixing. Call me, Eddy Kay, Dell Ellis, or somebody to get straight. Don’t wait. Do it now.

It is really important to be in charge of the selling transaction.  This “Pushy Sales People” issue is a glaring demonstration of same.

Don’t forget to look at, and tell all of your consumers about, the Ray Windsor You Tube Channel and the “Selecting A Retailer” series.     

Easy and worthwhile 3-6 minutes with a new segment every Tuesday.


Last modified on Tuesday, 20 May 2014 09:38
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