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Douglasville, Georgia – March 15th, 2018 – Omega Research & Development Technologies, Inc. is now shipping the BRACKET-FORD-SD-KIT

When installing a Train Horn & Air-Tank/Compressor unit, mounting these large components can be a challenge, so in 2017 Omega developed 2 universal brackets to help out.

Omega is now shipping a vehicle specific master bracket for FORD Super Duty trucks that holds BOTH the Train Horn, and the Air Compressor/Tank.

This BRACKET-FORD-SD-KIT allows the installer to mount all the parts including the Train Horn on the bracket, while it’s sitting on the bench, then bolt the fully assembled unit to the Truck. This is way easier. No running air hoses all over the place, the FORD-SD Bracket holds all the parts in a neat undercarriage shelf.

All omega brackets are made of 100% pure 3/8 think aluminum, so they are tough, but very lightweight, and are power coated Black to match the vehicle undercarriage. They are pre-drilled to receive the compatible parts, and include the necessary mounting hardware & fittings. An slot on the bracket bottom allows access to the Air-Tank's drain cock for easy maintenance. (Not sure why it’s called a Drain Cock)

The BRACKET-COMP-FORD-SD-KIT is designed to fit an AGGRESSOR AH-D300+ “TRAIN HORN” and an AC-1.5 or  AC-200PSIAir-Tank/Compressor unit. (Also compatible with Viair # 20003 & 20005)

The BRACKET-COMP-1-KIT is designed to carry a fully assembled AC-1.5, AC-2.0, or AC-200PSIAir-Tank/Compressor unit. (Also compatible with Viair # 20003 & 20005)

The BRACKET-COMP-2-KIT is designed to carry a "separated" AC-1.5.  (By "separated" we mean that you separate the compressor motor from the Air-Tank, so you can install with a much lower profile). This kit includes a braided air-hose extension, and necessary fittings. . (Also compatible with Viair # 20003)


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