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Sales, product, and distribution pro heads up firm specializing in growing Canadian independent mobile electronics retailers’ businesses.

February 14, 2019, Elgin, Ill. – K40 Electronics, a premier manufacturer of award-winning, high-performance police radar/laser detector systems, announced today the appointment of The Graham Advantage Group, Inc. of Alberta as its manufacturers’ representative in the Alberta and Saskatchewan provinces. The rep group has decades of experience specializing in the 12-volt industry.

“I am excited to be working with the K40 team of professionals that share the same hands-on approach to customer service, dealer trainings and genuine excitement for the 12-volt industry,” said Brian Graham, Operations Manager of The Graham Advantage Group, Inc. “With a high margin product that will never go OEM and the training and support K40 offers its dealers, this is a must-have core offering every retailer can build their business around.”

“This is a complimentary relationship…the synergy of our strengths will deliver a level of unparalleled service to mobile electronics retailers in Canada,” said Rachel Clark, K40’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Established in 1977, K40 Electronics offers a full line of driving protection solutions for every vehicle and driving style. Canadian retailers interested in joining an exclusive group of authorized dealers should contact Brian Graham at 403.852.0447; K40’s international sales team, Rachel Clark or Lynette Tomlinson at 800.323.6768; or visit K40’s dealer inquiry page. 

March 2, 2016, Elgin, IL – K40 Electronics, the manufacturer of award-winning, high-performance automotive radar/laser protection systems, announced the introduction of the K40 RL360i and RL200i Expert custom installed radar detector systems featuring an all-new system controller that provides a factory/OEM installation solution.

Looks and Functions Like OEM Controls

Inspired by installers, the Expert Control Unit enables mobile electronics retailers to offer an additional customization option to customers and design a protection system that meets their needs. This permanently installed, yet easily concealable component looks and functions just like other factory installed vehicle controls, including back-lighting for easy button identification in low light conditions.

Installer Approved

In keeping with its three decades’ commitment to product excellence, K40 made the Expert Control Unit available to several dealers prior to market launch to gain insightful installation feedback. Jason Kranitz, owner of Kingpin Car & Marine Audio, said “Every aspect of every vehicle modification we perform must be of OEM quality or better. As such, we are only going to offer the Expert series of radar detectors from K40 because it offers the industry’s best interior matching control unit available. It makes our day when a customer tells us our installation of this Expert control unit looks like it was a factory option.” 

Equally enthusiastic in his praise of the Expert series was Josh Landau, System Design Consultant for JML Audio of St. Louis. He feels “K40 has always been the leader in stealth radar detection and laser defense systems. The Expert Controller properly fits in locations where the standard controller simply does not. This creates many new vehicle integration opportunities not previously available. It also appears just like the factory vehicle controls thanks to its white back-lit display.”

To view these and other mobile electronics professionals’ custom installations of the K40 Expert Radar/Laser Systems, visit K40’s Expert Gallery.

Pricing and Availability

Available immediately through K40’s select authorized dealer network, the Expert Systems are offered in the following configurations:

  • RL360i Expert: The world’s first separate front and rear mounted radar receiver system. Provides 360-degree protection against police radar.
  • RL200i Expert: Front only remote mounted radar receiver system.

Because the type of installation these systems require is highly dependent on each particular vehicle make and model, pricing is always provided by the installing dealer. To complete either Expert radar detection system, K40’s Laser Defuser g5 laser jammers can be added to provide protection against police laser guns.

For information on K40’s entire product line, which offers the industry’s first ticket-free guarantee, visit

“With the leadership position we’ve built in the custom installed radar and laser protection product category, we’re continually seeking ways to enhance our products and support services,” said Rachel Clark, K40’s National Sales Director. “By offering installation professionals a system controller solution that offers the best factory appearance in the industry, we are further enhancing K40’s reputation as the highest quality, highest performance brand available.”

Laser diode-based speed protection device offers compact footprint, maximum coverage protection, factory updateable software, and industry’s first ticket-free guarantee.

July 12, 2016, Elgin, IL – K40 Electronics, ( a premier manufacturer of award-winning, high-performance automotive radar/laser protection systems, announced the addition of the K40 Laser Defuser Optix™ to its police laser gun jammer product line.

The Next Evolution in Laser Jamming

Since introducing the world’s first police laser gun (LIDAR) countermeasure device in 1994, K40 has maintained its leadership position in the laser jamming industry by continually incorporating technological advances to its products. By utilizing a Nanostack™ technology pulsed laser diode to provide a jamming beam, the Laser Defuser Optix housing measures only 2.2” L x x 0.5” H x 1.1” D, approximately the size of a slim automotive key fob or USB flash drive. This ultra-compact footprint allows for a discreet installation of the Laser Defuser Optix into grilles and other tight spaces.

Maximum Protection Capability

The Laser Defuser Optix interface enables the installation of up to five laser transponders. This expansive coverage capability is ideal for larger vehicles that have more surface area needing increased protection.

Updateable to Ensure Optimum Performance

Via the built-in USB port, the Laser Defuser Optix system software can be updated as new police laser gun technology emerges. Offered as a K40 service procedure, this update functionality ensures the Laser Defuser Optix will deliver optimum protection for long-term peace of mind ownership.

Integrates with K40 Custom Installed Radar Detection Systems

The Laser Defuser Optix integrates with the custom installed K40 RL200i or K40 RL360i remote radar detection systems to form a complete protection solution with a single warning display via gauge/instrument panel mounted LEDs.

Exceeds CE Industry Quality

Like all K40 speeding ticket protection products, every Laser Defuser Optix is pre-tested before it’s shipped to an authorized K40 dealer for installation. This attention to quality control has resulted in a less than 0.5% return rate for the entire K40 product line, far below the 2-3% industry average return rate of consumer electronics products.

Configurations and Availability

Available immediately through K40’s authorized dealer network, two Laser Defuser configurations offering police laser ticket protection are available:

  • Space-saving design with laser diode technology and updateable system software.
  • Laser Defuser g5: LED technology with OEM appearance license plate frame option.

The installation these systems require is highly dependent on each particular vehicle make and model, pricing is always provided by the installing dealer. For information on K40’s entire product line, which offers the industry’s first ticket-free guarantee, visit

“We’re very pleased to introduce laser diode technology as a natural evolution of our Laser Defuser product line,” said Rachel Clark, K40’s National Sales Director. “A key benefit of laser diode technology is a smaller transponder housing. As a result, the Laser Defuser Optix provides automotive aftermarket professionals increased installation options while customers can enjoy the ultimate ticket protection solution that looks like a factory installed option.”


K40 Electronics announced the appointment of Paragon Sales and Marketing of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., as its manufacturers’ representative for Southern California.

Bill McKinley, principle of Paragon, knows first-hand what products and brands will be successful in the mobile electronics industry. With nearly 30 years of experience, from running multiple store operations to working on the manufacturing side, he’s a seasoned veteran whose wisdom can help the specialty retailer grow their business.

“I watched K40 for many years while on the manufacturer and distributor side of the business because I always heard how they are the category leaders in terms of product, profit, and support,” said McKinley. “They truly understand the specialty retailer and are dedicated to providing what they need to be successful. In returning to my roots of growing business at the retail level, K40 is the brand that delivers specialty retailer success.”

“With Bill’s industry insights and commitment to the independent retail mobile electronics retailer, selecting his firm as a business partner is a key component for our aggressive California dealer network expansion plans for 2016 and beyond,” said Rachel Clark, K40’s National Sales Director. “By joining other esteemed Paragon-represented brands such as Focal, Arc Audio, and Audio Control, K40’s reputation as a highest quality, highest performance brand is solidified.”


10-24-2016 -- In response to learning about one of its customer's success in receiving only two speeding tickets in 14 years of using its Laser Defuser and K40 dual receiver radar detector, K40 has announced its new "High Mileage Club". The club is exclusively for K40 customers that have traveled at least 200,000 miles while using a K40 product. 

The following is the story of how this club came to be, taken directly from the K40 website:

"If you’re familiar with K40 Electronics, you know that we’re dedicated to making customers for life. We like to think that’s the result of offering high performance, high quality products backed by a superlative level of service for over three decades.

"In return, our customers’ loyalty spans years…and apparently their mileage runs just as long. Case in point, we were recently contacted by Tony B. from California to discuss what kind of K40 protection system we would recommend for his 2016 F-350 truck. During the course of conversation, Tony revealed that he had a K40 in his current work truck and our protection system served him well for many years. When we probed into that history, we were blown away.

"Tony had Walnut Creek Auto Radio (now known as Walnut Creek Customs, a premier car customizer in Northern California) install a K40 dual receiver radar detector and a Laser Defuser into his 2002 Ford F-250 in June 2002. After 14 years and – get this – 663,475 miles driven, Tony only got TWO SPEEDING TICKETS. But wait, the story gets better. The first ticket was received the day after the installation because there was a loose connection that the installer subsequently fixed! The second ticket was received because one of Tony’s children turned off the system unbeknownst to him. So, it’s fair to say that for over a decade and half a million miles, K40 truly kept Tony ticket-free!

'“I had originally heard about K40 from a friend who had a BMW. Being in the construction business, I spend a lot of time in the driver’s seat on all sorts of roads, but mostly highway. So I knew I needed the best police radar protection available,' said Tony. 'Then my wife started getting tickets in her Audi, so we had a K40 system put in that car too and it also worked flawlessly and kept her ticket-free as long as we owned that vehicle.' Because of his satisfaction with both K40 and our authorized dealer, Tony has informed us he’s visiting Walnut Creek Customs to discuss having our RL360i and Laser Defusers added to his new F-350.

"Over the years, we’ve been told many similar stories of time-tested K40 performance. Tony’s unique ticket-free story inspired us to create “The High Mileage Club”. Membership is exclusive and worth bragging about as prospective club members will had to have traveled at least 200,000 miles while protected by a K40 system.

"Do you have what it takes to gain entry to this club? There’s a unique prize waiting for you when you send us a picture of the odometer and call us to tell your unique story."

3/30/17 Elgin, IL – K40 Electronics announced that it will offer two training sessions to mobile electronics professionals on how to increase K40 radar/laser system sales and profits during Mobile Electronics’ KnowledgeFest Spring Training event being held April 9-11, 2017, at the Indiana Convention Center.

Presented in conjunction with Jason Kranitz, owner of Kingpin Car & Marine Audio, K40 is offering two training sessions:

•         Monday, April 10, 2017 – 5:45pm – 6:45pm – Hall D Lobby RESERVE NOW

Custom Installation Focus: Stand out from the crowd while boosting your bottom line! Get hands-on experience performing two installation techniques that offer a unique touch and additional labor dollars.

•         Tuesday, April 11, 2017 - 9:00am - 10:00am – Room 110 RESERVE NOW

The What, Why, and Who of Radar/Laser: In this interactive session, you’ll learn how to engage every customer with “one simple question”, why the product category makes sense for your business, and how K40’s modular product line offers you the flexibility to design and quote systems to meet price points while still earning up to 60% profit plus labor.

In addition to providing training sessions, K40 will also be exhibiting its full product line and meeting with dealers in exhibit hall booth #422.

“We visited dealers from coast to coast in the past year and saw the positive impact our hands-on sales and installation training had on their businesses," said Rachel Clark, National Sales Director for K40. “In the true spirit of ‘KFest’, we’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge with attending industry professionals as well as learning from their experiences. We believe when everyone learns, everyone grows.”

For information on K40’s entire product line, which offers the industry’s first ticket-free guarantee, visit

K40 Electronics has announced a partnership with Canadian distributor DLC Distributors of Surrey, British Columbia. DLC will become the primary distributor of K40 Electronics portable radar/laser detectors and custom-installed radar/laser protection systems throughout Canada. Distribution from DLC will be effective immediately.

According to the company, DLC Distributors provides knowledgeable, first-class technical support to their expansive distribution network, and K40 offers advanced radar/laser systems with unmatched profitability that are never sold directly to consumers.

“We’re proud to partner with the outstanding team at DLC. With years of category experience and an established, handpicked distribution network, they are the perfect group to represent K40’s product line in Canada,” said Rachel Clark, K40’s National Sales Director.

To become an authorized K40 Canadian retailer, call DLC Distributors at 1.800.667.8992, or contact them via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile Electronics Vendor of the Year offers highly profitable and reliable radar/laser products backed by 24/7 dealer support services and staff experts directly to independent retailers.

October 17, 2017, Elgin, IL – K40 Electronics announced it will offer direct purchase of its products to independent mobile electronics retailers in Canada. By establishing a vendor direct relationship with K40, retailers can enjoy custom sales and store support, 24/7 access to dealer support services, and pricing that provides maximum profitability.

Following A Proven Path of Success

Like most consumer electronics manufacturers, K40 Electronics utilized the distribution channel for many years to deliver its products to Canadian retailers. “We’ve blazed new trails in serving retailers and have defined the attributes that make up a personal vendor/retailer relationship in the US market, so we asked ourselves, “why aren’t we doing the same thing in the Canadian market?” said Rachel Clark, K40’s VP of Sales and Marketing.

A Relationship with Tangible 24/7 Benefits

When a retailer becomes an Authorized Dealer, K40 provides an extensive list of benefits and programs to ensure success in the radar/laser category:

• Protected profit margins with enforced MAP.

• Protected distribution with no big box accounts, consumer direct sales, or third party resale sites allowed.

• All components are tested prior to shipping to ensure an industry-leading, less than ½% warranty return rate.

• A diverse product line with variable pricing to fit any consumer budget.

• Live 24/7 lifetime support for dealers and their customers from K40 staff experts.

“The benefits to becoming our partner can be summed up as the ‘K40 Difference’,” said Clark. “For over three decades, K40 has been 100% committed to the independent retailer. We were sincerely humbled that our passion in serving others was recognized by industry peers when they chose K40 Electronics as Vendor of the Year at KnowledgeFest.”

7/21/17 Elgin, IL – K40 Electronics announced that it will offer two interactive training sessions during KnowledgeFest Dallas, August 11-14, 2017, at the Dallas Convention Center, that will accelerate retailers’ profitability with K40 radar/laser systems.

K40 encourages attendees to reserve their seat early to the training sessions, which are being co-hosted by Jason Kranitz from Kingpin University. “Our sessions are very popular with mobile electronics retailers and fill up quickly,” said Rachel Clark, K40’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Besides offering great installation and profitability insights, our hands-on, interactive classes focus on real-world solutions.”

Two training sessions will be offered by K40 in the Cedars Meeting Room:

Custom Installation Techniques for The Professional Installer

Description:  Stand out from the crowd while boosting your bottom line! Get hands-on experience performing two installation techniques that offer a unique touch and additional labor dollars on K40 installations.

Date: Saturday, 8/12/17

Time: 4:45 p.m. – 5:45 p.m.

Don’t Leave Money on The Table! – Quoting Accurately for Profitability

Description:  Learn the labor breakdown and profit opportunities of a custom installed K40 system.  Use this time-tested technique to quote every job accurately, and increase profitability. 

Date: Sunday, 8/13/17

Time: 6:00 p.m.– 7:00 p.m.

 Click here to reserve your seat to the K40 training sessions.

K40 will also be exhibiting its entire product line in booth #406. “We invite both existing and prospective retailers to stop by to see the latest K40 product enhancements and – perhaps more importantly – learn how it makes good business sense to invest in the radar/laser category and the K40 brand,” added Clark.

For information on K40’s entire product line, which offers the industry’s first ticket-free guarantee, visit

Mobile electronics retailers to be presented with radar detector and laser jammer category insights and business opportunities, K40 product explanations, and prize drawings

January 17, 2017, Elgin, IL – K40 Electronics, ( announced it will be attending the 2017 Mobile Electronics Expo & Training being held February 17-18 at the Vancouver Convention Center in Vancouver, British Columbia.

K40 Is Easy to Talk To

Promoting a “We’re Easy to Talk To” theme during the Expo, K40 representatives will be in DLC Distributors booth #8 discussing the opportunity and business impact the radar detector/laser jammer product category offers retailers as well as why K40 Electronics should be considered as a category vendor partner.

Daily Prize Drawing

To help retailers experience K40 product performance first-hand, K40 representatives will be conducting daily drawings for a K40 RLS2 Portable Radar and Laser Detector valued at US$399.95 MSRP.

“This will be our first appearance at Mobile Expo and we’re excited to introduce the K40 brand,” said Rachel Clark, K40’s National Sales Director. “Once retailers get to know K40’s products, profits, and people, we’re confident they will see the value in establishing a partnership.”

K40 Electronics’ Platinum Series radar detectors offer greater range, less falsing, and more customizable options for today’s vehicles and drivers.

June 1, 2020, Elgin, Ill.—K40 Electronics, a premier manufacturer of award-winning, high-performance automotive radar and laser protection systems, has released their all-new Platinum Series line of radar detectors.  The Platinum360 (front and rear radar system) and the Platinum200 (front radar system) have been engineered with over 40 years of cutting edge product focus to be the most discreet and reliable speeding ticket defense on the market. All K40 Electronics products are backed by the world’s first and most comprehensive Ticket-Free Guarantee.

All New Radar Receiver Technology

The new Platinum Series Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) radar receivers are more sensitive and have increased overall performance, more range, and allow more customization options. These new receivers assist drivers when it counts by offering greater range on all police radar bands as well as more filtration options and tailored alert preferences so that drivers experience the most reliable, advanced warning system with fewer false alerts.

New Features

In addition to the 18 customizable features already standard on current K40 Electronics products, the Platinum Series offers additional features and settings.
Radar Band Selectivity - The Platinum Series offers new, more advanced filtration. Now, drivers will be able to select the range of K-band or Ka-band frequency spectrum they want to be alerted to. By focusing on specific band segments, drivers can expect increased warning times and warning distance.

Ka-Band Filter - Ka-band filter enables filtration of non-police radar signals, such as other radar detectors and satellite broadcast bands. Drivers will enjoy the confidence of filtering out the non-police signals and knowing where the real threats are.  Just like K40 Electronics’ K-band filter, used to silence vehicles with radar-based safety features, this filter does not affect the system’s range and performance for all other police radar threats.

Auto Filter - The “Auto” setting in the City/Highway filter automatically adjusts range and sensitivity on radar bands based on the vehicle’s speed. For drivers who like a “set it and forget it” approach to minimizing non-police alerts in low-speed situations while maintaining maximum sensitivity in higher speed scenarios.

MultaRadar CD/CT Detection - The Platinum Series will have the capability to alert to MultaRadar CD/CT photo radar (Late 2020 availability).

Additional Laser Defuser Transmit Control - Drivers can now switch Laser Defusers to receive-only mode at any time during a police laser encounter by pressing the mute button on the remote control. For the advanced user, this feature allows the driver to instantly turn off the jamming signal transmitted to the laser gun and allow the police to obtain a speed reading.

Same Time-Proven Features

While the new Platinum Series custom-installed radar detectors offer numerous technology and feature enhancements, drivers have the same confidence-inspiring features that made previous generation K40 systems the most trusted name in police radar protection: 

●        Dual radar receiver option for more range and directional awareness.
●        Discrete LED and control options keep vehicles’ interiors looking OEM.
●        GPS features like “Mark To Mute”, “Mark To Alert” and “Quiet Ride” allow for individual customization of the driving experience.
●        Ticket-Free Guarantee: the first and most comprehensive guarantee in the industry for 40 years and counting. 

K40 systems are also integration-ready with select Kenwood and JVC head units via iDatalink Maestro. Future integration partnerships are pending release with Pioneer, Mid-City Engineering, and NavTV.

“As the next evolution for K40 Electronics’ radar detectors, the Platinum Series offers more range and performance than ever,” said Rachel Clark, K40's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Our goal is to provide complete speeding ticket protection with the latest technology in radar and laser defense."


The K40 Electronics Platinum200 and Platinum360 radar detector systems are available nationwide throughout the US, and in Canada from K40 authorized retailers including mobile electronics stores and automotive dealerships.

Established in 1977 and named 2017 Mobile Electronics Vendor of the Year, K40 Electronics offers a full line of driving protection solutions for every vehicle and driving style.  K40 Electronics commitment to product excellence – coupled with the real-world expertise and dedication to exemplary customer service – has been instrumental in K40’s successful history in the category and exceptionally high customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

K40 Electronics will be exhibiting at the fourth annual PACIFIC NORTHWEST CONSUMER ELECTRONICS EXPO ( This Industry trade show for mobile electronics/consumer electronics professionals offers educational seminars, product training, and networking opportunities.

The event takes place on May 17, 2016, from 9am to 8pm. Admission is free, with free parking for registered attendees and free lunch. The SeaTac DoubleTree by Hilton will host the event (three miles from the Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA)). 

K40 will host a special session called "K40…have we met?" that will teach about the company's products, programs and profitability. 

3/22/16 Elgin, IL – K40 Electronics announced that they will offer two hands-on installation workshops for K40’s remote radar detectors and laser jamming products during Mobile Electronics’ KnowledgeFest Spring Training event being held April 8-10, 2016, at the Indiana Convention Center.

Brady Siebert, Director of National Accounts for K40, and Joshua Landau, from JML Audio of St. Louis, will lead the hands-on training on how to custom install a K40 RL360i dual remote receiver radar detection and Laser Defuser g5 laser jamming system. Also covered will be K40’s new Expert control unit that enables mobile electronics retailers to offer an additional customization option to customers. This permanently installed, yet easily concealable component looks and functions just like other factory installed vehicle controls, including back-lighting for easy button identification in low light conditions.  

Two training sessions covering the same topics will be offered by K40 in event booth #410:

Friday, April 8, 2016

5:15 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

4:15 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.

To register for a K40 training session, visit the following link and click on the K40 Brand Workshop listing:

“We’re excited to present this business-building training for the second year at KnowledgeFest," said Siebert. “It offers dealers interested in entering into the radar category key insights from both the manufacturer and an award-winning retailer on how K40 can be added into their product mix as well as offering established dealers a refresher on best practices for custom installations.”

For information on K40’s entire product line, which offers the industry’s first ticket-free guarantee, visit

8/3/16 Elgin, IL – K40 Electronics announced that it will offer two interactive dealer training sessions on K40 remote radar detectors and laser jamming products – including the new Laser Defuser Optix™ - during Mobile Electronics’ KnowledgeFest trade show and conference being held August 20-22, 2016, at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas.

Offering some of the industry’s highest vendor margins, K40 sees the 20th anniversary of KnowledgFest and its “Shift” theme as an ideal opportunity for dealers to shift their focus to maximum profitability. “With auto and aftermarket accessory manufacturers focusing on safety and driver’s assistance, K40 speed protection products are the bottom-line difference maker for mobile electronics retailers,” said Rachel Clark, K40’s National Sales Director. “And they keep these profits in their pocket with nearly no warranty returns,” added Clark.

Two training sessions covering “Product-Profit-Partnership: The K40 Difference” will be offered by K40:

Sun., August 21, 2016 - 4:30pm - 5:30pm - Outside Trinity Exhibit Hall

Mon., August 22, 2016 - 9:30am - 10:30am - Outside Trinity Exhibit Hall

Click here to reserve your seat to one of the K40 training sessions.

K40 will also exhibit its entire product line in booth #416 where the new Laser Defuser Optix, one of the smallest laser jammers on the market, will be highlighted. “Optix is approximately the size of a slim automotive key fob or USB flash drive, so it can be installed into grilles and other tight spaces,” added Clark.

For information on K40’s entire product line, which offers the industry’s first ticket-free guarantee, visit

Kenwood, K40 and iDatalink Maestro have partnered to announce the world’s first integration of a head unit and stealth installed radar detector.

The revolutionary new K40 radar detector will communicate with the Maestro RR integration module. When connected to a compatible Kenwood radio, the user will be able to see on screen radar alerts complete with signal strength, radar band and speed of the vehicle at time of detection. Setup and installation will be greatly simplified using on screen menus and the speaker of the audio system for the radar alerts. 

As a final touch, the driver will be able to silence alerts using steering wheel buttons and see real time status in the new Kenwood “widget” view. Shipping is scheduled to occur sometime in the second half of 2016.  

ELGIN, IL, May 14, 2017 – K40 Electronics has announced the promotion of Rachel Clark to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Rachel previously had been National Sales Manager.

“Rachel has, literally, risen through the ranks,” said Peggy Finley, President and CEO of K40. “She started with us in 1999 testing CB radio antennas and working in the warehouse. Eventually, she became a Regional Sales Manager before earning the National Sales Manager position. Her ability to communicate the K40 story, her dedication to the independent dealer and her rich network of relationships among other 12-volt manufactures have been instrumental in the growth and success of K40.”

Clark will assume the day-to-day duties of managing the company from Finley, who started with K40 as a Regional Sales Manager in 1981 moving up the ranks herself before purchasing the company in 2009. Clark will work closely with Debbie Grex, K40’s Vice President of Operations.

“I am grateful for Peggy’s trust, but more than that, I am grateful for her friendship,” Clark said. “I am excited about the opportunity to lead our great team and build on K40’s success.”

Finley concurred, adding, “I’m lucky. Rachel and our entire team have given me the luxury of spending time with my family and my grandchildren. Having such capable leadership and such a solid group in place leaves me fully confident that the K40 will continue to create lasting relationships and great radar products that lead the industry.”

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