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Davis Distribution is “all systems go” for car audio’s new normal, offering webinars, a YouTube show and an updated studio to keep dealers motivated and educated.
Words by Jamie Sorcher
There’s probably no better way to get into the car audio business than to be born into it. For Nate Taliani, vice president of sales and marketing for Davis Distribution Systems, that’s exactly what happened.
“My father has been in this industry since before I was born. I grew up around it,” Taliani said. “When I was 20 years old, we opened up the company and I’ve been here since day one. This is all I’ve ever done for the past 22 years, so I have seen quite a bit. We were here for the start of satellite radio, when neon lighting was going through the roof, the Fast and Furious scene, NOPI Nationals and all that stuff.”
In business since 1998, Davis is headquartered in Newell, West Va., and includes Taliani, his father, two brothers and a sister.
“We don’t have an official mission statement, but our reputation combined with our word is our number one brand,” Taliani said. “That means more to us than any brand we deal with. As we all know, brands come and go, vendors come and go, but your reputation and your word are what lasts—and that’s the most important thing you can provide to your customers.” This has proven especially meaningful during the entire pandemic, and particularly now as...Read the rest of the story HERE.







Difference Makers for February March 2020
Deep in the Heartland
River City Sales goes the extra mile for its mom-and-pop businesses, while encouraging retailers to embrace integration as technology continues to transform.
Words by Jamie Sorcher
In North America, the largest river system is primarily composed of Missouri’s two big rivers. The Mississippi and the Missouri rivers together form the fourth-longest river in the world, stretching more than 3,800 miles from Montana to the Gulf of Mexico.
Knowing that, there couldn’t be a more fitting name for St. Louis, Mo.-based rep/distribution firm River City Sales. Founded by Brett Phelps and Gary Cooley in 2014, the company covers the territory known as the MINK states—Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.
“If you look at the territory, it’s anchored by Kansas City and St. Louis on each side of the Missouri,” Phelps said. “So we have an office in Kansas City and our main office in St. Louis. It’s where Gary and I are stationed and where we have our inside sales support, Lori Beyer.”
Beyer, he said, deals with incoming calls and managing accounts—whether it’s taking orders or handling shipping or credit issues, overseeing return authorizations, or anything that...Read the rest of the story HERE.










After unexpectedly losing the company’s founder, Paragon Sales & Marketing looks toward the future with the same set of steadfast guiding principles that have shaped the business since its infancy.

Words by Laura Kemmerer

When the owner and founder of a company unexpectedly passes away, the question of what to do next becomes a crucial one. For Wayne Smedile, Principal of California-based Paragon Sales & Marketing, that meant stepping in to take over the business. Paragon Sales & Marketing was originally founded by William McKinley, more commonly known as Bill, in 1999. Just over two years ago, McKinley passed away at a consumer electronics show, and Wayne Smedile, long-time business associate, stepped in. Founding Principles Continue to Shape Paragon’s Future “The way the company has gone since I took over has definitely changed a little bit [in terms of] direction,” Smedile said. “But it’s still founded on certain principles that I agreed with and that I believe in.”

For Smedile, these principles include:...Read the rest of the story HERE.







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