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28 Oct

October Issue Feature: The Changing Role of Distribution

The Changing Role of Distribution
DOW Electronics, Velocity Distributing and Davis Distribution share how they view the role of distribution in 12-volt, where it’s been and where it will go from here.
Words by Rosa Sophia
Over the last few years, the line between retail and distribution has grown fuzzy, according to Dave Elkin of DOW Electronics. “Eight or nine years ago, it was still very much rules-driven—restocking fees and that sort of thing. We were just a wholesale step between the manufacturer and the dealer.”
But what changed? Elkin added that dealers wanted more of a retail experience for themselves. “If we want a high level of customer satisfaction, we have to adapt in that area for sure.” Elkin began his career with DOW in 1995, and the company itself has been in business since 1959. However, it wasn’t until 2012 that DOW began growing and expanding the 12-volt side of the business. “It’s not just moving boxes anymore,” he said, adding it’s about “the education of...Read the rest of the story HERE.

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