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29 May

May Issue Feature: Six Ways to Improve Store Culture

When it comes to nurturing a positive store culture, retailers agree that small changes can go a long way. Staying organized, keeping the shop and showroom clean, and demonstrating care and concern to both team members and clients will transform a workplace atmosphere for the better.

Words by Rosa Sophia

In Waterbury, Conn., KarTele Mobile Electronics celebrated 25 years in business this April. The shop has held a positive reputation in the area for a long time, according to owner Mike Hungerford, who took over about two years ago. “To celebrate, we’re running a bunch of specials on backup cameras and remote starters,” he said.

When it comes to maintaining a positive store culture, he said it’s the little things that count the most. “I feel like a lot of little things make a big impact without having to really try that hard,” Hungerford added. “I’ll have coffee ready for them in the morning, and I’ll buy lunch three out of the five days of the work week.”

To begin building and maintaining a positive store culture, retailers agree there are...Read the rest of the story HERE.


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