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19 Mar

April Issue Feature - Real World Retail: Mobileworks - Tintworks

Words by Rosa Sophia

4-2-2018 Mobile Electronics -- After applying lessons learned, George Smith of Mobileworks / Tintworks / Central Coast Rhino Linings of Santa Maria, Calif. created strategic plans to safeguard his business and future. Now, he and his wife, Kim, continue to foster strong relationships in the industry that benefit the wellbeing of all.

Every day, changes in the industry seem to come faster and faster. Perspectives and approaches change, too, but a few basic foundations remain the same as shop owners work hard to stand apart from the rest. George Smith has been in the industry since 1984 when he first began learning car stereo installation. In 1991, he moved to Sacramento and started working for Paradyme Car Audio, where he learned a lot from a Top 12 installer—Paul Sonoda—and store owner and IASCA Board member Terry Soohoo, both of whom inspired him with their experience and knowledge.

“It was a privilege […] to be working along with these guys,” he said. “Working for them was like getting my college degree in car stereo.” Off to a great start, Smith’s talent and dedication was clear, while his future choices were informed by lessons learned and mistakes made. Currently, the business has nine employees including Smith and his wife, Kim, and the average staff tenure is around four to five years.

The Steady Climb: A Career Built on Hard Work and Determination

During the summer between eighth and ninth grade, Smith worked at a stereo shop, but his parents told him that once school started, he had to be home by seven. “We lived in downtown Santa Barbara. I had to be on the bus at 5:45 to get home by seven,” he said. “I would get out of school, ride the bus down to the stereo shop and I would work.” At first, he was organizing parts and putting away dash kits. “Little by little, I was learning it all. By the time I was a senior graduating high school, I had a career and was making good money.”

At a mere 23 years old, Smith earned a place in the industry as a Top 100 Installer. He’d already taken part in IASCA events and won with the help of Paul and Terry. The work was a constant hustle, Smith said. While doing installs in the back, the front doorbell would ring so many times he often had to stop his installation and go out to the front to assist or make a sale to a customer.

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