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Petra Industries Receives Walmart’s E-Commerce Supplier Award

EDMOND, Okla. — Petra Industries announced that Walmart (Wal-Mart Stores Inc.) has awarded it the Supplier of the Year for E-commerce at its two-day Supplier Growth Summit on Feb. 16.

The Supplier of the Year is given to the company that demonstrates two particular qualities as an E-commerce supplier: first is to provide and expand Walmart’s overall product assortment, second is providing great product content. Buying online is a different experience than in the store, making the product content that much more important to a potential buyer.

“We are thrilled to have been selected to receive such a meaningful accolade from Walmart. It is a testament to the quality of the teams we have in place from Sales to Customer Service and our best-in-class distribution center operations,” said Bill Stewart, Petra Founder and CEO.

Petra places a tremendous emphasis on their expanding E-commerce reach and providing the products and content customers need to stand apart in the highly competitive E-commerce market. The hard work and dedication from everyone in the organization has contributed to the success represented by this Supplier of the Year award.

 “We have six nominees for the Supplier of the Year. Each one of these suppliers demonstrated, above all others, what it takes to really do a great job at E-commerce,” said Scott Hilton, Senior Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer, Walmart U.S. E-Commerce during the award presentation. “And they have also demonstrated an incredible working-together relationship to fuel that e-commerce growth. So, all of them did an amazing job, but there is one that stood out, Petra Industries, who is our E-Commerce Supplier of the Year.”

The award was presented during Walmart’s inaugural Supplier Growth Summit attended by 4,000 suppliers from more than 1,300 companies. The two-day summit was an opportunity to share an in-depth view of Walmart’s growth strategy and to show suppliers how growth together can offer a seamless shopping experience at scale. On hand to accept the award for Petra was Director of Regional Sales Mark Conley, who manages the Walmart account.

“It is extremely gratifying to see all of our hard work pay off, particularly that of the E-commerce team,” said Jim Loden, Petra Vice-President of E-Commerce. “Petra added more than half a million square feet to distribution center operations in 2015 and it is obvious that this capacity, which enables us to handle over 30 thousand packages a day to ship for anyone, anywhere, anytime, has also contributed to our success.” 

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