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What’s Happening December 2018

With an increased media presence, a bigger exhibit hall and education sessions added in Spanish or with translators, the second year of KnowledgeFest Long Beach is projected to be even more successful—with the goal of making it an international event.

Words by Rosa Sophia


The first KnowledgeFest Long Beach took place in 2018, attracting over 1,100 attendees, and the second is scheduled for February 23 to 25, 2019. It is anticipated to have roughly the same amount of manufacturer trainings—60 hours—along with 30 to 40 hours of educational sessions.

Chris Cook, president of the Mobile Electronics Association, stated that he anticipates a significant growth in retailer attendance along with more interaction in education sessions. “Our first year was great, and our second year should be even better,” he said. Because more exhibitors are expected, the conference will be taking place in a much larger hall.

“We sold out the space last year,” Cook said, adding that it made sense to choose a larger hall in the Long Beach Convention Center for the 2019 event. “The hall we’re moving into is about 65 percent larger than the hall we used last year,” he noted.

With the completion of the first event came lessons learned, which will be applied to the second Long Beach conference. Also expected is an increased... Read the rest of the story HERE.







A new report shows that vehicle makers need to change the way they think about producing products to survive the coming transformation.

12-2-2016, ZD Net -- Deep learning -- an advanced type of artificial intelligence (AI) -- is driving significant change for autonomous vehicles and for the automotive and transportation industries in general, according to a new report from advisory firm KPMG.

The study predicts that by 2030 a new mobility services segment linked to products and services related to autonomy, mobility, and connectivity will be worth more than $1 trillion worldwide.

    The report notes that the direct impacts of deep learning will "revolutionize the nature of doing business for automakers." Deep learning is an important enabler of building self-driving vehicles that can operate without human intervention. Underlying those efforts is the need for the vehicle to "see," "think," "drive," and "learn," and it's through this last learning step that deep learning will be critical to achieving fully autonomous cars.

    "Deep learning is accelerating autonomy faster than anyone could've imagined, and it has far-reaching implications for the industry and societal mobility as a whole," said Gary Silberg, national automotive leader at KPMG. "If a car can't learn, then it's still reliant on millions and millions of lines of code, with such complexity and ambiguity that full autonomy wouldn't be achievable for many years to come."

    We're at the start of what Silberg calls a new era in automotive product development and manufacturing -- one that emphasizes a vehicle's nervous system including a computer "brain," sensors, controls, driver interaction, and data storage even more than the powertrain. "This is an enormous shift in organizational structure, talent acquisition, and operating model for most car manufacturers," he said.

    KPMG noted that this is a critical juncture in the history of the automotive industry, with OEMs and technology companies facing off in a battle for specialized talent. Professionals who have deep learning skills are in short supply, the report said, and the pool of experts among those specialists is even smaller.

    This gap makes it difficult for traditional automakers to compete with technology leaders. Furthermore, universities are not keeping pace with the autonomous driving market demands for talent.

    Read the rest of the story HERE.

    Mobile Electronics Alert - North Andover, MA – April 7, 2020: The Mobile Electronics Association is providing a list of online training opportunities at as a centralized resource for the Mobile Electronics Industry. Got to for more information.

    Interested in getting free registration for the upcoming KnowledgeFest in Indianapolis? Then here are some questions to help you decide:

    What are you doing to help your cause?

    In the early 1990s the Internet was just becoming popular and a man with a vision left his job and home in New York to map out his course that would change consumer purchasing forever.

    What did the man do after he moved away from New York?

    There was a trade show for all “Book Store” owners and he drove himself for this four-day “INDEPENDENT TRADE SHOW” to learn how to become better at what he was planning on doing. Topics included “Selecting Opening Inventory” and “Inventory Management”. In the mean time, his associate was learning other aspects of the business to build one of the most successful teams in US history and with a threadbare budget.

    Who was the man and what was the name of his business?

    Before I answer you let me ask you this, between who the man is and what the man did to become successful, what’s most important? If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results.

    - Tony Robbins

    You see you have before an outstanding opportunity to do what the man I am talking about did!
 We have some of the best trainers in the field of car audio coming together to help you to learn to become better at what you are planning on doing!

    We have people like Jason Kranitz, Micah Williams, Mike Bartells, Eric Carter, John Schwartz, Ken Ward, Harry Lichtman, Bryan Schmidt and of course yours truly. 
You have manufacturers wanting to invest their time and energy on how to make your facility better and more profitable, and yet you look for or make excuses not to go!

    By the way, the man Tony Robbins is talking about above is Jeff Bezos, CEO of 

    Based on all the above info, you ask, "Del, what should we do?" 
The answer is, I would beg, borrow or do whatever it takes to get yourself and your staff underneath the teaching of these great leaders in our independent industry which we all love so much and come learn the secrets like Jeff Bezos learned in the early 1990s.

    Now, as promised, here's what you do to get your FREE registration: 

1. Go to

 2. Fill in your contact information. Be sure to enter your title under 'Registrant Title.' 

3. Under 'Exhibitor Name,' select the vendor you're most excited to see at KnowledgeFest Spring Training. 

4. Under 'Registration Classification,' select 'I am a VIP retailer invited by an exhibitor.' 
 5. Click Registration Confirmation and that's it! You'll receive a confirmation in your email.

    We look forward to helping you in Indianapolis at our own Independent Trade Show on April 11th-13th 2015.

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