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20 Dec

Griffin Technology Opens Interactive Stores In Large U.S. Markets

Mobile electronics maker Griffin Technology has opened five MicroStores in the U.S., this holiday season, a follow-up to the company’s first-ever 1,500 square-foot store — located across from the Olympic Stadium — in London last summer. All of the stores are designed to give shoppers a hands-on chance to get up close and personal with Griffin’s gear.

The MicroStores, which are based in large markets in California, Washington, Maryland, and Tennessee, are interactive, so consumers can walk through and familiarize themselves with the Griffin brand as well as experience products in their typical environments. The stores are kiosks in open, common areas of malls, according to Jackie Ballinger Anderson, Griffin’s public relations director. “These are designed to maximize high-traffic areas and have spaces and layouts that encourage customers to walk through,” she said.

Showcased in each of the MicroStores are Griffin’s key products including in-car accessories like the company’s signature family of iTrip FM transmitters, the AppPowered Accessories line, along with a wide range of iOS cases, and even a toy station for demoing remote-controlled helicopters and vehicles. Completing the experience is a Charge Bar to juice up mobile devices, to learn more about Griffin products, and for surfing the Internet.

Griffin’s MicroStores are located at Westfield Annapolis in Annapolis, Maryland; Westfield San Francisco Centre in San Francisco, California; Westfield Southcenter in Seattle, Washington; Westfield Valley Fair in San Jose, California; and CBL Properties Cool Springs Galleria in Franklin, Tennessee just outside Nashville, where Griffin is headquartered. The Cool Springs MicroStore features a unique 32-foot-tall Griffin-branded tower visible from both the first and second floors.

“This is a trial for us,” Anderson said. “We want to see how things work out. We know it’s a good format, but right now we are focused on getting past the holidays.” The stores, which opened late November, will continue operating into the new year. There are no set plans for additional stores at this time.

Griffin, which is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, has been in business 20 years. It was founded on Paul Griffin's kitchen table and today offers home, mobile, and personal accessories.

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