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October 6, 2022 -- The 25th Anniversary dB Drag Racing World Finals, presented by Deaf Bonce, took place at the Owensboro Kentucky Convention Center during the weekend of October 1-2, 2022. The event was packed with non-stop competition all weekend long. Spectators were on site to watch in person and the event was Live Streamed on YouTube with thousands of viewers watching from around the world.

Over $10,000 in prizes were given away during the raffles all weekend. Competitors drove long distances to compete, and some came as far as California, Western Canada, Maine, Texas, and Minnesota. A few competitors and spectators flew in from Belgium, Greece, Brazil, and Germany to take part in the World Finals. All World Finalists received commemorative World Finals gear including a Duffel Bag sponsored by Crossfire, Jersey, Decal, Cap, Banner, Plaque, and other swag.

In addition to the swag, a Ground Zero Audio and SounDigital hospitality suite were open all weekend, and lunch was provided Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday night a competitor party and BBQ, sponsored by Ground Zero and SounDigital took place at a local brewery. The competitors got a chance to hang out, eat dinner, and mingle with some of the old-school car stereo guys in attendance at the Old School Meet-Up sponsored by Directronix.

The competition was fierce with Four World Records established at the event. The most notable World Record was established in the Extreme Class. Team Soundcheck scored a 185.2 dB and then backed it up with a 185.4 dB, making the new world record 185.2 dB. The score of 185.4 dB makes this the LOUDEST certified dB Drag Racing score in the WORLD. This is amazing and we want to congratulate the entire Soundcheck team for putting up such a huge score!

In addition to the Extreme record, Team Aintloud Sam established a record of 152 dB in Street Stock 1K.  Team Directronix Dan beat his old record establishing a new record of 172.6 dB in Super Street NW. There was an exciting run in Super Street X and Team Crossfire Donteay established a new record of 167.8 dB.

Trophies for the event were sponsored by Sundown Audio.  First through Third Place winners in 24 classes of the competition received an awesome 4 post trophy with first place checking in over 6 feet tall!

First-place winners will receive custom championship rings sponsored by Incriminator Audio. The winner has their choice of silver or silver with gold accents. The rings are custom-made and embossed with the competitor’s name and format of competition won.

Every year the dB Drag Racing Association awards points champion recognition. For 2022, three points champions were awarded custom World Finals leather jackets sponsored by DC Audio. The points leaders were: Moses Martinez for dB Drag Racing / Bass Race / Freestyle, Julius Mack Johnson III for Psychlone, and Team FX Jimbo for Top Dog.

The dBDRA recognized several teams and individuals for their contribution to growing the sport of dB Drag Racing. Moses Martinez was awarded Competitor of the Year for 2022. Moses traveled throughout the country this year to compete. He has such a friendly personality and is a fan favorite amongst many involved. Special recognitions went out to Julius Mack Johnson III, TN Bass Racers, Daniel Tate, Team Directronix, Team Crossfire, Team Soundcheck, Team Incriminator, and Team dB Revolution. The Best of Show award was presented to RP Patel of Team Soundcheck with the Extreme Van.

The grand finale of the event was the super popular Deathmatch exhibition, sponsored by FCBC. The top 4 loudest Super Street vehicles, at the finals, went head-to-head in a 5-minute average SPL competition. The doors and windows were rattling, and it was exciting to watch! The winner of Deathmatch this year was Beau Boren with Team Incriminator Audio with a 165.4 dB average for 5 minutes!

2022 dBDRA Champions:

Team Directronix Poptart - dB Drag Racing Street Stock 1K

Team Last Minute - dB Drag Racing Pro Stock 2K

Team Soundcheck Kenneth - dB Drag Racing Pro Stock 5K

Team Directronix Matt - dB Drag Racing Pro Stock Trunk 5K

Team Mach 1 - dB Drag Racing Pro Stock Wall 5K

Team Crossfire Eric - dB Drag Racing Pro Stock NL

Team Directronix Dan - dB Drag Racing Super Street NW

Team Soundcheck Butthurt Exp - dB Drag Racing Super Street 1-2

Gorman Cassidy - dB Drag Racing Super Street 3-4

Beau Boren - dB Drag Racing Super Street 5+

Team Crossfire Donteay - dB Drag Racing Super Street X

Team Soundcheck - dB Drag Racing Extreme NL

Audiodreamland Chris - Bass Race 120.0 dB to 129.9 dB

Team Directronix David - Bass Race 130.0 dB to 139.9 dB

Team Directronix Matt - Bass Race 140.0 dB to 149.9 dB

Team Fx Jimbo - Bass Race 150.0 dB to 159.9 dB

Team Fx Jimbo - Top Dog

Julius Mack Johnson III - Psychlone Demo No Wall

Team DC Lucas - Psychlone Demo Wall

DD Tank - Psychlone Demo Extreme

John Bennett - Freestyle Street Stock 1K

Team Crossfire Eric - Freestyle Pro Stock NL

Chad Flopbox Bleeke - Freestyle Pro Stock 5k

Team Fx Jimbo - Freestyle Super Street NL

The dB Drag Racing Association would like to thank everyone that participated in the event. This event is made possible by the competitors, judges, staff, sponsors, and spectators.

Judging Crew: Wyatte Meier, Doug Stockton, Jereme Creamer, Jeffrey Fernandez, Chet Teel, Andy Teuscher, Ray Choy, and Daren Narine.

Event Staff: Wayne Harris, Celise Harris, Malissa Creamer, Bethany Meier, and Dayna Fernandez


- Deaf Bonce / Alphard Group (Presenting Sponsor) 

- Incriminator Audio (Rings and Badges) 

- Sundown Audio (Trophies) 

- Ground Zero & SounDigital (Hospitality and Party) 

- Crossfire Car Audio (Duffel Bags) 

- XS Power (Power Sponsor) 

- Directronix (Old School Meet Up) 

- DC Audio (Points Champion & Show Sponsor)

- FCBC (Deathmatch) 

- Term-LAB (SPL Meter)

– AAMP (Decal) 

- Mel Valadez (Plaques)

Show Sponsors:  

 - Team Space 4 Bass, 20 Hz Labs, Shaker Trucking & Towing, Resilient Sounds, Kicker, Cerwin Vega

The Car Audio Championship is pleased to announce that Alphard Sound Technology will be the Title Sponsor for this year’s unified finals event.

The Alphard Company was founded in 2000 in Poland and specializes in professional and car audio system amplifiers and accessories. This emerging company has earned many awards for technology over the past several years and is geared towards enthusiasts who want pure, high quality sound. The company is headquartered in Russia and offers worldwide distribution.

The Alphard Company has multiple levels of products that range from high end to the affordable daily driver type products. Brands include Alphard Sound Technology, Deaf Bounce, Hannibal and Machete products lines. All products are manufactured with high quality components and comply with international standards. The company prides itself on meeting the individual needs of the client.

To learn more about Alphard Sound Technology, visit:

Event Details:

October 17-18, 2015

Von Braun Center

Huntsville, AL

For more information on the Unified Car Audio Championship, including event info, booth space availability and registrations, contact Celise Harris (dB Drag) atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Steve Stern (MECA) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or Moe Sabourin (IASCA) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

October 22, 2019 -- The dB Drag Racing Association wrapped up the 2019 North American Finals over the weekend of October 12-13, 2019 with 188 participants competing in the following formats of competition: dB Drag Racing, Bass Race, Top Dog, Psychlone and Bagger Beatz. The event was held at 2 locations simultaneously and the competition was linked via the Term-LAB Measurement System. Competitors competed in: Sacramento, California and Louisville, Kentucky in a head to head bracket style format of competition. The location in Louisville was the main location and was held in conjunction with the Car Audio Championship at the Kentucky Expo Center. The event was a Unified Finals event which included MECA, dBDRA and IASCA.

Trophies were sponsored by Orion Car Audio and awarded in all divisions of competition at both locations. In addition to trophies, all First Place Champions will receive a custom championship ring sponsored by Incriminator Audio. The rings are all silver and customized for each competitor with their choice of stone color and ring size.

First Place Champions in each of 5 formats of competition include:

dB Drag Racing
Street Stock 1K – Tanner Burden
Pro Stock 2K – Team Last Minute
Pro Stock 5K – Steve Willis
Pro Stock NL – Team Subsonic Pressure Robb
Pro Stock Trunk 5K – Jordan Smith
Pro Stock Wall 5K – Team Nemesis Wally
Super Street No Wall – Team Trelo Loud
Super Street 1-2 – Team Soundcheck Kyle
Super Street 3-4 – dB Rev Jay
Super Street 5+ - Team Directronix Dan
Super Street X – Chris Peters
Extreme NL – Team Soundcheck

Bass Race

Bass Race 120.0-129.9db – Team Nemesis Wally
Bass Race 130.0-139.9db – Team Directronix Micah
Bass Race 140.0-149.9db – Clayton Koenig
Bass Race 150.0-159.9db – Chris Peters


Psychlone – No Wall – Team Mini
Psychlone –Wall – Team Bass Freqs Phatboy

Top Dog

Team Bassick – California location
Team Directronix Micah – Kentucky location

Bagger Beatz

Bike 3-8 – LA Audio
Bike 9+ - D and D Motorsports
Quad NL – Jeff Smith
Power Wheels - Ms. Avelyn

Best of Show

Chris Gregory – Kentucky Location
Team RF Brent – California Location

Two World Records were set at the 2019 dBDRA North American Championship

Team Trelo Loud – 168.2dB – Super Street NW
Team Directronix Dan – 171.2 dB – Super Street 5+

The dBDRA awarded personalized custom trophies sponsored by Sundown Audio, to all of the points leaders this season. These competitors accrued the most points in their format of competition. The 2019 North American points leaders are:

dB Drag Racing - 2019 Points Champion - Canada

Bass Race and Top Dog - 2019 Points Champion - Canada
Psychlone - 2019 Points Champion - Canada

dB Drag Racing, Psychlone, Top Dog - 2019 Points Champion - Western Region

Bass Race - 2019 Points Champion - Western Region

Bagger Beatz - 2019 Points Champion - Western Region

dB Drag Racing - 2019 Points Champion - Eastern Region

Bass Race - 2019 Points Champion (TIE) - Eastern Region

Psychlone and Top Dog - 2019 Points Champion (TIE) - Eastern Region

Bagger Beatz Power Wheels - 2019 Points Champion - Eastern Region

In addition to the North American Championship event, a 3X competition was held as a kick-off to the 2020 season. Many of the competitors competed in both events in order to get a jump on points for next season. There were a few windshields damaged during the event as well. On Friday evening, the dBDRA hosted an appreciation pizza party in the hall thanking the competitors for a great season and spending late nights competing at the competition.

This event was made possible through the hard work, late hours and dedication of our competitors, judging staff and assistants. There are not enough words to thank all of the judges however the recognition is most deserving.

The dBDRA judging staff in Louisville consisted of: Ray Choy (Canada), Jeremy Weber, Jereme Creamer, Chet Holmberg and Ricardo Espinosa (Costa Rica). The lanes, registration and computer support: Celise Harris, Malissa Creamer, Wyatte Meier and Ciera Harris on Live Stream. The judging staff in Sacramento, CA consisted of: Doug Stockton, Kimo, Wayne Harris and Jeffrey Fernandez.

The Car Audio Championship is made possible by the following sponsors:

Orion Car Audio – Title Sponsor
DD Audio – SPL Arena Sponsor
Arc Audio – SQ Hall Sponsor
Harley Davidson of Dothan – Goodie Bag Sponsor
Incriminator Audio – Badge Sponsor
Kicker Car Audio – Hospitality Sponsor

The competitors and spectators had a chance to win thousands of dollars in awesome raffle prizes thanks to Kicker Car Audio, DD Audio and Resilient Sounds.

Pioneer Electronics, Sundown Audio, B2 Audio, Ampere Audio, Resilient Sounds, Lord of Bass, SoundQubed, Deaf Bonce, SounDigital and Limitless Lithium. 

XS Power, JL Audio, Tru Technology, Hybrid Audio Technologies, Crossfire, Avatar, Ohio Generator, Directronix, DC Audio, Slamology, 12 Volt News, Team Flop Box, Team Aint Loud, Team Imperial, TN Bass Racers and Term-LAB 

12 Volt News – Gauge Magazine / Slamology

Oklahoma City, Okla., October 12, 2018 -- DD Audio’s continuing growth was on vibrant display at the 2018 dB Drag Racing Association European Championship Finals in Montichiary, Italy and with so many competitors using DD Audio products, Company Owner Jassa Langford and International Sales Manager Charn Langford saw an opportunity that couldn’t be denied.

As Charn Langford put it, the decision for DD Audio was two-fold: “First, there’s the education aspect. Every competition is different. That’s true at home, and it’s especially true on other continents. We think it’s important to see the vehicles, see how our equipment is going into the builds and how everything fairs when being pushed to the extreme. Watching these contenders exceed the limitations teaches us a lot and helps us improve of our products across the board. And second, of course, we want to be there to show our support. We keep an eye on the leaderboards. We recognize that more and more competitors are choosing DD Audio for their builds, and we’re happy to see so many of them at the top. So we wanted to show our full support in person. I was really thrilled when I found myself helping the crews with recones. It was a great way to help out and get to know everyone.”

DD Audio had three officially affiliated teams in the Euro Finals. Congratulations to Elvis Häggblom and Lorens Wastesson of LW Audio ! Elvis came in second place at the dB Drag Racing Super Street No Wall. Lorens (who sacrificed two windshields to the Bass Gods) came in third place at the dB Drag Racing Super Street X and fifth place in the Bass Race 105.0 to 159.9. And a very special congratulations to dB Devils Makku Skantz and Jussi Takala! With their Fiat Panda, boasting two Z3 - 18” subs, the dB Devils not only came in FIRST PLACE for the dB Drag Super Street 1-2, they set a NEW WORLD RECORD! In addition to the affiliated teams, Charn and Jassa got to meet many more competitors whose builds prominently featured DD Audio. Italian Team Progettare HiFi’s Fabio Brembilla earned second place in the Extreme No Limit using DD’s 9515’s.

Another friendly DD fan and contender was Ruszkai Milan of Hungary, whose single Z3 - 12” helped him earn third place in the Street Stock 1k. Other DD equipment users who placed in top five of their classes included Team Tr Acoustic, Vlassopoulos of Team Vedouris, Stavros Ventouris and Christoffer Carlmark. Carlmark made an astounding impression as a first time finalist with his single Z3, coming in 4th place in the dB Drag Street Stock 2k and 5th place in the Bass Race 130.0 to 139.9. While this event was a competition, it wasn’t without some glamourous demo builds. At the DD Audio booth Alen Hedzic showed off his stunning Opel Astra with four 9915a ESP Subs and one Z2c. Eddy Shabuku’s potent VW Golf, on display at the SoundDigital booth was rocking eight 9915s along with four VO-W8s and two VO-B1s in each door.

Upon their return, Jassa said, “the builds were really something, but the competitors, builders, fans-- they’re what made it a truly unique experience.”

“And if all that wasn’t enough,” Charn added, “We found ourselves at the oldest Craft Brewery in Italy-- White Dog Brewery --and there we met the owner, who was originally from our home-state of Oklahoma! How cool is that!”

DD Audio would like to thank all the mentioned parties and many more who Jassa and Charn encountered in their journey.

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