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Mobile Electronics August Issue, 8-2-2016 -- With inevitable constant change in the automotive sound industry, retailers must always explore creative new ways of keeping their businesses prosperous. Author Johnny Rich said, “The future is certain. It is just not known.” As new ways of meeting goals are examined, retailers shape their own futures. One way of doing this is via co-branding, which offers an option for financial security, among other benefits.

Steve Beagelman of SMB Franchise Advisors has over 25 years of experience in the franchise industry. He is a Certified Franchise Executive and has worked with brands such as Rita’s Water Ice, Hollywood Tans and Saladworks. “You have to choose a partner who’s willing to be somewhat flexible,” he stated in regards to selecting a company to co-brand with. “If your brand is too strict and rigid, it’s hard to make a co-brand situation work. You need what I call two willing partners to work together.” Recently, one notable company within 12-volt has chosen to co-brand with franchising brand, Tint World. Such a decision can be a difficult one, and depends on whether such a relationship would be fruitful for both parties. What are the benefits—are there any downsides?

A Changing Market

At SEMA in 2008, Auto Sound Specialists of Union City, Calif. learned about Tint World, but at the time, things didn’t work out. “We realized it would be a nice fit, but it wasn’t the time for us,” said Kenny McCardie, owner of Auto Sound. “Their infrastructure we didn’t think could support us being in Northern California. Even at that point, we identified that the basic idea definitely fits what we do here. We kept an eye on them from 2008 until present. A few years ago they opened in Northern California. That's when we realized it was time to reconsider.”

McCardie acknowledged that everyone is struggling. Co-branding can be a good solution depending on a company’s needs. “A lot of times as independent owners, we think ‘it's my way,’ and are reluctant and almost afraid of change,” McCardie said. “But we're living in a changing world and economy. We need to make the adjustments.”

With co-branding can come a whole host of benefits including financial stability, improved marketing and technical support. Beagelman of SMB Franchise Advisors added, “It is certainly very synergistic—you already have a staff, already have customers coming in, why not offer an additional product line?”

McCardie pointed out the car audio electronics industry has been shrinking. “Instead of being afraid of the change, working with other organizations will help us grow. So many doors will open because we have the help of a larger company,” he said, pointing out more of the benefits. “As a small business, there's only so much we can do.”

According to Anthony Foley, the Franchise Development Director at Tint World, they’ve developed solutions for marketing and IT support, and also help franchisees understand business management. Tint World has been open since 1982 and the corporate office is located in Boca Raton, Fla. “Every individual business is different,” he said. “Every owner has a unique spin on how they want to enter the business and get customers. We understand that. We all have a unique perspective on how businesses need to run. We know what business owners are looking for. We know what makes their businesses operate in a fluid fashion. We've been in their shoes.”

Tint World aims to make business more automated for the franchisee and places special focus on the core profit, according to Foley.

“How do we help them drive more revenue more efficiently?” Foley said. “How do we help them drive more business? Cover conversions, key performance indicators—that gives us a good barometer on where business is and where we need to go. Where are you now and where do you hope to be?” This is an important question business owners must ask daily, and the answer is subject to change as the business evolves. Each retailer chooses the best ways to further their own goals. For some retailers, such as Auto Sound Specialists, co-branding can be a good solution. For others, remaining independent might be the better choice—this all depends on individual needs and aspirations for the future.

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Global automotive leather leader Katzkin and Tint World, the foremost window tinting and automotive styling retail franchise, have joined forces to create a new choice for total vehicle transformation. Together, Katzkin and Tint World bring more than 60 years of experience to the retail world. This partnership creates a full-service, one-stop approach to vehicle personalization that includes a complete cloth to leather interior transformation within a 24-hour installation timeframe. Katzkin will be available in 36 Tint World franchises throughout the country with an expected expansion into 45 Tint World franchises in the U.S., then will move into their International operations by year end. The alliance opens a new channel for consumers to upgrade their vehicles with the affordable luxury of a new leather interior, while further customizing their ride through other interior and exterior enhancements at the same time and same facility.

“There’s an enormous synergy between our two brands,” said Brooks Mayberry, CEO for Katzkin. “Beyond our reputation for service and quality, we’ve based our differentiation within the industry on establishing a new benchmark for automotive leather design. Katzkin offers an average of eight unique leather design options for each vehicle, giving the consumer choices that enable vehicle personalization,” said Mayberry. “Tint World has a stellar reputation for providing its customers every additional aspect of personalization, both inside and out, and we’re anxious to be part of that solution.”

Katzkin will be providing a state-of-the-art kiosk within each franchise store -- an industry first that provides a physical touch and feel leather sample as well as immediate access to the company’s “VIS” vehicle interior selector, with more than 500 pre-designs for over 1,000 vehicle patterns, with the option of Heated & “now Cooling” seats. An initial soft roll-out will begin throughout Tint World stores in late April, including point-of-sale materials and detailed ordering information.

According to Paul Pirro, Vice President of Dealer Operations for Tint World, both organizations provide quality and a distinctive reputation that goes well beyond industry standards. “Katzkin has long been regarded for its OEM and dealership work, and by teaming with Tint World, we can together open the doors to a burgeoning enthusiast audience that wants to create its own personalized ride experience.” With headquarters in Florida, the company began 32 years ago as a window tinting company and has grown into a full-service Automotive Styling Service Center. Tint World has a majority of franchises east of the Rockies with additional outlets in California and Texas. The company is currently building new stores in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

Compustar, DroneMobile, Momento to be Sold at All Tint World Retail Locations in North America

December 19th, 2022 – (SEATTLE. WASHINGTON): Firstech, makers of Compustar, DroneMobile, and Momento has announced its direct partnership with Tint World, America’s fastest growing auto accessories retailer.

Tilt World franchise partners will gain direct access to Firstech’s catalog of vehicle remote start, security, and telematics solutions. Brands offered will include Compustar, iDatastart, DroneMobile, tesa® tape, and Momento. On approval, select Tint World locations will also be eligible for selling Compustar Pro, which includes the company’s flagship remote starter with up to 3 miles of range, the Compustar Pro T13.

This announcement comes just in time for freezing temperatures and snow to sweep across North America, driving heightened consumer awareness for remote start.

“Firstech and Tint World’s company values align perfectly towards giving customers an amazing product experience backed by excellent service,” shares Firstech’s regional sales manager, Tanner Wilson. “We look forward to supporting each Tint World location and providing immense value and profitability to the categories of remote start and security.”

If you are a Tint World franchise partner and would like to learn more about this exciting partnership, please email Firstech at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be assigned an external and internal sales representative. All other inquiries regarding this release can be sent to Tanner Wilson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Delivering its broad range of ADAS, Code Alarm and Mobile Video product lines 

HAUPPAUGE, NEW YORK – MARCH 1, 2017 -–VOXX Electronics Corporation (VEC) announced a partnership with Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers to offer the Company’s extensive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Code Alarm Remote Start and Mobile Video product lines across their United States and Canada franchise locations.

“We are excited to announce this partnership with Tint World® to deliver our complete ADAS product offerings, Code Alarm Remote Start systems and Audiovox and Movies2Go Mobile Video product lines to Tint World® retail locations across the nation,” said Aron Demers, Senior Vice President, VOXX Electronics Corporation. “VOXX Electronics looks forward to joining the other respective brands that Tint World® currently offers and we look forward to growing the business with their wellestablished franchise network.” 

“This is a big win for Tint World® and our customer base,” said Charles Bonfiglio, President and CEO of Tint World®. “VOXX’s line of automotive aftermarket electronics fits perfectly with our brand and our store owners are excited to start offering their state-of-the-art products to customers.”

For more information on becoming a VOXX Electronics Dealer in the US, please visit:

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