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New Products and Training Featured At Mobile Electronics Show

Las Vegas, NV – (Aug 15, 2016) – Audiomobile will be exhibiting at the Mobile Electronics Association annual Knowledgefest in Dallas at the Hilton Anatole, August 19-22. In addition to displaying its latest, high-performance products, the company will also showcase a new category that will offer clients further, relevant solutions, to its merchandising mix of advanced technology subwoofers and OEM preamps. 

The company will also be hosting a seminar and training on Monday, August 22, from 8:30 to 9:30 am, which will focus on its new “M-CAR” Pre-tuned-Subwoofer-Transducer (“PST”) proprietary technology, as well as the latest developments in its LineDrive series of high-power, OEM Interface processors. 

The Seminar will also cover the unique feature / benefits of the stellar GTS ‘21’ and Evo ‘24’ series of low-profile subwoofers. Designed specifically for micro-sealed enclosures, the EVO series subwoofers advanced technology features includes powder-coated, low-profile, cast aluminum frame and class-leading linear excursion and power-handling.

For more information go to: or call (702) 221-1977.

By Chris Cook

We’ve gathered the best available education, supplier displays and much more. What you do with it is up to you.

I just finished reviewing some of the responses from the magazine’s latest industry survey, which focuses on KnowledgeFest. It asks questions about the main benefits of the show for attendees as well as how respondents rate KnowledgeFest against other events in terms of value to their business. But there was one response that did not show up in the Stats section on page 10. Those who responded “Not sure yet” on whether they were attending KnowledgeFest were asked what the most important factor was in determining whether they would go or not.

More than “Cost” or “In-store obligations,” the overwhelming answer was “Value of the Event.”

That’s good and bad—bad because it means we can do a better job of communicating the value of KnowledgeFest. But good because it shows that retailers are thinking about things the right way. Businesses are prioritizing long-term success over short-term profitability.

So, for those of you on the fence, I’ll make the case for attending KnowledgeFest now.

Show and Tell: There is a lot to see and hear on the exhibit floor. The best suppliers in our industry bring their A-Game to KnowledgeFest. They exhibit with the hope they will make a positive impact on your business and on their own.

Learning the Products: The Dallas KnowledgeFest will deliver over 70 hours of high-quality education directly from your favorite suppliers. This is an opportunity like no other. A place to learn what you need to know about every technology our industry has to offer.

Back to School: Gaining valuable insight for your business is a must to survive. KnowledgeFest delivers the education you need to thrive in an ever-changing industry.

Meet and Greet: No more phone calls, texts and Facebook. Your next conversation will be face-to-face with both old friends and new.

Celebrating Success: And then there’s the industry awards. An evening that will become a wonderful memory for many as we honor those in our industry. The Mobile Electronics Industry Awards will recognize those who have excelled above the rest.

We’ve assembled the best group of vendors, instructors and industry professionals to provide you the opportunity to excel in your business or career. But the one component that will guarantee you get the most from KnowledgeFest is … you. If you come to Dallas with the idea of hanging out with friends, taking in a few free vendor dinners, sleeping late and attending only the popular fabrication or OEM integration classes, the show is going to be a waste for you. But if you want to maximize your ROI on away-from-the-shop time by heading home with knowledge to immediately impact sales, here are the steps:

Have a plan before your plane takes off or before you shop for road trip snacks. Look through the class schedule and make reservations for each so you can print out an itinerary. This is important: Don’t pick the classes that are popular just because everybody else is doing it. Think about the knowledge you need for your business and select the courses that fill those needs.

Plan your exhibit floor time in sections over three days. You can only take in so much information before your eyes—and brain—glaze over. Look at the show floor and plan to cover it in segments with one section per day. Then, spend real time with the vendors to understand their product lines. Each of them has spent good money so they can be here to spend that time with you, so take advantage. But after you’ve completed the section, take a mental break.

See your vendors, then see more vendors. On the show floor, keep an open mind and see all of the vendors there. You never know what product you’ll need down the line, even if you don’t have the need right now. The same goes for vendor trainings: see your vendors, then pick three or four trainings on new companies.

Don’t skip the networking time. Keynotes, town hall meetings and casual get-together sections are great opportunities to meet like-minded professionals who may have answers to problems you’re experiencing. Or, your experience might help them thorough a complicated situation. Plus, it’s nice to develop contacts you can call throughout the year to get and give advice.

I make no additional money by telling you that KnowledgeFest is an absolute must for any industry professional. If I were still doing retail, it would be the one event series that would be marked on my calendar, mainly because of the collection of talent, knowledge and opportunity gathered in one place. So come to Dallas with a mission. You’ll leave with hope, purpose and opportunity.

8/3/16 Elgin, IL – K40 Electronics announced that it will offer two interactive dealer training sessions on K40 remote radar detectors and laser jamming products – including the new Laser Defuser Optix™ - during Mobile Electronics’ KnowledgeFest trade show and conference being held August 20-22, 2016, at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas.

Offering some of the industry’s highest vendor margins, K40 sees the 20th anniversary of KnowledgFest and its “Shift” theme as an ideal opportunity for dealers to shift their focus to maximum profitability. “With auto and aftermarket accessory manufacturers focusing on safety and driver’s assistance, K40 speed protection products are the bottom-line difference maker for mobile electronics retailers,” said Rachel Clark, K40’s National Sales Director. “And they keep these profits in their pocket with nearly no warranty returns,” added Clark.

Two training sessions covering “Product-Profit-Partnership: The K40 Difference” will be offered by K40:

Sun., August 21, 2016 - 4:30pm - 5:30pm - Outside Trinity Exhibit Hall

Mon., August 22, 2016 - 9:30am - 10:30am - Outside Trinity Exhibit Hall

Click here to reserve your seat to one of the K40 training sessions.

K40 will also exhibit its entire product line in booth #416 where the new Laser Defuser Optix, one of the smallest laser jammers on the market, will be highlighted. “Optix is approximately the size of a slim automotive key fob or USB flash drive, so it can be installed into grilles and other tight spaces,” added Clark.

For information on K40’s entire product line, which offers the industry’s first ticket-free guarantee, visit

STILLWATER, USA – KICKER® returns to MEA KnowledgeFest at the Dallas Convention Center, from August 26-28. Forty of the world’s largest 12-volt manufacturers will attend the event, with KICKER’s booth located next to the DCC’s main entrance. It will be KICKER’s fourth and final trek to the MEA event in 2022.

Featured in the Dallas booth will be KICKER’s FIAT® 500 Sport, equipped with the expanded KEY® line of all-in-one amplifier/processors. KEY smart amps automatically apply time alignment, detect speaker sizes, adjust gain, and apply a 40-band EQ and 24dB crossovers in a matter of seconds. This KEY200.4 smart amp powers a KS-Series Dual-Pod Component System, mounted to the A-pillars on a secure ball-joint system.

The FIAT also contains the KICKER Quad Box, powered by a 2400-watt amplifier. This monstrous 4 x 12-inch enclosure that houses Solo-Baric® L7R™ square subwoofers is made with heavy, birch-veneer plywood with thick internal bracing.

The KICKER Tech Force will host two one-hour trainings during the show. The classes will help installers quickly determine what equipment is needed to integrate aftermarket audio equipment into a factory sound system using KICKER’s FIT™ (Fail-safe Integration Tech) and KEY technologies. To illustrate the importance of playing high-quality audio, Tech Force will also have a live demonstration of musical compression and different file types. The first class is Saturday at 4:15 p.m., and then Sunday at 9:30 a.m., both in Room C140.

For more details, readers can visit

KICKER Performance Audio products, a division of Stillwater Designs and Audio, Inc.®, are available for the mobile and home audio aftermarket at authorized retailers worldwide, and also as Original Equipment for boat and automobile manufacturers. Consumers seeking more information on KICKER or Livin’ Loud® may call the Consumer Information Line at 1-800-256-5425 or visit the brand website at Consumers can follow KICKER socially at,,, or, and use the hashtags #kickeraudio and #livinloud.

FIAT is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC.

STILLWATER, USA – KICKER® returns to the MEA KnowledgeFest at the Dallas Convention Center August 25-27, and will feature the KICKER Tech Force conducting a pair of trainings Friday and Saturday. The classes will help installers quickly determine the equipment needed to integrate aftermarket audio into a factory sound system, using KICKER’s revolutionary FIT™ and KEY® technologies. All training attendees will automatically be entered to win one of two KICKER PowerBar powersports soundbars.

KICKER’s booth will be in front of the Convention Center’s main entrance, booth 801. Forty of the world’s largest 12-volt manufacturers will attend the event.

Also making an appearance will be the KICKER FIAT® 500 Sport, equipped with the award-winning KEY Smart Amplifiers. KEY Technology drastically improves clarity, volume, and soundstage to nearly every radio on the market today – including those equipped with start/stop technology. It automatically applies time alignment, detects speaker sizes, adjusts gain, and applies a 40-band EQ and 24dB crossovers in a matter of seconds. The Fiat also features the enormous Quad Box of Solo-Baric® L7 square subwoofers.

KICKER’s newest gear will be on display, including the ST-Series of P.A. Speakers, SoloX® Subwoofers, the powerful Warhorse™ Sub Amplifier, newly released PowerCans, and award-winning KMXL Horn-Loaded Speakers.

For more details, consumers can visit

KICKER Performance Audio products, a division of Stillwater Designs and Audio, Inc.®, are available for the mobile and home audio aftermarket at authorized retailers worldwide, and also as Original Equipment for boat and automobile manufacturers. Consumers seeking more information on KICKER or Livin’ Loud® may call the Consumer Information Line at 1-800-256-5425 or visit the brand website at Consumers can follow KICKER socially at,,, or, and use the hashtags #kickeraudio and #livinloud.

FIAT is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC.

Holly Hill, Fla. – August 15, 2023 – Metra Electronics® will attend KnowledgeFest™ at the Dallas Convention Center and Omni Dallas Hotel in Dallas, Texas, August 25-27, to showcase their latest aftermarket installation products and host new training sessions. They will display a 2023 Ford Bronco, fully customized with Metra products, at their booth, #811. Metra’s training sessions will cover new Shuriken Lithium Series batteries, dash kits for the newest vehicle applications, integrations for Tesla, next-generation Axxess DSP products, innovations from iBEAM Vehicle Safety Systems, and more! Attendees will also learn about Metra's new dealer-only brands; Proscenium, featuring high-quality audio products, and Tsunami®, featuring clean wire solutions for audio installations. Training sessions will include:

“Metra's 2023 New Products Overview” - August 25th at 12:30 PM

Overview and education on Metra's newest products launched at the 2022 SEMA Show. This training covers Shuriken's new line of lithium-ion and lithium-iron batteries, dash kits for the newest vehicle applications, integrations for Tesla, next-generation Axxess DSP products, innovations from iBEAM Vehicle Safety Systems, and more! Attendees will also learn about Metra's new dealer-only brands, Proscenium and Tsunami®.

“Axxess New Product Overview” - August 25th at 1:45 PM

Learn about the newest integration accessories from Axxess, designed to help installers deliver upgraded sound systems and everyday convenience to drivers with less labor and work in the install bay. This training will cover new vehicle-specific DSP packages, amp retention interfaces, STOP/START engine override interfaces, AXTC Series interfaces, line output converters, DSP T-harnesses, and more.

“Proscenium LOCs and Tsunami Wiring, Our Dealer-Only Product Lines” - August 25th at 3:00 PM

Two new dealer-only brands have been added under the Metra Electronics umbrella. Proscenium offers high-quality products that every installer needs when designing a flexible audio system, including High-Voltage Active Line Output Converters (LOCs), Premium Active LOCs with Bass Restoration, and Premium Load Resistors. This session will also cover new clean wire solutions such as audio connections, power, ground, and speaker wire, amp installation kits, battery terminals, distribution blocks, fuse holders, and more from Metra's newly revived Tsunami® brand.

"New Motorcycle & PowerSports Upgrades” - August 26th at 4:15 PM

New accent lighting, driving lights, audio accessories, and more are designed to fit select Harley-Davidson®, Indian, and Can-AM Rykers. New products covered will include a 7" Reflector Headlight with Full Halo, 4.5" Reflector Passing Lights with Full Halo, a 16-Piece Chasing LED Strip Kit, Cut-In Saddlebag Lids, a Vent Grille Light, Keystone Lights, new Speaker adapter harnesses, a new Chasing Accent Lighting Kit, and much more. This training will show you how to easily stylize your customers' motorcycles and powersports vehicles with less time spent on wiring and custom fabrication.

"Simplify your Install with Axxess DSPs” - August 26th at 5:30 PM

The AXDSP-X and AXDSP-L lines are patented DSP products that help simplify installation and provide affordable audio solutions. This training will cover Axxess DSPs, highlight new vehicle-specific products, and showcase the newest app features. Metra's experts will explain how these solutions can increase sales in the showroom and decrease installation time, as well as how to use and set up Axxess DSPs through the app for complete tuning control when to use the DSP “Lite” versus “X” solutions, and more.

Metra’s customers can register for the KnowledgeFest event at no cost using Metra’s VIP code, available by request from their sales representative. Once registered for the event, attendees will also need to register online at for each training session they will attend.

At Metra, 12-volt installation and integration is our passion. We strive to continuously offer the highest quality products to meet the fluctuating technological challenges of the automotive world. We actively listen to our customers’ requests and invest resources in developing the highest quality dash kit and harness solutions. We make dash kits for more vehicle applications than anyone else in the world. That’s why we’ve been known as “The Installer’s Choice” ® for 75+ years. Our other brands include: Axxess®, T-SPEC®, The Install Bay®, Heise LED Lighting Systems®, iBEAM Vehicle Safety Systems®, Shuriken High Performance Batteries®, Raptor®, Ballistic®, AmmoTenna®, Tsunami®, Proscenium®, Metra PowerSports®, Saddle Tramp®, Metra Marine® and Daytona Lights®. For ordering information and pricing, visit Metra Electronics online at or call 386-257-2956.

Mobile Electronics® announced that it has added six new Vendor Partners: ADS, Compustar and Harman International (its Infinity and JBL brands) have become Diamond Vendor Partners; and, AudioControl, JVC and Kenwood have become Platinum Vendor Partners.

“These are vendors who have been long-time supporters of KnowledgeFest®, Mobile Electronics® group (formerly MERA) and the specialist channel,” said Kerry Moyer, vice president, strategic partnerships, Mobile Electronics. “We’re happy they’ve taken the decision to grow our relationship beyond membership. We welcome them onboard as partners and look forward to doing good things together.”

Diamond, Platinum and Gold Vendor Partnership is by invitation. These five new partners join Diamond Partners: Alpine, HD Radio™, Metra Electronics, SiriusXM, Sony, and Orca Design and Manufacturing (which includes brands Focal, Auditor, Gladen Audio / Mosconi, Blackhole, and Illusion Audio). Other Platinum Partners include DD Audio, Memphis Car Audio and Scosche. Vendor Partners support Mobile Electronics’ Mission: To support the specialist channel to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Partners also support Mobile Electronics’ efforts to educate retailers, improve their businesses, and support their marketing campaigns.

Mobile Electronics® Partnership includes participation in its Marketing Program; and, partners receive additional savings on their KnowledgeFest exhibit space and their advertising in Mobile Electronics® magazine, Hotwire newsletter and on

Mobile Electronics® Vendor Partners and what they’re showing at the upcoming KnowledgeFest® Dallas will be highlighted in the July issue of Mobile Electronics® magazine and partners will receive special recognition as sponsors onsite. KnowledgeFest® Dallas takes place August 15-17 at the Hilton Anatole. This year’s event is setting-up to be Mobile Electronics’ biggest and best show and conference to date with 50 exhibitors and 1,000 attendees expected. For more information, go to

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