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DOW Electronics, a leading Consumer Electronics distributor in the South, announced that it is now stocking the complete line of Sony ES products. The Sony ES line provides retailers with a line that is protected from online shopping and has controlled distribution.  

Sony’s ES receivers have been designed to fit seamlessly into racks, to be more efficiently installed and to include IP control for more powerful and stable integration. Sony worked with industry leading control companies to ensure that their ES projectors and ES receivers would smoothly integrate with many control systems. Sony supports these premium home products with a dedicated support team and a three year warranty.

DOW Electronics adds the full Sony ES line to strengthen the core products offered to custom integrators. “Sony ES provides integrators with a product line-up that has protected margin and also has true controlled distribution,” stated Dave Elkin, DOW’s vice president of sales. “This is a great addition to give our integrators- a profitable product with limited competition.”

Added Drew Fischer, director of sales, “The Sony ES projectors and receivers are well-designed, high quality products with great name brand recognition. Our integrators should be able to capitalize on the highly regarded reputation Sony has built in the industry. Sony is well known for leading innovation as can be seen in the new Sony ES projectors that offer native 4K not seen in other manufacturers’ products.”

DOW distributes the Sony ES line throughout its 11 state territory in the south. The line is contract protected requiring retailers to be approved to resell the products.

To learn more about DOW Electronics and Sony, please visit or call 1.800.627.2900.

Addition Brings Retailer Experience and Product Knowledge to Award Winning Team

TAMPA, Fla. (April 15, 2016) – DOW Electronics announced today that Ron Staelens has joined the company to support and grow the 12-volt audio and video segment. Staelens joins DOW after working in marketing, sales, and training roles with Sony Corporation of America.

The experience gained over 23 years with Sony has provided Mr. Staelens an extensive knowledge of products and a comprehensive background in the 12-volt industry. His product knowledge and experience as a key account manager will be fundamental in assisting 12volt retailers grow their businesses. Mr. Staelens will support retailers throughout Louisiana, Mississippi and his home state of Arkansas.

“I’m very excited to engage with the 12-volt industry in an expanded capacity and get back to products that I am passionate about,” stated Staelens. “I want to use my experience to create growth opportunities for retailers and continue to build DOW’s 12-volt business.”

“Ron brings a wealth of industry experience that will be valuable for both our vendors and retailers.” added strategic sales manager Mike Barcia. “His ability to build great relationships is an asset to DOW and will be integral in helping our retailers succeed.”

To learn more about DOW Electronics, please visit or call 1.800.627.2900. 

Addition Brings Extensive Industry Experience to 12Volt Team

TAMPA, Fla. (March 10, 2017) – DOW Electronics announced today that Michael Stannard has joined the company to support and grow the 12Volt Audio and Video segment. Mr. Stannard joins DOW with great account management experience in the 12Volt industry.

The experience gained over 36 years working in technology restoration, CI, and 12Volt has provided Mr. Stannard an extensive understanding of products and a comprehensive background in the 12Volt industry. His 12volt product knowledge from working with companies such as Memphis Car Audio, Hybrid Audio, JVC, and more will be essential in supporting retailers looking to grow their businesses. Mr. Stannard will focus on DOW’s 12Volt business throughout Tennessee and Alabama. 

“I’m thrilled to continue my career in the 12volt industry with a company like DOW and support the products I care about the most,” conveyed Mr. Stannard. “I’m here and fully equipped to provide the finest service and knowledge based on my experience to our 12Volt retailers.” “Michael brings a wealth of industry experience that will be valuable for both our vendors and retailers,” added director of sales Drew Fischer. “His ability to build great relationships is an asset to DOW and will be integral in helping our retailers succeed.”

To learn more about DOW Electronics, please visit or call 1.800.627.2900.


DOW Electronics announcedthat Donald Jarski has joined the company to support and grow the 12Volt Audio and Video segment. Mr. Jarski joins DOW after many years of working in various roles in the 12volt industry.


Mr. Jarski will take on the role of 12 Volt System Engineer, supporting 12volt retailers across the south with expert product and installation knowledge. Mr. Jarski is familiar with all levels of the 12volt industry having started as an installer early in his career and working his way up to running his own retailer shop beginning in 1997.


“I’m very excited to continue my career in the 12volt industry and to be with a well-known and respected distributor such as DOW Electronics,” stated Mr. Jarski. “I look forward to sharing my passion for car audio with a new set of retailers.”

“Don brings a fresh perspective having owned a retail shop until recently.” added strategic sales manager Mike Barcia. “His knowledge and skills will be an asset to retailers that have questions or need assistance. Don is another strong member of our award winning 12volt team.”

For the second straight year, DOW Electronics was named the Distributor of the Year (2014-2015) at the 2015 Mobile Electronics Industry Awards. Mobile Electronics magazine determined award winners through the voting of vendors and retailers working in the 12 volt industry.

“This is an incredible honor for us. We worked to continue our growth while maintaining the high level of customer service that DOW’s retailers have come to expect,” stated Dave Elkin, vice president of sales, east at DOW Electronics. “With our acquisition in March, we’ve added to our outstanding sales team and are excited to bring our award winning philosophy to our expanded territory.”

Added Mike Barcia, 12volt strategic sales manager, east with DOW Electronics, “We were proud to have won the award last year, and strived to build upon that level of excellence this year. Our 12volt team has worked hard all year to provide expert product knowledge and customer support. It’s great to see that effort rewarded for a second consecutive year.”

Two vendors distributed by DOW also received honors at this year’s awards. Joining DOW as a back-to-back winner was Firstech LLC as the Top Vendor for Security, Convenience and Safety. Metra Electronics won the Top Vendor for Accessories and Materials.

“To win an award like Distributor of the Year, you need strong partnerships with quality vendors,” stated Mickey Ural, vice president of sales, west. “It’s great to see our partners being recognized for their quality products. We work with the best names in the industry and they support our efforts to engage retailers and promote the industry. Our knowledgeable sales team is already working with vendors to build upon the foundation of success we’ve had over the last two years!”

DOW Electronics, the leading Consumer Electronics distributor in the South, has opened a new Dallas distribution center located at 1205 Venture Court, Suite 109, Carrollton, Texas.  The new 26,650 square foot warehouse will serve as a hub for distributing product to DOW’s New Orleans and Houston locations, as well as for direct shipments to DOW’s retailers in Texas and Oklahoma.

The new location allows DOW to inventory a greater selection of products in Dallas for better pickup service and more efficient shipping to retailers. The showroom has been updated to display more products and the new store design is part of a process to create a consistent brand appearance across DOW’s seven locations. 

“We are excited to expand our distribution capabilities in the Dallas area,” stated John Yodzis, executive vice president of DOW Electronics. “The Dallas location expansion is part of a larger plan to have more efficient distribution across our locations and to put more products closer to our customers.”

Added Chip Yodzis, president & CEO of DOW Electronics, “After the acquisition of Eagle Distributors, we recognized an opportunity to improve our position and efficiency in Texas and Oklahoma. This new Dallas location offers us a greater presence in a prime market for our retailers and our vendors. We’re happy to have made this next step in our plan for continued growth.”  

To learn more about DOW Electronics, please visit or call 1.800.627.2900. 

DOW Electronics announced that it has reached an agreement to distribute Escort and Beltronics products in Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. DOW offers Escort and Beltronics a strong distribution network and an established customer base in these states.  

Escort Incorporated is a leader in technology and performance in the detector industry. For over 35 year, Escort has lead the way in designing and engineering award winning detectors. During that time, Escort has received more awards than all of their competitors combined and received more detection protection patents than any other company.

Established in 1967, Beltronics Radar has a long history of leading technology in radar and laser detection. Company headquarters are located in the Cincinnati, OH area, and the full line of radar, laser and safety detectors are designed, manufactured, and marketed in North America.

“We are excited to be partnering with DOW Electronics, the premier mobile and consumer electronics distributor in the Florida and Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas territories,” says Everett Morss, national sales manager at Escort. “DOW’s dealers now have direct access to the best opportunity in the marketplace for speed detection/ticket protection sales, profits and service.”

DOW Electronics adds the Escort and Beltronics lines of products to increase the breadth of its 12 Volt offering. “We’re very excited about the addition of Escort and Beltronics as they are industry leaders with great brand recognition” stated Dave Elkin, DOW vice president of sales, east. “For us to get into this new category of products, it was important to partner with a top-notch company that retailers would instantly recognize.”

Added Mickey Ural, DOW vice president of sales, west, “This partnership offers us the opportunity to reach more retailers that we may not have worked with before, and brings the Escort and Beltronics brand to retailers that may not have had access to the products before. Our team is ready to get these consumer recognized brands into the retailers’ showrooms.”

The full line of Escort and Beltronics products will be available for online ordering and available to be shipped anywhere in Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. The products are also available for pick up at DOW Electronics’ Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, New Orleans, and Tampa locations. DOW Electronics will support Escort and Beltronics with knowledgeable sales support and fast, reliable shipping to retailers and installers.

To learn more about DOW Electronics, Escort or Beltronics, please visit or call 1.800.627.2900.

TAMPA, Fla. (April 18, 2016) – DOW Electronics announced today that it has reached an agreement with dB South Distributing to acquire certain assets and obtain distribution rights to key product lines and territories of Marietta, Ga. based dB South Distributing.

The parties are working toward a definitive agreement and closing of the transaction near the end of April 2016. Upon closing, this acquisition will bring additional customers and key vendor relationships to DOW Electronics, as well as increase territory agreements with current DOW vendors.

“This acquisition will allow DOW to fortify our position as a leading 12-volt and custom integration/consumer electronics distributor in the states of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi”, stated John Yodzis, DOW’s executive vice president.  “We look forward to strengthening our existing vendor relationships, while forming new relationships that will help DOW continue to provide the absolute best in products and service to our customers in these territories.”

David Smith, president of dB South Distributing, stated, “We are excited about the opportunity and additional product selections that DOW will bring to our retailers.  Once closed, this transaction will provide dB South’s current retailers with access to a much wider and broader product assortment, as well as access to DOW’s infrastructure and expertise. We look forward to working with Dow Electronics in our role as a manufacturers’ representative.”

“We look forward to welcoming dB South’s customers to the DOW Electronics family, and we are excited to provide them with the level of service, commitment, and dedication that has become the foundation of our business for the past 57 years,” added Chip Yodzis, DOW’s president & chief executive officer.

To learn more about DOW Electronics, please visit or call 1.800.627.2900. 

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