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24 Oct

October Issue Feature: Winter is Coming

Retailers have remote start season and the holidays in common, but each business has its own unique way of tackling year-end opportunities.

Words by Rosa Sophia

Retailers everywhere are gearing up for remote start season and beginning to prepare for the holidays. In Vernon, Conn., ACT Audio and Mill St. Auto presented the Cruise’n on 83 event on the twenty-third of September. The sound-off drew a big crowd, trophies were awarded and ACT Audio raffled off items—including a Viper remote start.

This was the shop’s first time hosting such an event. “One of the reasons we do remote starters in raffles and giveaways is because, in the customers’ eyes, they hold so much value,” said James P. Smith, who manages ACT Audio with business partner Adam Thomas. Smith remarked that while a $200 gift card could be offered instead, the customer tends to feel the remote starter is worth more to them. Customers then pay for the work involved and any add-ons. The shop has no trouble selling remote starters. According to Smith, they sell between 700 and 800 per year, and they don’t need to advertise very much at all.

“We’re a very busy remote starter store,” Smith said, adding that the shop gets backed up with work very easily. “The year before last, we were six weeks backed up.” If the shop advertised remote starters, they’d have to start rejecting clients, Smith added.

ACT Audio attributes much of its recent success and improvements to KnowledgeFest. Two years ago, Smith attended for the first time. “I didn’t realize what was out there,” he said. “KnowledgeFest reignited my fire, so I went back and worked really hard to implement what I always wanted and make a grade-A store. We did the expansion and changed the... Read the rest of the story HERE.



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