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02 Oct

ME Mag Issue Feature: What's Happening - KnowledgeFest Retrospect

Introspection Leads the Way

Those who took home awards agreed that giving back to the community, offering encouragement to others and learning to be self-aware are essential aspects to fostering growth in the industry.

Words by Rosa Sophia

As everyone gathered in the banquet hall for the industry awards announcements, many attendees who were up for awards shared in both excitement and nervousness. A number of the winners who were called up on stage later said they felt as if they’d fumbled—such was the feeling of overwhelm. Ethan Blau of Sound Wave Customs in Virginia Beach, Va. expressed a similar sentiment.

Later, after the awards had been given out and this year’s winners had time to absorb the reality of it, Blau commented on his hopes for the future. “We try to help and give back,” he said of him and his team. “I want to keep going that route and hopefully inspire others. Maybe push people past their limits and help them beyond their fears.”

This year, Sound Wave Customs was awarded Retailer of the Year for a single store. It hasn’t completely sunk in for Blau—not yet. “It’s still so new,” he added.

Making Connections at KnowledgeFest

At one of the most successful KnowledgeFest events to date, attendees shared how much they’d learned from workshops, manufacturer trainings and by talking to reps and networking on the show floor. By the time the awards event came around on Sunday evening, a lot of new connections had already been made.

Solomon Daniels, editor-in-chief of Mobile Electronics magazine, went up on stage and reminded everyone in attendance, “You have homework. That’s the attitude you have to take away from KnowledgeFest.”

After gathering a plethora of information at the show, Daniels stated... Read the rest of the story HERE.

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