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06 Mar

March Issue Feature: Real World Retail: First Coast Auto Creations

3-6-2018 Mobile Electronics -- Though Charles Brazil was born in San Diego, he grew up in Florida. While in high school, Brazil and a buddy began installing radios and building systems when they were supposed to be in class. Later, his friend became an install manager at Best Buy. “When he came into that position, he heard about a tech training position and he said, ‘Why don’t you come over here and do this program? It would be a good way to get you in,’” Brazil said. “I interviewed and they told me I wasn’t qualified. They wanted to put me somewhere else in the store.”

His friend called him up after the interview and asked how it went. “I didn’t think I could do it. They asked me all these questions and I said I had not professionally installed, so I didn’t know the answers.” But the interview was for a tech training position, so Brazil’s friend made some calls and talked to them about it. He got the job after all.

“This was 2002,” he said. “Ever since high school, it’s always been something that interested me from the beginning. I didn’t know it would be something I would pursue to this extent.”

Every Dollar Re-Invested

When he was in high school, Brazil worked at an arcade as the attendant. After a while, he became a manager and was trained on repairing arcade games. “I didn’t think it would end,” he said, adding that he started working there in his junior or senior year. “I went straight from that into the tech training program [at Best Buy].”

The program trained anyone who wanted to be an installer. Students shadowed a lead installer in the bay and went over various processes. “You watched them install and [then you] did the same. You took a test, they signed off on it, and you were good to go,” Brazil explained. Those in the tech training program would learn how to install speakers, amplifiers and more. Students had to demonstrate knowledge in order to earn their MECP, which was how the program was completed. “To be in the bay, you had to be certified,” he added. “Unless you were shadowing someone or you were being certified, you couldn’t do it.”

Eventually, Brazil opened First Coast Auto Creations with a buddy.........Read the rest of the story HERE.

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