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Directed Sweeps Mobile Electronics Vendor Awards

Torrance, CA – Aug. 13, 2012 – Mobile Electronics magazine, the industry’s premier resource for specialist-targeted news, information and education, announced the results of the 2011-2012 Vendor Awards. Relaunched this year after a two-year hiatus, the awards voting was open to all professionals in the mobile electronics industry at all levels, including retail, supplier and affiliate. Directed, based in Vista, Calif., received the most votes from industry professionals in five business categories.

Directed was announced as a Top 3 finalist in all five categories in July. Excerpts from the company’s entries stressed reaction to feedback and continual progression in technology and services:

Marketing Support: “Great retail programs to help drive sell-through at our retailers, coupled with award-winning POP, social [media] and training solutions. Increased dealer support throughout the company based on our Bill Of Rights to our dealers, New Display programs, 500,000 new consumers delivered to our dealers.”

Sales Support: “Commercial Auto represents a huge area of new sales growth opportunities for our retailers. Directed has now established a specialized sales team, named Commercial Auto Team (C.A.T), working with our retailers across the nation to maximize these sales opportunities.”

Technical Support: “Decreased phone hold time by 30% while increasing quality of calls closed by over 40%. Our goal is to solve the installer’s questions fully on the first call. [In the coming year we will focus on] integrating our global technical support teams to continuously improve the support for all our installers.”

Retail Protection: “We actively engage in purchasing product online from these sites, and using our advanced product serial number IDs to track where the product was originally purchased from. [We realized an] increase by over 30% year over year the amount of auctions we have closed.”

Warranty Support: “Our dealers spoke out and we listened. [Our] online RMA Process lets you see what you will get in return online before you send the warranty [product] in. Dealers can now create separate login accounts for their employees to process warranty orders. [We are working on] integrating from your smartphone, making warranty processing a snap.”

“Congratulations to Directed for its remarkable achievement,” said Solomon Daniels, Editor-in-Chief of Mobile Electronics. “This year we created a new voting format that allowed manufacturers to nominate themselves in any or all of the five categories, and post images and statements to encourage the industry to cast their votes in favor of the company. Directed provided detailed explanations and specific achievements, which I believe was a significant factor in the number of industry votes the company received. We also appreciate the participation of those who expressed their opinions through this voting process.”

Directed will receive its awards Sunday, August 19, during the Industry Awards presentation at the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association (MERA) KnowledgeFest event, held at the Gaylord Texan Hotel and Conference Center near Dallas. 

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