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Audiovox Flashlogic FLCAN Firmware Update

HAUPPAUGE, NY – Audiovox Electronics Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation (NASDAQ:VOXX) today announced its newest addition to the Flashlogic program, an upgrade application to its FLCAN has been its most successful introduction yet. The product has been available since late December and the company has increased production to match demand.

For years, FlashLogic has allowed dealers to reduce install time and lower inventory SKU’s. FlashLogic allows total flexibility to a dealer’s inventory as it allows a dealer to download the appropriate software to make it applicable to a wide range of vehicles without requiring vehicle specific SKUs. Simply by uploading the WEBLINK 5 updater from and you are ready to go…. no additional cost…no additional inventory.

The newest member of the FlashLogic FLCAN family turns the factory keyless entry system on select vehicles for a variety of makes and models from the major car manufacturers into a full remote start system without having to add an additional aftermarket remote start system. The company has also made available transmitter upgrade packages including one that provides two-way LCD confirmation and one that will increase the operating range of the FLCAN system to over 1,500 feet.

“We were the pioneers in this technology and we continue to introduce applications that increase the number of cars that can upgrade through our FlashLogic program”, said Tom Malone, president, Audiovox Electronic Corporation. “Our focus on development of products like this reinforces our commitment to help our dealer partners increase productivity, save on installation costs and benefit from the higher profits those programs provide.

“As OE vehicle technology continues to evolve so does our FlashLogic program. Our engineers are currently field testing new applications that will expand our FLCAN vehicle application compatibility. Look for us to announce a GM platform based upgrade in the near future,” concluded Malone.

The following remote start firmware is available immediately for download on the FLCAN:


  • Complete data remote start
  • Select Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep regular key and “tipstart” models 2005 – 2012
  • Short range remote start from OEM keyless entry
  • Long range upgrades available


  • Complete data remote start
  • Select Toyota / Lexus 40-bit key, 80-kit key and push-to-start models 2007 – 2011
  • Short range remote start from OEM keyless entry with long range upgrades available
  • Complete data remote start
  • 2012 ford focus push to start
  • Short range remote start from OEM keyless entry Long range upgrades available


  • Complete data remote start
  • Select Hyundai/Kia push to start models 2009-2101
  • Short range remote start from OEM Keyless entry
  • Long range upgrades available.

This FlashLogic FLCAN system is designed to work with all Prestige, Pursuit, Code Alarm and Pursuitrak remote start products.

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