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15 May

Strategy & Tactics: Identifying and Overcoming Negative Habits and Behaviors

Identifying and Overcoming Negative Habits and Behaviors
In the face of these difficult times, what actions can we take today to work toward a brighter future?
Words by Jon Kowanetz
In a time not so long ago, many in our industry would leave their shops for a few days every few months to fly across the country to attend KnowledgeFest—spending a weekend in packed training seminars, shaking hands with strangers on a buzzing show floor and sharing drinks with friends at the hotel bar. Although it feels like much longer, it’s been under two months since the last time this semi-annual networking event took place, since I was last able to speak to my colleagues about a topic so near and dear to my heart.  
In February at KnowledgeFest Long Beach, I presented a class on...Read the rest of the story HERE.
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