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08 May

What's Happening - 2017 Industry Award Winners Share How They’ve Grown

Words by Rosa Sophia

Each year, the Industry Awards encourages owners and installers to take a look at their careers and how far they’ve come, showcasing their achievements in front of their peers. Taking such a deep look at one’s business and profession reveals many factors to success, as well as areas where competitors can improve.

“If you can work really hard and you’re willing to put in the hours, you can reach your goals,” said Christerfer Pate, Top 12 Installer of Mobile Toys Inc., College Station, Texas.

How did the process of competing in these awards affect personal growth for installers and owners, as well as growth within their businesses?

Regarding the awards and working toward the win, owners and installers shared their feelings about how the process changed them and spurred development within their personal and business lives.


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